Reviews for Meeting a Familiar face
Aleera jewel chapter 7 . 9/5/2018
So for Sta'abi and Ter'roara's child, I'm sure for a girl she could inherit her mother's form as well her father's skin tone as well dark purple pigtails and beautiful yellow eyes that shine like gold, and for a boy, his name will be Terron like his father's name a bit, I will love it if you give them children, it will be so fun, and I wander what Terroara and Sta'abi would do as parents!? I will leave the idea on them up to you, but take my suggestion if you can
Aleera jewel chapter 7 . 9/5/2018
Amazing, it was very beautiful, and tought a very important lesson that everyone should know, please please please please make a sequel of this, I will really really really really appreciate if you do! In the sequel, after the two admitting that they were still in relationship, they know get together and stuff as well sleep in the same room since they're married, but then, Sta'abi becomes pregnant, and Susan and Jack might get married, for Sta'abi and Ter'roara's chil
Aleera Jewel chapter 6 . 8/27/2018
Great job, thank you for adding some of my suggestions, I can't wait to find out what he has for her! He should ask her to marry him at some point as well, they should lay together and cuddle at some point as well, and kiss and, well, you know, I have said this too much I'm sorry, I just have a weird thing about Sta'abi, I love her so much, happy writing! ;-)
Aleera jewel chapter 5 . 8/10/2018
BTW, I came to tell you that you should please and definitely join Wattpad, it's a site for writing and reading books online too like but has more catagorys than fanfiction, here's why you should join,

1.i am on Wattpad at Aleera Jewel, and I want to help you with some ideas for the story if you run out.

2. It's very easy to write a story on there, you have an icon were you write the story instead of having to just write it on Microsoft word or whatever your using to write your story's.

you can do on is review for the story and the author can't reply to you, but on Wattpad, you can comment on a story and the author can reply to you, the reason why I suggest this is because I will end up perhaps making a lot of comments for your story and also give you ideas and suggestions and I want to know what you think.
Aleera jewel chapter 5 . 8/10/2018
I'm back again, sorry I keep making too many reviews, I just really love the story and this is the first time in forever that I have ever found a fanfiction that is personally about Sta'abi, still in the show, not some POV or tale of her own, but all I can find are fanfictions about Doc and Susan, just c'mon, not even in the catagory list of characters do they have her, and I only read fanfiction that has Sta'abi in it and I like it if they focus on Sta'abi more, I'm a big Sta'abi fan and I have a crush on her though I'm female, and finally, this story shows that Sta'abi has feelings two, and has had a mate, and I get to know about some of her past life, this story is amazing and was really ment for me! But others should read it as well!
Aleera jewel chapter 5 . 8/8/2018
It's seems like you have left off on the part were Sta'abi and Susan were both in her room having a conversation, so Susan was about to explain to her what was about to happen on her date with Ter'roara, so here's what I'm thinking of, Susan should explain how Sta'abi would need to enter, for example, Ter'roara would have to hold the door for her on their first entrance, and as soon as they enter someone will seat them to their table, and fix them up a meal and bring it right fourth, during the meal, Sta'abi and Ter'roara would have a conversation with each other and try to amend their problems and perhaps at some point Sta'abi might break out in tears and feel bad for the way she treated him when he first entered to see her after so many battles he's come across and so many planets to find, "her", then she starts to hug him and he comforts her on the back, then he wipes her tears away and says something really beautiful and heart touching he has never or no one has ever said to her before and talk about what they learned during their past and as they became strong, but what made them weeker was fighting each other and trying to get strong on their own didn't help enough, but they learn just because you are a warrior doesn't mean that you are week for having feelings for a love one you wish you could never left in the past, but it made you stronger to have a feeling to fight for you and your friends, and that's what makes you stronger, then they kiss and hug, Ter'roara manages to arch his arm up on her spine while Sta'abi leads close to him stretching hers on his shoulder down to his shoulder blade, his arms rub around her lower spine and back torso, and her arms touching his lower torso, I will leave it all to you
Aleera jewel chapter 5 . 8/8/2018
So let me guess, you were kind of inspired by the clone wars with Ahsoka and Anikan abit, I wander what inspired you to make this story, I hope you come out with chapter 6 soon, can't wait to know what Susan told Sta'abi about her date with Ter'roara, can they please dress up, it will be really fun if they do! Susan could teach Sta'abi some fashion tips for her date, perhaps some tips for makeup and as well some for her pigtails, and a nice dress with some cute mannerly underclothes like some shorts underneath so when the wind blows he doesn't see her panties, and some gorgeous shoes, and the same for Ter'roara, except a male which we all know, Jack would probably teach him some tips on being a gentleman, he already is though,
but the manners he needs to have around a table for example, and for most of his wordrobe tips, he would need to shower before his date, both him and Sta'abi will actually need to before dating, we don't want to warriors to smell like galactic sweat and battle scars on a date, and were a good colon, as well put on some deodorant, he well perhaps we're a nice suit, as well as Sta'abi and Ter'roara dress up, I'm sure that it would appropriate to dress base on their customers, for example, Sta'abi would were a traditional dress and Ter'roara a traditional suit, they don't have to dress up if you don't what to, it's your story, I just want to help out and I thought it would be fun if they did, others might find it fun too, but I will leave it up 2 U, they might like it if they don't dress up as well
Aleera jewel art chapter 5 . 8/2/2018
May you please add a part were Sta'abi and terroar'ra cuddle and perhaps she could sleep with him, and they should talk about their past lives and struggles they want to change and at some point Sta'abi should have some kind of feelings and emotions, or perhaps worry maybe cry and Terroar'ra can wipe her tears away and comfort her.
Aleera jewel chapter 5 . 7/31/2018
I'm thinking when Susan explains what Sta'abi needs to do on this date, she should also give Sta'abi a make over perhaps explain how she needs to look on the date, you know, girl stuff!, she will also need to know her hygiene and stuff for the date as well, and explain how she needs to enter so and so, and as well for Terraor'ra and Jack, but in a dude type of way! he needs to know what his lady likes, and also learn to be a gentleman which I'm sure he knows how, and know what kind of colon to wear, I'm not sure if he knows what colon is, but he will be introduced to it! They really should kiss and cuddle at some point!
Alerera jewel chapter 4 . 6/6/2018
It me again, Aleera jewel, I just hope you make a chapter 5 and perhaps continue the story, I can't bare seeing poor Sta'abi like this, it makes me want to cry, if so what will you do next will Sta'abi perhaps find a way to escape and now figure out how she's going to take back all the harsh things she said Ter'roara? Can't wait for the next chapter
Aleera jewel chapter 1 . 6/5/2018
Hello everyone this is Alerts Jewel, my tablet stopped working and I can't find a way to get back in, so I'm using the website on my phone, can someone please tell me were the sign in icon is, all I can find is the dang sign up icon, I also have a suggestion for the next part of this story, I really really really love it! Maybe after Sta'abi is out of the isolation zone, she should find finally understand Ter'roara was no jerk and feel sorry for him after the fight they caused, she may have to stop Ter 'roara from leaving earth, and then maybe at some point, they should hug each other and kiss, and wish to never fight each other again, you should make a series of this, and maybe a sequel of or a or something when they get married and have children, I will leave it alone to you, but I just really really love it!(๑๑)
Aleerajewel chapter 3 . 5/13/2018
do you know a way I can make my stories on here, I'm new here too
Aleerajewel chapter 3 . 5/13/2018
I read this story before I had the app and I really love it, thank you for making this story about Sta'abi, this is the kind of fan fiction I will read, no one really makes fan fiction about her so much, may you please please please please continue writing the story, I'm really loving it so far and I'm so curious to know why Sta'abi is so sad and upset!
Sweet Dreams BySusan chapter 1 . 3/27/2018
So far the story line is just awesome and refreshing with a new idea, this time about sta'abi.

Awesome work!