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firebluebird2006 chapter 1 . 14h
she goes by Sona Shitori in school
hollowichigo12 chapter 25 . 15h
I quite enjoyed this chapter and did not think I would enjoy it as much as I did. Loved the talk between Ichigo and Akeno, really felt like you were exploring their characters or personalities really well and really diving into what makes them, them.

Not sure how I feel about the larger harem that Ichigo might be getting based on certain moments of this chapter but I will wait to see the finished product before I pass any judgement.

I love what you are doing with Issei. I actually thought that the reason for his denseness in canon was actually pretty well thought out and made sense given what happened to him. I like how you are exploring that and having him get help for his trauma. On a side note I like his evolving relationship with Ruruka and Momo. It is nice to see Issei possibly being paired with girls that he is not usually paired with.

I did laugh at the dangerous volleyball thing and thought it was actually quite funny as well.

I do like the idea of Akeno and Asia actually being able to help each other overcome their traumas together. I don't think I have seen anyone else do it before like this and like you wrote they kind of complete each other in a way. They both had similar events happen in their lives but there are some key differences between them as well. I look forward to seeing how this evolves in the future.

I really want to see Ichigo and company meet his family and old friends and what their reactions to everything would be like. Looking forward to the future fight between Ichigo and his hollow for who should be king again.

It should be worth mentioning in regards to Ruruka and Momo being sad at Saji not really looking at them despite all the effort they put into looking good, something like that stings for both males and females alike. I like how you worked on that and had Akeno fix it by having Issei go talk with them. Most authors would not bother with that but you did so good job there in going the extra mile.

On a side note do you know of any good places to read the Ars Goetia and learn about the demon pillars and stuff? The actual ones and not the DxD or FGO versions.
Grinja chapter 25 . 8/17
You do the slice of life and character interactions so well. Chapters like this is why I read the story.
Guest chapter 14 . 8/16
Did you just give Issei Quincy powers
Guest chapter 12 . 8/15
Oh god you’re gonna start adding bleach characters to the harem aren’t you?

I don’t now how I feel about that
Crimson green flame chapter 25 . 8/14
Love chapter and ao3 as well but i got 2 say i hope you check the comments cause the pokemon battle was fucking halarous..
I cant wait 2 read this next arc
RageGenerator chapter 25 . 8/13
As usual, you’ve written a very good chapter, good to see all the characters getting their share of ‘screentime’. However, I have to say that I am happy that we can finally move onto a new arc. I do enjoy character development, but the slow plot development of the last couple of chapters is starting to get to me.

I had a look at the lemon you posted on AO3 and it is really well done. I only remember a few sentences that felt a bit awkward. Howver, I think Ichigo should’ve been a bit more careful in checking for voyeurs, especially considering how Aizen tormented him last chapter with what was basically a sex tape of his parents. He was understandably distracted, and he did believe that Serafall had it covered, but he should be more careful in the future. Otherwise Aizen the voyeur could strike again. For example:
A wild Aizen appears!
Go! Ichigo!
Aizen uses ‘Ichigo’s first time (HD)’!
It’s super effective! Ichigo is paralyzed!
Ichigo tries to use Getsuga Tenshou… but Ichigo is paralysed in mortification!
Aizen uses Running Commentary!
It’s super effective! Ichigo is in critical condition!
Ichigo tries to run away!
Can’t escape!
Aizen uses Constructive Criticism!
Critical Hit! It’s super effective!
Ichigo faints!
Aizen wins!
Moral of the story: Aizen is a pervert with a fetish for voyeurism (and maybe bondage) and probably has the biggest stash of blackmail material in the whole of Soul Society. Oh… and always check for cameras before you’re going to do anything you don’t what posted on the internet.

Keep up the good work! Looking forward to the next chapter!
TorrentAB chapter 25 . 8/13
You ever read a crossover so good that afterwards you can’t read any other between those two stories because nothing else measures up? Well congrats, because I’ve been searching for a good Bleach crossover and you just cut down my choices by a lot. I honestly just skipped over 4 other Bleach x DxD fanfics because I don’t think any could come close. I’m not sure whether to be happy for finding a story that manages to blend the stories together perfectly, with excellent characterization, fight scenes, and romance, or aggravated because now I’ve finished it and my choices for what to read after just became a lot shorter.

Also, one quick question, is Ichigo ever gonna go Full Hollow? Because honestly that was always one of my favorite parts in Bleach, and it always kinda sucks that all writers seem to throw that away, kinda like Naruto and his 4 tailed mode. I know it’s supposed to be about showing they have control of themselves, but there’s always something awesome about someone losing control to help someone they love, while still having enough control to keep them safe.

Anyways, thanks for the chapter and I hope to see more soon!
Golden Light 001 chapter 12 . 8/12
You sir with a plain name have a talent for intrigue and solid writing. I do not regret following you one bit.
Archleone chapter 25 . 8/10
The rules on this site are some of the least consistent I've seen on a site as relatively popular as this one. There's so very many stories that have full on "lemons" that even go further than just being X-Rated because of how excessively detailed the scenes get. Or in some cases how grotesque they can get. There's been some times where I had to stop and think to myself "how has this story not been deleted? It's been up for years and this is some torture porn level of bad and weird sex."

It's true that it is safer to have a back up site for posting the lewder scenes, but some people never really seem to get their stuff taken down. Maybe it's just a matter of those stories not getting reported for whatever reason. Some stories with very basic lemons get taken down. It's stupidly inconsistent.

As for my opinion, as much as I enjoy lewdness I don't usually care too much for lemons. Unless they're very well written they can start to feel a little awkward, usually when the writer tries to add too much detail or start describing things that don't make any physical sense. I guess it's not an issue unless it gets to be too ridiculous. I remember reading one where the guy was somehow penetrating a woman, while also somehow doing things with his mouth that would require him to be able to bend over backwards or detach his head to reach. So long as you avoid that kind of ridiculousness you'll probably be fine.

I can't really sympathize with Saji. Or don't really want to anyway. I mean, I get being jealous because a girl you like is interested in someone else, but it's another thing to be so dense that you completely miss two (2) other girls working together to get your affection. And also somehow missing how much of a killjoy he's being. It's nice for him that he'll eventually get a positive path to go down where he can find some happiness, but he certainly doesn't deserve it currently. I guess I'm spiteful for wanting him to end up with nothing at all for being such an annoying ass.

There sure is something about a beautiful girl getting angry when it's justified though. There's a certain... passion? I guess? At least, when it's not directed at you it certainly feels impressive and attractive.

Issei's weird boob power-up thing is probably not the best barometer for what's a good idea, but I see your point. From my understanding, he eventually gets a Peerage of his own, and his Queen also has a Longinus that... somehow allows him to echo songs or something through breasts remotely? I didn't look into it further because it sounds utterly ridiculous. She's something like a descendant of the original Leviathan.

I do wonder what you intend to do with some of the female characters that get introduced later in the story. Like will Ichigo replace Issei in the plot (almost) entirely due to being a bigger trouble magnet, and pull in the future heroines that were canonically attracted to Issei when he was the protagonist?

It would be hard for current Ichigo to accept that situation, but that is sort of the point of DxD. DxD is "Harem-Seeking Dweeb Somehow Succeeds: The Anime", so he'd be fine (probably) as he's more competent than canon Issei. I do like him continuing to embrace his new instincts anyway, and his bit of monologue after Akeno's little hint about her growing affection for him does seem to hint that he'll get over himself eventually.

Is it misogynistic that I thought "greed is good" when thinking about the state of his harem? It's fiction anyway.

That said, so long as Akeno and Rias are on board, I don't really have much to complain about. It's best girl and very close runner-up best girl. The situation with Asia is super weird but I don't really mind it. It comes down to how you portray it whether or not it would become too strange and annoying in a negative and distracting way, but I guess it's not at that point yet so things might work out.

As for the matter of Aizen, what even is he now if he needed to be sealed instead of being executed/killed/deleted? And why does nothing ever remain sealed? You'd think after all those examples of things being unsealed or breaking their seals in various fiction (and presumably "reality" in either story's lore) there would be more advancements in sealing tech.

You might want to go through the chapter again with your editors as there's still a few scattered spelling errors, if you care about that. It's not the biggest deal, but there's no reason to not fix it if you have the time. Most of the chapter is fine in terms of spelling which is why the errors stand out as much as they do.

Good luck with the next chapter.

Venelana is one of those women that makes you think "Man, it sure is a shame her husband is still alive." Something about a youthful, upbeat MILF is fantastic. Like Mamako. Goddess of a woman.
eleassar.wrb chapter 10 . 8/10
OK, color me impressed, this has to be the most original take on Ichigo being introduced to a peerage, loved the concept and the worst thing is that it's completely believable given his nature as an hybrid (I swear if Ichigo were born in the HSDXD world he would be an hybrid between demon, angel, human, youkai and have a longinus on him just for the lulz) to survive inserting two pieces in his soul and get on top of the system.

The wrist in the armor sounds interesting, some type of canon for a quincy technique or just a canon of reiryoku?

Also can't help noticing that Kalawarner and Mittelt are alive still, are they going to appear in a future or will they be forgotten as the third rate villains they were?
Burner chapter 25 . 8/10
Just to point a little something, Zangetsu (White) didn't attack Ichigo because he was an asshole, in its own way, he was trying to protect him (given he considered Ichigo too weak to be fighting he decided the best way to protect him was to control the body and destroy everything that was a menace to Ichigo).

While I'll wait to see the explanation of the change that you implied, there shouldn't be a reason for Ichigo to have to fight Zangetsu for control. While Ichigo still doesn't know the true nature of White, wich is an actual source of possible conflict between them, Zangetsu should be happy letting Ichigo be the king, he only tries to usurp when he despairs or its too weak for the enemy they're fighting. I can see them fighting because even if Ichigo already has a real Zanpakuto but he still doesn't understad the true nature of his powers, his sword could try to force him to aknowledge his true power but at least I don't think it should be canon that he wants to usurp him again.

Last complain, the special was very hard to read, I kind of get the idea but it needed more proofreading.

And finally, excellent work, specially on the relationships wich have been growing organically and in a very veliable way
Guest chapter 25 . 8/10
I kind of hope that Momo or Reya will be with Ichigo though.
SomethingAncient chapter 25 . 8/9
Cool chapter; a lot of character development. It's really nice to see that Issei is showing some results and overcoming his trauma, as well as learning (albeit slowly) to behave more maturely.

Speaking of Issei, his relationship development with Momo and Ruruko feels really natural, and is interesting to see.

I also feel bad for Saji, but everything he's done (and everything that's happened to him) makes sense, and is what I believe to be, well written. Seeing him take off the rose coloured glasses will be nice, since it looks like he's on the verge of seeing everything else he's missing.

Also, Serafall's interactions with Ichigo are my favorite, by far. It's like they connect in a way unique to both their personalities and histories, as well as the way they understand each other's anxieties about war - and the position they play/ed as figureheads. They seem to anchor each other in a way that goes above and beyond what even they probably understand. They seem to grow together just by existing together, like they soothe each other's fears, among other things.

Now, that isn't to say the other girls' interactions with Ichigo are lacking (far from it): they also connect uniquely, in ways where their personalities mix very well and in interesting ways.

Seeing Ichigo and Sona interact, it's like they're both mother hens, so to speak. Neither wants to let the other shoulder all the burden anymore, and both trust each other enough to let some of that burden go to each other. They seem to grow most through mutual responsibility, working through things together, always finding more reasons to appreciate each other.

Tsubasa and Ichigo bring out each other's competitive side, in a way that isn't humiliating or haughty, and without fear of being called out for going too far. They seem to grow most through pushing each other along and challenging each other; not worried that the other's progress will ever be a hinderance.

Koneko and Ichigo seem to be that of a caring master and affectionate pet. They both want for each other, and continue to oblige each other. It's more instinctual than intelligent, even though both are smart in their own right. They seem grow most by basking in each other's affections, using that to guide them to growing closer in other ways.

The other girls' interactions with Ichigo aren't as matured yet, as they haven't been with Ichigo as long, so I won't go any further. I am also aware of the other interactions, such as Asia and Akeno (I'd say it makes sense), and the budding three way between Ichigo, Serafall, and Sona (which is progressing in a way that seems natural), but this review is getting a bit long...

I will say, however, that I am also enjoying all the non-romantic interactions as well. Ichigo, Kiba, Issei, and even Saji all interact in believable ways, which is well done. I wouldn't mind seeing them interact more.

You've written all the characters well, especially when handling Orihime's situation and Ichigo's reaction to her incredibly well. I still don't think they'd last in any sort romantic relationship longer than 15 years (though the harem would likely extend it by several years beyond that), but I digress. And it's possible that you change my mind later on, too.

But the following paragraph has me very concerned:
"It is my Inner Hollow and his name is White, or at least that is what I was told to call him. He is a piece of my soul, just like Zangetsu, though he takes the form of a mask when either I call on him or we synchronize."

Doesn't Ichigo know that his inner hollow IS his zanpakuto? He already knows the old man is his quincy powers, so this paragraph makes no sense. His hollow isn't pure hollow: it is his zanpakuto, just hollowfied (hence the species called "visored").

Furthermore, his "hollow" trying to take over again is highly implausible. I won't say it's impossible, but I wouldn't believe it if the quoted paragraph holds true, and isn't a misunderstanding on Ichigo's part. I say this because Ichigo already learned his lesson about trusting his instincts, so the new fight would have to be over something else. Zanpakuto get their power from their wielder; the only influence they have is in how that power is expressed. So however strong Ichigo is, zangetsu can't be stronger than that. Any battle that takes place would be a battle of willpower.

Or... wait, is Zangetsu saying he wants to take over just a way to get Ichigo to prepare himself once his magic awakens? Like his magic power has formed its own will and he's going to have to fight to prove he's the true king of his world?

Please let me know if have I forgotten/missed something; thanks for the story and have a good day.
narutoDkurosaki chapter 8 . 8/9
This first half of this chapter and this arc honestly seemed so unnecessary unless you decided it to be a factor for ichigo getting his strength back.
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