Reviews for Proud Parents
Ducky1776 chapter 35 . 10h
Tried to post this on the last chapter:

OK, I have to question your use of the word "faculty." I've never heard it used in relation to a facility. I've only seen it used when referring to the professors of a school (the Faculty of Harvard Business School ...) or talking about someone's mind (He must have lost control of all of his faculties). Since you can't have a school within a school, shouldn't it be the Lily Potter Department of Modern Studies? Sorry to nitpick this one, but it was getting to me. Everything else is wonderful!
Ducky1776 chapter 30 . 14h
I sure feel sorry for that Hungarian Horntail. I'm sure it's got a severe case of indigestion now.
jamuraa chapter 3 . 9/21
Thanks for writing your storie they are amazing ,i love them al
SassyDKitten chapter 36 . 9/16
hope your trip went well and that you'll come back to us at some point!
Songwriter90 chapter 36 . 9/11
It’s been a while since the last update, and I just want to check one of my favourite writers is ok? While I’m anticipating the next chapter, that is my main concern, and hope all is well with yourself
Kagey98 chapter 7 . 9/8
I can't tell you how many times I have returned to your stories. Thank you for many years of enjoyment.
GrimLurker chapter 36 . 9/8
Just dropping a line to ensure you that readers are still around. You said you always finish what you start, and there can't be more than a chapter or two left of this..

Still, i'm sure not paying you, so your schedule belongs entirely to you..:)
Gemcatcher chapter 36 . 8/30
What happened?
mumphie chapter 36 . 8/25
Catching up on a couple of chapters I've missed. Still very intriguing. Don't know what twists you've thought out. Hopefully, all the beloveds will come out alive, and no heartbreaks will happen, on the characters, or the readers!
articdranzer chapter 36 . 8/24
Re-read complete and patiently waiting for the majestic RobSt to bless us with an update.

The mistletoe over Remus and Jillian along with Crooks blocking Joan were the super highlights for me
articdranzer chapter 17 . 8/21
This chapter is my favourite of all RobSt stories. And considering his stories include Harry Crow, that is saying something !
ARedHair chapter 14 . 8/12
(original unposted comment:
Emma is taking longer to recover than Harry did after the graveyard. Yet another benefit of being magical.

Dark Lady Voldemort?
I wonder if Mrs Best suffered from Leukaemia, Osteoporosis, or some other bone or bone marrow problem.)

More recent thought:

"Whatever the decision, the material has to have been living and animal to see the ritual complete."

The discussion of the problems that might arise from using the bones of various mammals or avians was interesting, but I wonder if they might have used the of bones of a sea creature... if they couldn't use a fish (because it couldn't breath on land) they could use a sea mammal; such a manatee, dolphin, porpoise, or some sort of whale (which could breath, but not move on land). It would probably be easy to buy a whole trout or salmon. Of course, that would produce a different story ;-).
Guest chapter 35 . 8/6
The other three would definitely be better off if they just killed Bellatrix in her sleep, then moved to the other side of the world to start new lives with new names. They are completely blowing their miraculous second chance to have peaceful lives in freedom!
Guest chapter 13 . 8/3
I’d skip Voldemort turning into a squirrel… but replacing the bones with roadkill or similar still seems a smart thing to do!
Anne chapter 35 . 7/30
I have been a fan of your work for a very long time. As always I am enjoying your story and knowing how your life has changed, I am very impressed and grateful that you are willing to spend time completing your stories for us.
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