Reviews for The Green in the Grey
Consuldiana chapter 23 . 8/12
I do not know if youve heard this before or enough but damn are you one of the best HP fanfic writers I have ever had the pleasure of reading the work of. There are very few things I will reread, but I think Ive read most of your stories at least 2 or 3 times. As long as youre happy writing I am ecstatic to read it. Peace!
perlcat45 chapter 20 . 8/11
An excellent chapter, you grumpy arsed git, but you didn't take it as far as you ought in keeping with your character. You should have had Harry put a replacement cup in its place - Tom Marvolo Riddle's Award For Special Services to Hogwarts, charmed to look like the cup, with a charm to play an amusing message when the transfigure is dispelled. By amusing, I mean fooking insulting, of course.
thinker0 chapter 23 . 7/30
Amazing story. Great WBWL story line and I like how everything flowed.
dezerter707 chapter 1 . 7/30
I rly hope that Dumbledore will suffer for it greatly.
Fanficfan2148 chapter 14 . 7/25
arsehole.. though its not entirely your fault... it's my choosing to read adrenalin fueled narratives at 3.30am.. now... to try and get my pulse back to a level where I'll be able to fall asleep..

good job by the wayclaps**
PowerNation chapter 23 . 7/21
I will say one thing, this story was absolutely brilliant. I don’t normally finish all the story’s I read as I lose interest but this kept me on my toes and I just needed to see how it ended and read every single word. Congratulations on a phenomenal fanfic.
AussieFFaddict chapter 23 . 7/21
Guest chapter 5 . 7/15
So I've read this 3 or 4 times and never thought about Charlie's belt that hat gets magics f4om the school, Dumbledore or his parents. So what I got out of this is Charlie is really just a squib with a device which lets him have really weak magic because, well I don't know why. In my view, Charlie is a completely out of place character. He doesn't belong in the story ad he doesn't contribute anything other than being a human shield that everyone has got to protect. In this story, harry having a brother makes sense, but to make him solo week that he needs the school itself, Dumbledore or his father to give him magic just says he should have never have been there.

I love this story but Charlie is one of the most over thought of characters who takes more from the story rather than contribute.
aalens chapter 9 . 7/11
As is par for the course with your stories, this one is great. You excel at devising plots and the characters feel real. You do fall prey to an anti-grammar curse quite frequently, but so what, so do 98% of hp fanfic writers,
potterbungamjibber chapter 5 . 7/9
i'm not particularly a fan of this chapter, neither the harry and tonks were written
Guest chapter 3 . 6/29
Rasputin is a way too cliche (not a bear with balalaika and vodka at least? Still getting to that point to see.)
And it's funny how people are making those cliches while many of the rulers of the country werent Russians by their upbringing and nationality.
Guest chapter 1 . 6/29
"but for the greater good, he would do what was necessary in this case"
Idk, just kill Harry "for the greater good", and if can't do it yourself to preserve your soul, then just allow Nicolas do the thing, or any other fit for that wizard/muggle
Cynax-Sama chapter 3 . 6/28
I was enjoying the story up to this point, but this OC you've introduced feels like a self insert.

I'll try to continue, but this has really spoiled it for me.
DustieDaven chapter 23 . 6/20
I really enjoyed this story. I lost my sister a year ago and I would have loved to fight. I really like the character of Charlie. He was a great kid. The epilogue was wonderful. I wonder how Bellatrix turned out. Once again thanks for the great story.
Guest chapter 2 . 6/17
Plot device….
Feels very convenient. Would have been more believable with more writing I guess.
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