Reviews for SAO: The Eroge
xxwarlovexx chapter 1 . 12/16/2020
A-[…is that really you? Thank heavens…my life has light again]

B-[…is that you? God, you're a lot shorter than I thought…]

C-[…is it you? Could you please help me get up?]

Prologue Chapter 1

A-Name is Kirito! Sweet, rolls of the tongue, ladies love it!

B-…I have absolutely no idea of what's going on either.

C-Is that a sword on your waist? Then, en garde!

End of Aincrad Chapter 19

Both end on a Choice which is something i really like.
xxwarlovexx chapter 19 . 12/16/2020
Peakest peak anime thing ever i love it if you die i will track you down and bring you back just to get you to finish this
RomeoDreamWriter chapter 19 . 12/15/2020
Holy shit!

You did it, you crazy genius! You did it! You somehow topped all the other boss battles of your other fics! I have read One Punch Gamer, Lusus Naturae and Requiem Universus, and no other fight has made my heart pump like this one! The sheer scale of the fight between impossible odds against unyielding determination, the full release of the girls' powers for the first time since they got them, Kirito showing just why he's the protagonist of the main verse, Klein living out his dream, you just crammed a tankers' worth of awesome in a single chapter and pulled it off beautifully! Even Kayaba's and Yuuki's surprise appearances made this great!

Not gonna lie, there are many, many typos scattered across the chapter, but not even that was able to wipe the smile off my face. I felt like the time I first read One Punch Gamer, exposed to the sheer awesomeness that only you can provide to this fandom, and for that I deeply thank you. I know many people give you flak for the errors, but I know that English is not your first language just like me (I only needed to see your first fics to realize that), or because they simply don't want to deal with the silliness and over-the-top craziness you bring to your stories, but never stop writing. Because for each word of disparagement, there are many more of encouragement for you. You have a real talent for this, so don't stop and keep giving us a look into the SAO Multiverses you have seen, we appreciate you all the more for it.

My greatest praises,

SoftItalics chapter 2 . 12/13/2020
Beta? More like Alpha.
CrimsonMystic chapter 19 . 12/12/2020
Loved this way more than I thought I would, can’t wait for more !
ParzivalsKey chapter 19 . 12/8/2020
"... fucking dating sim powers!"
My sentiments exactly, Kirito.
bob4204ever chapter 2 . 12/5/2020
heyyyyy this is pretty good. real good
TigerJacob chapter 19 . 11/23/2020
You really gotta give this fic the love it deserves and read it in one go, which was actually convenient for me because I had been saving chapters, not realizing I was starting said (re)read at a point where I'd end not on a (mostly) cliffhanger but end of an arc (and by god does that leave me excited for more, more than a cliffy would anyways).

The fic is great in both fluff and comedy, I never truly appreciated that until I learned to master the horny inside of me (something I had yet to do my first time reading it), and the action points have been truly exciting, not half because it's all you and original, while still maintaining to some preestablished ideal that we all love.

I might not be in tears like I was for episode 12 of SAOA, but I am just as satisfied as I smile while writing this review at 4:46 in the morning. I can almost hear the coin being inserted in my head for the continuing of this amazing fic, I truly do look forward to it (real world, lost song, yuuki, all of it has me hyped). Thanks for the read!
sonofzeus201 chapter 1 . 11/19/2020
*moanswhat are you doing step-bro"
Dragonmaster150 chapter 19 . 11/18/2020
Well... Can't say I was expecting that ending.

The real question is, will the girls keep their OP abilities once they leave SAO? I'm only asking because while some of them are, or seem to be, products of the game world they were awarded by a power which literally does not care about time or space.

Also, the origin of EMIYA that's on the Throne Of Hero's is probably going to freak out when all this data gets back to him.
MrBigBottoms chapter 1 . 11/14/2020
Great story
tsun chapter 19 . 11/8/2020
nice boss fight.
Guest chapter 1 . 11/8/2020
are you gonna continue this story until alicization arc?

if you can. can you make eugeo as another protagonist, im gonna enjoy to see how he gonna 'accidentally' created his own Harem!.

man... maybe more full of romance and commedy and be combination with action and fantasy...

that's gonna AWESOME. and also full of laught and crazyness
Ryu Phoenix chapter 1 . 10/31/2020
Very interesting turning the story into a dating sim game. I'll see how story continues.
Ash274 chapter 19 . 10/26/2020
So, I have not played the SAO games. However, I assume that, as with the anime, Kirito will gain Excalibur in ALL. If that's the case, it makes Kirito the King Arthur/Saber to Sinon's EMIYA/Archer.
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