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Guest chapter 18 . 3/18/2021
You, dear fellow writer, have a wonderful gift of being able to convey emotion through writing. My goodness...! That part when Nightwing takes off his mask when he and Tim are on the roof top... dude... well done, this whole story is great. I hope you continue writing. Best to you!
IndigoElle chapter 18 . 2/14/2020
-kicks in door- I AM SO LATE TO THIS UPDATE BUT O.M.G. I have missed reading your work, so this was so exciting to read! I can't even put into words the excitement that I felt at seeing that there was another chapter posted. And let me just say, it was worth the wait.

The amount of emotions in this chapter had me reeling. My heart ached for each of the characters, and you did a great job of balancing all of their emotions. I especially loved how we got to see that although Tim is trying to understand everything, he can't grasp the toll that his absence took on everyone. As the audience, though, we can see it. I loved every description of the characters; your words are still so beautiful!

Of course, I live for angst and brotherly bonding, so this chapter really gave that to me. It was so nice to see Tim finally remember things but still be haunted by remembering. You did an awesome job at showing that just because Tim remembers his past, it doesn't fix everything. In fact, in a way it complicates things further. I like that regaining his memory hasn't sped up the plot or sent it in a predictable direction. I am still hanging on and anticipating answers!

This chapter gave me so many fulfilling things and is still leaving me guessing. How do you manage to do this? You're amazing, that's how. I hope that 2020 is treating you well, and I can't wait to see your next update!
rainydaysbooksandtea chapter 18 . 11/30/2019
Great story
Loftcat27 chapter 18 . 10/19/2019
Wow! When this update came out I re read everything I had before. The emotion and plot is amazing. I don’t know for sure where you are going with this but I know it will be awesome.
Rookblonkorules chapter 18 . 10/18/2019
*flails around screaming incoherently and flapping hands around* Okay, okay, so I'm calming down- calming... down. Eeeeeeeee! I'm so happy to see this has been updated again!
Okay, so... you have no idea how happy seeing them all interacting together is making me. And Damian- bless that demon child, I love how he's trying so damn hard to mask his feelings but the brat can't fool us! We know he cares, deep down!
I love how all the pieces are connecting- it's really hitting me now what a work of genius this is. I mean, I already knew that, but I didn't know how much.
I think the description that stood out the most to me in this chapter was the one about his fingers shaking and how it was like they were each experiencing the aftershock of a quake. Of course, this chapter was riddled with really good descriptions but that's the one that's been reverberating in my brain this entire time.
Ah, they finally know about the scar on his back. I love how it wasn't immediately a situation filled with touchy feely hugs and tears- the emotions were raw and palpable but they were still subdued and it brings to mind that they still have work to do and they're really not giving themselves much time to deal with the pain. I mean, they're trying, dear boys, but Gotham's bats have never been very good with handling their emotional issues.
I loved the moments with Bruce- how harsh he was and yet so terrified for the safety of his son. It was particularly touching when Tim made that promise to him- although I'm sure you'll find a way to get him involved again. I have a feeling that there wouldn't be much closure for Tim at this point if it happened another way, but I trust you.
Absolutely beautiful job as always, Shiro!
Loftcat27 chapter 9 . 10/18/2019
I love the characterization you do! You really do a great job capturing Nightwing’s and Tim’s personalities. All the trivia is great to.
Guest chapter 17 . 10/2/2019
Pls update I reallly like this story and I’m invested in it. Your writing is so unique that I love to read more from you
RedNekark3 chapter 17 . 7/31/2019
I've binge read this in a day and can honestly say it's one of the only fics where I've been absolutely hooked. I'm already dying for an update
Rook chapter 1 . 7/15/2019
*continued because like an idiot I submitted a half-finished review.

We can guess that the villain is the Joker, but I feel like you left just enough room for plausible deniability and I really, really appreciate that. This is the kind of first chapter that will leave me staring at my ceiling in the middle of the night because I'll be wondering about what's gonna happen next.
Also, kudos for the first paragraph because those first few lines hitting you right away let you know just how dire this situation is and they're also the kind of lines that... grab you by the neck and drag you in and don't let you up for air until you've finished the chapter.
And Tim regret that he can't save Damian and- those poignant "last words" of sort- I never told him. Right in the feels. RIGHT IN THE FEELS.
Seriously, ouch though.
"Looks like today I get to kill two birds with one stone." This line. THIS LINE. It's something that... under any other circumstance, or handled with any less finesse, would probably feel like one of those cliché token villain sayings, but here... here... Oh, no, no. Here it's got all the ominous meaning behind it that it should.
Rook chapter 1 . 7/15/2019
There are... no words to describe how gripping this chapter is. The level of detail that you provided is astounding. Some people literally give away... the whole situation in the first chapter, and sometimes that honestly works, but here you've honed this situation with such finesse. We know that he's in danger, in pain, trying to save someone else etc. But we don't know who either character is right off the bat. W
Laura of Maychoria chapter 17 . 6/20/2019
Okay, I read this whole fic in like three hours and I've been thinking about it since then. I love it. Excellent job. I can't wait for more.

I really like the way you characterize Tim in this. His caution in trying to piece together his identity, those old tailing skills coming back as he follows the vigilantes around Gotham, his cleverness, his kindness, his desire to be a hero even when he doesn't know anything about himself... It's so Tim, so good. I love him so much, and my heart aches so badly for him, especially with this last chapter seeing exactly how he came to lose his memories. I'm glad he was able to get a safehouse. The scene with Jason was really interesting, too.

I love Dick in this so, so much. The way he tries to draw Tim in without pushing him, trusting him to have some sort of plan, and then when he realizes it's amnesia, still giving Tim space to figure things out without pushing him too hard, too fast. Bruce or Damian definitely would have dragged Tim back to the cave the instant they figured out who he was, which might not have been the best move. I loved Stephanies determination to find him, as well as Bruce's protectiveness once he figured out who he was with. Tim being wrapped in Batman's cloak to protect him from bullets and explosions just makes my heart happy, what I can say.

I do wonder, when Batman took him to that place... I wonder if Bruce already knew that this was somewhere that Tim had been held, and he was trying to force a return of memories. Always looking for the quickest solution, that's Bruce way, even if it's painful or unkind. Poor Tim, he's been so heavily traumatized. I'm glad he's home now, though. I can't wait to see the fallout.

I also can't stop wondering what might have happened if Tim's first encounter with Bruce and Damian had gone a different way. If Bruce had been more gentle with his son. Not slapped him. If they had managed to express somehow that they were worried about the person they were looking and wanted him back, showed some of the depth of love and compassion those two hide under their armor. Things might have gone differently. Tim might have approached them right away, and been rescued much sooner, and avoided a lot of pain and deprivation.

Great stuff. Thank you for writing.
PrincessBloodBlossom chapter 17 . 6/13/2019
This is so good! Please upload the next chapter as soon as you can, I at the edge of my seat in wonder of what is going to happen next!:3:)
IndigoElle chapter 17 . 6/4/2019
Oh wow, this review is so far overdue, but I've been staring at this chapter full of emotions that I need to get down while I still have my thoughts semi-together. I've missed reading your writing so much, and I was thrilled to get the chance to sit down and delve into another chapter of this story. And let me just say, it was worth every second.

I absolutely love how you pulled off Tim remembering and the trek through his memory. It was so well done-it kept us in the confusion of Tim's mind but we still had an inkling as to what was going on. I loved the phases that we went through, the multiple versions of Tim that we were faced with. That section with Dick telling Tim to wake up about broke my heart, and I almost wanted Tim to wake up right then and there.

As soon as I saw, "You listening, Tim?" I about lost it. I had the suspicion that it was Tim's dad, and then I continued and my heart broke again. That incident never fails to strike my emotions and the way you wrote it hit me even harder.

What I really loved was how Tim had to face off with himself. He was faced with the choice of whether or not to see what the old him knew or walk away, and he chose to deal with the trauma of his past. I just thought that moment was so powerful and I enjoyed how you pulled it off.

And THEN we finally get to see the full version of the night and that did NOT disappoint. I was on the edge of my seat, in awe over how you write Tim's thought process. I loved the detail and the combination of logic and emotion that drives Tim's actions. The way you wrote Tim and Damian was wonderful. They touched new ground in that instance, and a strange sort of respect. That whole scene had me glued to my screen-it was emotional and action packed and I LOVED IT.

Then we have Joker and Tim and...oh Tim. Oooooh Tim. My heart breaks for him. Your Joker was crazy, creepy, yet his words dug under my skin. I really liked seeing Joker from your perspective and it opened my eyes to new aspects of his character. Kudos there! I was so stressed for Tim the whole time, but proud of him for braving through it.

The progression of Tim's loss of memory was incredible. I loved how you gave us bits and pieces of what he was forgetting, how he transitioned from the Tim of the past to the Tim we've taken the journey of this story with. I felt so bad for him even though he was determined, knowing that even when he got to safety he would forget. As a side note, I love that he was in one of Jason's safe houses. If only Jason had been there, things might have gone different.

BUT BUT BUT. The line that I think broke me was at the end, when Tim remembered Damian telling him, "Don't die." Not only is that a canon line, the context of the quote in this situation was perfect. PERFECT. Gosh, it worked so well in this instance and gave Tim courage even when he couldn't remember. It was absolutely beautiful.

And then the last line...don't even get me started. He didn't make it home but it's okay because Bruce and Dick know he's alive and he's probably with them right now...right? Right?

(I will cling to my hopes until I have answers)

This chapter was a masterpiece and I hope to see more soon! Wonderful job!
Rehabilitated Sith chapter 17 . 5/23/2019
OOOoo sooo good, More please! :-D
Rehabilitated Sith chapter 13 . 5/23/2019
Ah question asked and answered. Ha.
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