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Templarsith chapter 62 . 17h
I wonder did this Vastro lord truly understand what that Bankai had access to worked? I mean I think it is an amazing weapon and an even better training tool. Now I will flip a coin will Soren gain a mark and we find out what happens if one of the mark bearers dies? So given what I read last chapter White got a connection to Thor huh... So Sona poison at birth going to cause interesting effects sooner rather than later. Did not like people sensing transcendent spirit power or do you mean they felt the identity of the power rather than power itself? Orihime Inoue's power could not be felt by Ichigo, do you mean magical power? Quincy have I say a divine power to manipulate all types of spiritions, this is how they were able to attack Aizen's weak point with any real effect. I think this part should be cleared up more like her spirit power fused with something else or etc. I loved how Isshin finally get some spotlight time. Now I loved the fighting of this arc time to see the fall out soon! Cause every Patheon still in the world will not like a continent buster being used. Forget a Patheon every one of them will want to take action now.
Gmachine3825 chapter 62 . 23h
Amazing chapter but, I just cannot see the ichigo we know from letting this go entirely. At the bare minimum he and his family and friends will sever ties with soul society. Which is gonna suck for them when Big Daddy Quincy wakes up and starts the Sternritter arc.
recline chapter 62 . 11/30
For the shits and giggles, it would be hilarious if Aizen showed up at Isshin remarriage of Masaki as Isshin best man or even as his wingman, cause he did kinda cause them to marry, or not, but at the very least he was the cause of them meeting in the first place... Aizen is best wingman
Xechu.s chapter 62 . 11/29
The Christian faction with Ichigo and his friends against Soul Society. I have no doubt who I am going to vote for as the winner. Soul Society has screwed it up big hahaha and they may be in a civil war, but what the hell they fuck for idiots. All the best
Lord Suryansh chapter 60 . 11/29
Ichigo and Isshin have very simmilar zanpakuto, Isshin can use getsuga tensho and knew a lot about final getsuga tensho, not to mention his sword is engetsu( flame moon).

Aizen also mentioned that his Bankai put a lot of strain on his body, so I think his Bankai could be same as Ichigo as well but insted of compresing energy it compresses all the flame engetsu releases during shikai in a cloak or something.
And since it's fire , holding it for too long may cause damage to his body,like rukia's Bankai does.
Too much time and she freezes so it may cause him burn.
Shadow blaze3 chapter 62 . 11/28
I was listening to this at work and was upset I had caught up when this chapter dropped, rarer intrigued by the shiki/banki. Isshin coming in at the end was perfect!
Kysmith chapter 61 . 11/27
Can't wait to see what you do for isshins Bankai.
Rake1810 chapter 57 . 11/27
I kinda hope you make Aizens comments from the omake canon cause it’s sadly true
ILikeHotDogs chapter 62 . 11/26
This story is way too good.
blasterdog chapter 62 . 11/26
That ending got me hype… Papa Kurosaki in effect? I’m wit it
Gvagore chapter 3 . 11/26
Okay you REALLY need to fix your grammar. You have constant missing words, jumbled words or completely wrong words, and it has gotten to the point where I don't want to continue reading because I can't get into the story from needing to mentally correct grammar all the time.
Williams1996 chapter 12 . 11/26
Even if the peerage went all out he could still whoop all of them lol
lolrrr4 chapter 62 . 11/26
Me alegra que estes mejor, espero que te mejores

A una cosa más, todos y me refiero a TODOS saben que los idiotas de la sentran 46 esta más que jodidos, despues de todo aparte de sus guardias quien se va a enfrentar a 2 super demonios potenciados (sona y rias) dos o incluso los 4 maous, no se si los angeles se unan, el equipo de ichigo, ichigo mismo y al que agarro a toda la sociedad de almas con los pantalonea abajo y talves incluso los quinsis, admitanlo todos esperan ver a los Quinsis apareser en el peor momento y despues ver a ichigo derrotarlos.

Perdon por posibl3s faltas de ortografia
Azzzimoth chapter 62 . 11/26
The way you intertwine the Bleach world with the DxD one is phenomenal! I feel your Soul Society is so much better than in canon, not morally or anything like that, but better as in more interesting.

And on an unrelated note, while I am certain Akeno did not mind in the slightest to share her and Ichigos first date night, don't you think they should get at least a little quality time just the two of them? Dosen't need to be overly long, could just be a quicke in the woods like with Koneko...
j.mhollamen chapter 62 . 11/26
I honestly really hope they go to war with the soul society, its nothing but a decrepit, stagnant dying society at this point
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