Reviews for Proud Parents
iadorespike chapter 24 . 1h
Very happy to see a new part. I re-read the entire fic to celebrate. LOL Thanks so much!
V. L. Crawford chapter 24 . 2h
Thanks for another great chapter. Sorry it took so long to review but I love your stories so much I usually reread the whole thing when I get a new update.
D.Mentor chapter 24 . 12h
Another great chapter, I always love reading your work. Thank you for writing.
Guest chapter 24 . 5/4
Happy Birthday Alix33…
Dagaz1968 chapter 24 . 14h
I wanted to take a minute and thank you for all of your work. I have spent the last couple of weeks re-reading everything and as I was getting to the end of the list, this gem appeared. Thanks again and please keep up the fantastic work.
Ravena D. Alister chapter 24 . 16h
Yay so happy for an update. Keep up the hard work
IGOTEAMEDWARD chapter 24 . 19h
Thanks for the update!
mworth1019 chapter 24 . 23h
welcome back! another great chapter very happily read, thank you
Soliel Sidus chapter 24 . 5/5
this was a great update. hope all is going well and I'm excited for more
Lisa chapter 24 . 5/3
Thank you for writing this story and this chapter. I hope that you are doing well. I like Draco’s perspective of how things are at Hogwarts without the students and teachers who are at the Potter Institute. I do like the name better than Potter Institute of Sorcery and Spells as well as the abbreviation Pi instead of PISS.

BTW, in the first line, I think you mean that Albus was livid instead of lived.

Happy birthday, Alix33!
BMS chapter 24 . 5/5
Good one.
InAnnaCat chapter 24 . 5/3
Wow! Glad that you are back. Great chapter! So Hogwarts is dying. I hope that Dumbledore is going to die with hogwarts.
Sasha Starr chapter 24 . 5/3
I'm glad that you are alright. thank you for the update. We all enjoy your work. Sasha
stoopid dawg chapter 24 . 5/3
This was so great, seeing the impact Potter Institute is having on Hogwarts and how the former Hogwarts students are dealing with their new school! Thank you so much for sharing!
(And a Very Happy Birthday to Alix33!).
alix33 chapter 24 . 5/5
You meant "Albus was livid", "Gaunts' former home", "third years now had to choose", "Grangers',staff ones" and for Neville to say "had come to loathe".
What Emma had on her face was a "wan smile".
You meant "snail's pace", not "snails pace".
"kick in" should be two words, not hyphenated.
Thank you SO much for those birthday wishes. It's a sad, retrenched and unemployed birthday this year, though, unless some of the HR people in places where I submitted proofreading tests surprise me hugely in between now and my birthday.
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