Reviews for Swords and Sorcery II: All Ore Nothing
Yog-sothsoth chapter 80 . 11/18
Damn. That Voldemort is awesome!
Onion-00 chapter 63 . 10/27
... that's...not how rule breaker works.
returns things to it base components?
fixing tables?
what Fate was u watching brev?
Guest chapter 79 . 10/24
He’s so goddamn COOL!
The execution, connections, the methodologies, the backstory, it’s all so cool!

Natalia’s still alive, the Delacour’s are getting involved earlier(?), Maiya’s here, this has so much potential.

Also Kerry being not a infamous magical hitman boogeyman is even more impressive with magic. Unless he is known by everyone but only the underworld in which case him establishing himself as Shirou’s relative to give him a legal existence may also be painting a target on his back.
Looking forward to more.
Guest chapter 78 . 10/24
Delusional, narcissistic, opportunistic, and makes overly complex and elaborate plans
I love your portrayal of Lockheart
Guest chapter 77 . 10/24
Nice addition
Irisviel is great
Eager to see what else you have in store for this series
Something to do with the Makiris, maybe the grail war
Or maybe development on the things not really touched upon in the main series, like the werewolf or giant or goblin communities
Lots of directions this could go
Guest chapter 70 . 10/22
Great chapter. Liked lots of parts of it.
Guest chapter 68 . 10/21
1. Iris truly is an all-powerful dark witch. Only she could break through a tsundere so thoroughly.
2. I wonder if Rin and / or Sakura will ever bring Kotomine to Hogwarts. Or maybe he’ll sneak in somehow.
Guest chapter 11 . 10/21
"Rubido, or Red, is the final step. It is less of a step, and more of a point at which the process is complete."

*Rubedo, not "Rubido".
Gaydar chapter 66 . 10/21
“Rin was standing slightly behind Hermione, with her hands positioned to clamp over the other girl's mouth.
Hermione didn't seem to mind”
Is it just me or does Hermione seems a bit... yurier here? It could also just be because a it’s Rin, and because the closest male friend she hasn’t is Shirou who has less romantic know how than someone half his age. Er, half his physical age.
Guest chapter 63 . 10/21
I wonder if this wil become a trend
Im the seventh year some first years see Shirou parkouring at fifty kmh over their heads asks wtf was that and a senior just goes “oh, that’s Emiya, he does this sometimes. I think last time it was a breakin of criminals so this time is probably a evil artifact. Keep your head low for a bit he’ll be back in a minute carrying three people who’ve been cursed to the hospital wing.”
Guest chapter 61 . 10/21
Magical roofies are pretty wild
I mean, wasn’t the whole conflict of the entire HP series caused by Voldie’s mom drugging someone?
Guest chapter 58 . 10/21
I love Kiritsugu here so much
The Emiya charm is indeed far too powerful
Can’t wait to learn more about the politics of the three houses, how / if some grail war played into things, etc.
those kinda complex topics are really easy to mess up though, but you have a good simple basis set up, so take it slowly
Guest chapter 57 . 10/21
love the extra attention given to the twins
kinda sad it comes at the expense of Ron but this isn’t nearly what anyone could consider bashing
Guest chapter 56 . 10/21
Lots of interesting topics here
Snape’s reaction
Shirou’s past
The parallels between Iris & Illya and Lily & Snape
Very intriguing.
Guest chapter 55 . 10/21
oh that’s cute and also sad
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