Reviews for Elizabeth's Confession
JOHN P THOMPSON chapter 1 . 5/12/2018
another good know the characters very well.
Helena Clara Bouchet chapter 1 . 4/18/2018
This was a nice take on resolving the maternity issue between Elizabeth and Vicki. At least, Vicki in spirit. With the way that Barnabas was considering the distance between them as cousins, it almost seemed that he would had still married her. I could be wrong. It was an interesting choice to have Barnabas to be the recipient of the truth, but as mentioned in the story, he and Elizabeth bonded over their unhappiness, and both resolved to overcome it. Thanks for this possible theory of revealing Vicki's maternity mystery :)
Daryl Wor chapter 1 . 4/6/2018
Something I’m really loving about your work so far is how it splendidly blends in with the original program. Like “Birth” this is a scene we didn’t see but could have been there. I had to giggle at the short skirts not meeting the 18th century requirements. (One could write a piece of just Abigail flipping out on that alone.)

Elizabeth’s feelings really draw you in for this story, all the things that likely were going through her mind and that end result of knowing, due to the time, Victoria is passed away by the 1960’s having gone back in time to live a new life.

Oh, you got another roll of laughter out here from me seeing Willie and his lack of sleep look. No kidding! No, Lizzie, it’s nothing new, is it? And yep! Well done here with who Victoria’s father could be. I swing that way myself. Oh, very good on her seeing the similarity between Carolyn and herself. I love that. This is just great. It all adds up so neatly as she relays the details. Plus, it’s true, when you watch Dark Shadows you always see this pained expression on Elizabeth’s face when Victoria mentions being a lonely child or things that happened at the foundling home. We were watching some first year recently and my sweetie joked, “Gee! Liz seems a bit guilty looking!” and I’d whisper back, “That’s because she’s her mother!” XD

Oh goodie! This is the part I was hoping for! Telling Barnabas is the best choice so he can go, “Oh, yes, well, okay, probably a good idea we didn’t hook up,” in so many words. And written so well as I can envision the big, “Oops!” on his face. Thank you! Plus he pans back to Victoria’s happiness and that was something I was especially pleased with on the show. We saw them rush out of the gaol and I was shouting, “Go! Go! Go! SOMEONE please live happily ever after on this darn show!”

Aw, damn! Well done ending, that was fabulous. This is terrible because I have these other obligations but I love what you’re accomplishing here. And I am not one to go into that nonsense of expecting to be thanked for reading it. I am thanking you for sharing it. Bless you!