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AmeliaBev chapter 20 . 8/4
You always get the whole new paragraph every time someone new speaks thing right. Also you just get the whole new paragraph thing right. I struggle with that. God, I love this story. Thank you for it.
Shadow chapter 22 . 5/20
This is a nice conclusion to this original story, though I'm obviously very excited for the sequel. John and Alexander are such an adorable couple, and I'm glad that it ends with Alexander acknowledging that he's better for having John in his life. Although, I appreciate that Alexander also isn't 100% comfortable with the mushy romantic stuff, and he's still self-deprecating and has that sarcastic edge to some of his compliments.
Also, Lafayette is such a good friend, bringing them food and medicine and then returning at lunch time to bring them more food.
Shadow chapter 21 . 5/19
This chapter was fluffy and adorable, despite all of the descriptions of mucus and coughing fits and sweaty fevers.
Alexander is even more stubborn in this chapter than he was in the last chapter, which makes sense, given his self-deprecating internal monologue from the end of the last chapter. It's still kind of sad, though, that John feels like he needs to stay and clean up again, but at least Alexander and his stubbornness are there to help him this time, and John is clearly feeling at least a little bit more confident - introducing Alexander to some of the old people at the funeral. I also really appreciate that John and Jem part on good terms; that was a really sweet moment.
There are several nice continuity moments in this chapter, too. The NASA sweatshirt keeps popping up, and it's adorable that Alexander has basically claimed it as his own at this point. I also liked that, despite being sick and kind of out of it, Alexander is still nervous about the plane ride.
That "southern motherfucking republicans" line made me laugh pretty hard, too.
I don't know if you're going to address it in the next chapter or save it for volume II, but I am really curious if Adams has figured out that they're a couple (or at least that they took off of work for the same reason), since Alexander mentioned it way back in chapter 13. Regardless, though, I'm really excited for any and all continuation of this story line.
Mimi chapter 21 . 5/18
I love this story. :’D
There is no way that I won’t be around for the second book of this.
I really like the goodbyes between John and Alex and John’s siblings. I feel like Jem really does love John even if he is an asshole most of the time.
I still am going to draw stuff for this but life is really hard and I’ve been disgustingly busy.
Mimi chapter 20 . 5/18
Okay wow. I love everything about this chapter. I laughed a lot. I love all of the fluff. John taking care of sick Alex is so cute. I love how he always responded to Alex’s questions with something along the lines of how much he loves him.

33333 I look forward to the next update! :)
Shadow chapter 20 . 5/18
Poor Alexander. He's so stubborn, but that just adds to his charms (in his own strange way). It's adorable that he still wants to take care of John even while he's sick, but it's sad that he feels so inadequate at doing it and selfish for needed John's help. It's also sad that John felt the need to stay and clean up at the wake when he didn't want to be there in the first place. He's just such a good person.
There is one thing I wonder about, though. Is Alexander's fever a historical reference - because Hamilton did suffer through a few serious fevers during the war, particularly during the winter of 1777-1778 (thus, after he met Laurens) - or if it's just a coincidental plot thread? Either way, it's very well-written and makes for some good character moments.
I really do love this story, and if you do finish it and decide to write a sequel, I will definitely be on board to read and review every chapter.
Shadow chapter 19 . 5/18
This chapter manages to balance being angsty, sweet, and funny without any sense of tonal dissonance. That is very impressive; good job. It has also left me unsure whether I should be more worried for John or for Alexander. I'm worried that Alexander is getting sick, and if he does, that it's going to be a serious illness, but I'm also worried about how that would affect John; he's already so emotionally exhausted from everything with his family, and he just wants to go home.
(Although, to be fair, the next chapter has already updated by the time I'm writing this, so I don't have too long to worry).
That being said, I really love that you followed through on the whole 'John getting revenge on his father by having gay sex in his house right after he died' thing from the previous chapter. And I love the sweet moment afterwards of Alexander willingly cuddling John without hesitation; it's nice that, even though he still stiffens at the touch of others, he's completely let his guard down with John.
Mimi chapter 19 . 5/17
Ok so I haven’t left a review in a while. Sorry about that.
I’ve been loving those past few chapters so much. I love how well Alex gets along with John’s siblings. I know that getting along with someone’s siblings can be very difficult and he’s doing really well.
Alex really should stop smoking.
I really like how you write smut. It’s so natural. It doesn’t seem forced whatsoever.
Is Alex getting sick? He seems sick. I hope he gets better if he is sick. If it’s something else, I hope it’s not anything drastic or weird.
John is so loving towards Alex. My heart is so happy. Their relationship feels so nice and natural and real.
I love the braid chain so much. It kinda lifted the mood of the chapter? Lessened the angst?
I really like how Alex calls Abuela Abuela. Like he’s just embraced that he’s part of John’s family and wants to show it? Maybe I’m reading into it too much? I think it’s sweet.
I laughed so hard when John was talking about him totaling a Mercedes and a Beemer. Rich people problems, amiright?

I look forward to the next update! 333 :D
Paggers chapter 19 . 5/17
Light and sweet coffee? I see whatcha did there. This story is so pure! Really love the relationship John has with (most) of his siblings and how they all cherish their mother’s memory, it’s really touching. Also, maybe John shouldn’t have a driving license...
Shadow chapter 18 . 5/17
This chapter was so good. It feels like the ultimate fusion of Hamilton and In the Heights. I love it.
The angst has returned in full force, and it has created a beautiful character development moment for Alexander. I love that he instinctively jerks away from John's affection after being forced to think about his trauma and immediately regrets it; he's done that before, but this time he actually corrects himself and scoots closer to John after admitting - albeit only internally - that it's wrong to try and push him away when he gets into that mood.
Also, I love the continued development of the minor characters in John's family. Jem and Polly both push Alexander into telling about his past, but for very different reasons. Polly is young and naive and Jem's just an asshole.
The ending of the chapter is also amazing. I'm always glad when the angsty chapters offer even just a little bit of happiness or hope at the end, and this one definitely delivers.
Paggers chapter 18 . 5/16
A few things. 1. Abuela is awesome 2. This chapter gives me life 3. I love again it isn’t forced, it’s so natural and pure. 4. Please keep it up, love this story.
Paggers chapter 17 . 5/15
Really loved this chapter. It’s nice to see that John is very vulnerable too, like Alex, but doesn’t really like to show it. He prefers to care for everyone else. I love how the relationship is evolving into that of a more domestic one after all the two men have been through. Also, if John’s Abuela is called Claudia I’m gonna lose it laughing! The brotherly love John and Harry have gives me life and I love it. Yay! Alex accidentally declared John his family! No backsies!
Shadow chapter 17 . 5/15
This was a wonderful chapter, but yikes, what a messed up family. It started out so sweet, though. I'm glad Alexander is finally starting to realize that he can actually successfully comfort John; also that he kind of admits that, despite his terrible past, all of those bad things have led him to his relationship with John (even if he still blames himself for all of it).
That scene with the picture of John and Lafayette is hilarious, and I love the "burn it" being in all caps and bold - especially since the scrapbook scene reveals that there are multiple copies of the photo. The scrapbook is really adorable, too, in a bittersweet sort of way.
I love John's close relationship with Harry and just how chill Harry is with pretty much everything. He also let himself be abused by their father to give John some relief, which is amazing.
I am still so impressed by the historical references and the time you must have put into finding all of those little facts. Charles Lee was easy, because it's in the Broadway show, but I'll admit that you almost got me with Francis Kinloch. It sounded familiar, but I had to pull out the John Laurens biography to actually figure out where and when Laurens knew him. So, great job on that one.
Shadow chapter 16 . 5/14
This chapter was a roller-coaster of emotions. Wow! Well done. I feel so bad for poor John; he doesn't want to be sad about his father's death, but he still can't help it. I also really appreciate the steady increase in Jem showing his bigotry. It started out really restrained when John and Alexander first arrived, but by this chapter, he's starting to make some seriously cruel remarks. I can't wait to see how this progresses into the next chapter.
As with the previous chapter, the interactions with Ellie are adorable. I love that Alexander is caught between wanting that domestic life with John and guilt-tripping himself about the past. They're so in love with each other, and I just really want them both to get the happy ending that they both deserve (even if Alexander refuses to admit that he deserves it).
By the way, that was a nice touch, having John's PIN number being the birth year of the actual John Laurens. I really like all of the little history references you include in the story; it's like a scavenger hunt.
Mimi chapter 16 . 5/14
MMMMM OH MY GOD! I love this so much.
I really want to punch Jem. He is so fuckin annoying. I like the rest of Johns siblings, though.
Ok. So. Alex thinking about maybe having kids with John is the sweetest thing. But also, he’s so SELF-DEPRECATING! Like boi, John loves you so much. You do deserve this. Like, mistakes happen. They don’t fockin define you as a person or what you’re good for. Someone needs to slap some sense into Alex. This is slightly sadistic of me, buuuuuuut I really wanna see Alex do something really horrible to himself because he feels like such a fuck up or life is just being particularly horrible to him and I want John to talk to him and talk things out and give Alex some self confidence. I jut really wanna see some extreme hurt and tears then some tooth rotteningly sweet fluff.
I honestly didn’t really expect Alex to be so good with kids/babies. He’s so good with Ellie. But that stuff with Eliza. It happened so long ago. There’s nothing he can do now. He needs to stop beating himself up over it. That won’t help anyone. It certainly won’t help him.
I don’t like how self-deprecating Alex is!¡!¡! He’s so thoughtful and sweet and loves John so much and does good things and yet he’s stupid enough to beat himself up over small things. Things that just happened or things that he couldn’t’ve controlled.
I love angst because then there’s comfort. I look forward to seeing more of both.
KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK,SWEETIE! YOU’RE AMAZING! I look forward to the next update. :DD
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