Reviews for By Your Side
Retrograderabbit chapter 19 . 8/18
Cute ending! ⃒⃘ℓωαуѕ love when these two have happy endings! :)
Veela9190 chapter 19 . 8/18
Ahh so sad to see this is the last chapter for this story but absolutely loved this story! Very well written, good amounts of humor, & all around fantastic. I wouldn’t mind a one shot of Tonks giving that speech though! Think it would be absolutely hilarious!
pappa chapter 19 . 8/17
action and love at the end,perfect!
thank you for this story. really interesting and like always you write really well
Retrograderabbit chapter 18 . 8/5
...two fleurs? Yes please! Hope Tonks finds her own love though.
pappa chapter 18 . 8/4
don't kill Tonks!and find Her a good girl she deserve it!
carnelina chapter 18 . 8/4
Just caught upthis is both hot and a really nice dynamic between the 3 of them

(please don't kill Tonks though, my tiny gay heart couldn't cope!)
Son of Whitebeard chapter 18 . 8/4
love the playfulness
Retrograderabbit chapter 17 . 7/25
The morning after scene was hilarious! Looking forward to your next update :)
GISA103 chapter 17 . 7/21
I just love your tale..
Nameless reader chapter 16 . 7/19
You might want to update the rating with this last chapter :p
pappa chapter 17 . 7/21
Ohouu good idea that!
Asdf chapter 16 . 7/19
In my opinion fleur and hermione have ni rights in being mad. Tonks should be feel mad. Yes she had a threesome but her mom just died so a lot of hormones must be causing problems in her system making her feel horny, confused, mad,sensitive,etc. Nothstanding, fleur and hermione used her for revenge. That is low. And ok, hermione was drunk which somehow is an excuse
Veela9190 chapter 17 . 7/21
Oh wow this is getting so good! What a genius plan! I can’t wait to see if it works! Blaise is such a prat. Can’t wait to find out what happens next.
GenBee84 chapter 17 . 7/21
Brilliant, as alwaysLove the breakfast conversation, it had me in hysterics! Can't wait to see what happens next.
pappa chapter 16 . 7/19
that was hot! hope it will not be bad for our favourite couple
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