Reviews for The Muggle Schoolteacher
Cyan Quartz chapter 6 . 1h
I love how it's all going! I'd write more, but sleep is not brain in, you know?
aisa.32 chapter 10 . 2h
Millie072 chapter 10 . 6h
Why would Barton need to look for help in instructing Harry? If Remus is going to live in, why can't he teach Harry? If he goes back to school, how is Harry going to be hidden? Child abusers seem to forget that fellow criminals have children also. Hopefully Dudley will stay in that orphanage long enough to have some of that "I deserve anything I want" attitude lost. Maybe Marge will make him clean up after the dogs. Vernon & Petunia are lost causes. Good story, nice to see the plot has changed from abuse to loving acceptance.
Millie072 chapter 8 . 6h
Interesting take on the Goblins. No ever seems to show them as people who interact, & enjoy things, unless they are with Harry. Like them walking down the hall making sure their tag-a-long can't understand a word they're saying.
Millie072 chapter 7 . 7h
A budding romance between Teacher & lawyer? Would solve a lot of problems. A very different take on Harry's childhood. well done & believable.
Vladimir Mithrander chapter 10 . 7h
Bam powerful little bloke
mwinter1 chapter 10 . 8h
Awaiting more
Time313 chapter 10 . 9h
Can't wait until Dumbledoor goes Gringots.
Clive54 chapter 10 . 9h
Seriously good!
xenocanaan chapter 10 . 11h
I love this story! Especially Mayfield and Harry’s relationship. I can’t wait to read more!
buterflypuss chapter 10 . 12h
good chap
mizzrazz72 chapter 10 . 12h
Harry should get his money back.
IWantColoredRain chapter 10 . 12h
Very good. I'm not sure if I voted but if not, Sirius and Ilvermorny please!
sanbeegoldiewhitey chapter 10 . 13h
It was extremely annoying to read that Dumbledork stole half the fortune of an abused child and got away with it. Very annoying chapter.
donniedarko81 chapter 10 . 14h
great chapter and update. I will say this though if Dumbledore gets off or gets control of Harry again you will loose me as a reader! :)
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