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kronarack45 chapter 10 . 4h
Te superaste amigo con este capitulo xd v:
Guest chapter 10 . 9/15
I would kind of agree the twilight healing may be faster then Orihimes but Orihimes is infinitely better as it’s the rejection of causality
With Asia a wound heals
With Orihime the wound never happened also fixes non biological things to where they weren’t damaged
So overall Orihime is the better of the two
Nyesh chapter 1 . 9/14
This shows potential.
Nyesh chapter 10 . 9/14
Thank you for the chapter.
dandyrr0403 chapter 10 . 9/16
I just finished binge read this story! I must say this is a great story! I love Ichigo's interaction with the DxD cast and how their relationship develops! How Ichigo got his powers back too! Wonder how it will be like when the Bleach cast meet with DxD cast? And I can't wait to see Orihime transfer into Kuoh! Keep being awesome! Hope you'll update again soon!
delonix chapter 10 . 9/16
Something tells me we are going to see something like Nejibana and Engetsu. Or not? Yes or no I like this story and impatiently wait for any new release.
Nyesh chapter 10 . 9/14
This was a nice surprise.
atchoum35 chapter 10 . 9/16
Nice chapter. Thanks. Continue. Now a devil ichigo with two kings. Interesting.
Guest chapter 10 . 9/14
Unless this fic like one of those terrible ones (which it isn't) where the story kicks in due to characters acting OOC in a stupid way Ichigo's friends and Soul Society will go nuts over Ichigo nearly permanently dying and have mixed reactions towards him regaining his abilities and such by partially becoming a devil. Possibly going to be a diplomatic nightmare for those involved.

Serafall might not know Ichigo really is considering Soul Society was probably insular but even if they had tight control over information leaking out from their society the recent chaos probably caused some info to leak outside. Serafall probably get some info due to her position.

Wonder if Ichigo's power during his Saigo no Getsuga Tensho was in the same category as the Great Red's caliber or not. Just randomly guessing here.
Brin chapter 10 . 9/13
The second part of my review:

Regarding peerages:

First, thank you for a revealing chapter. Your justification for the reason Ichigo could handle taking in pieces from two peerages makes sense. I will look forward to what Ichigo gains from the two mutation pieces.

Ajuka will likely learn of Ichigo during Rias' first rating game. At first I thought it would cause a problem, but then I realized that it should not. Rias is still missing several pieces, which means that her total point value is below normal, even with an extra rook (since Ichigo is worth two rooks while Koneko is worth one). That will change once Rias fills out her peerage, but that will not be for a while yet.

Sona's peerage situation is similar. She is currently lacking 3 pawns and a knight - or 6 points, so having an extra 5 points should not be a problem for now. That will change once she gets Bennia, but that is a few arcs away unless things really change. Which would not surprise me (having the reapers show up early due to the inclusion of Ichigo and the shinigami / hollows / quincy). That said, this story occurs only a few months (?) after Ichigo lost his powers, and in the Bleach timeline it was 1 - 1.5 years until Ichigo gained his Fullbring, so there is a lot of time before the Quincy take over Hueco Mundo. Maybe Ichigo will learn of it early this time around.

In the DxD LN it was revealed that Ruruko became Sona's pawn due to having discovered the existence of devils and then simply asking to be reincarnated. Having no sacred gears, powers, etc, she was worth no more than 1 pawn (and Sona may have over-spent even that to reincarnate her). So I am guessing that Orihime - who is certain to learn of devil-kind considering how much time she spends with Ichigo and how unlikely he will be able to keep it from her (as she already is aware of the spiritual worlds / powers) will similarly ask to be reincarnated.

My question is if Orihime is worth one or two pawns. If one, then she can join and Sona can still participate in rating games with having to leave a piece out or take a handicap, but if worth two the situation becomes more complex. I don't expect her to ask Rias simply because Ichigo spends less time with Rias and when Orihime learns of the Evil Pieces she will likely also learn that all of Rias' pawns have already been used.

Regarding Asia:

Asia arrived not long after Issei became a devil, so at this point she should already be packing. With Raynare dead the fallen who fled do not have a means of contacting her to redirect her, so she should arrive as normal, but her story will change when she arrives at the church to find it destroyed / abandoned. How it will happen, I do not know, but I expect she will still end up living with Issei and becoming part of Rias' peerage.

Again, thank you for the chapter, and I look forward to your future work.
Brin chapter 10 . 9/13
Strangely, my review seems to have vanished. I waited a couple days in case it was taking time to show, but it has not appeared. Perhaps it was too long and so was discarded despite being accepted? I will try splitting it into two parts, but I wonder how much of it I can remember...

Regarding your world-building:

It was quite revealing that Serafall was not aware of Ichigo's spiritual powers. This reveals that the devils - and likely the other supernatural entities (with the possible exceptions of the Reapers and Orcus, Hades, and similar deities of death) are unaware of the existence of the spiritual worlds, beings, and powers.

For now the devils may presume that Ichigo is merely an anomaly: magic takes many forms in the supernatural world, after all. They may think Ichigo is merely using a strange spiritual form of magic. But once Orihime enters the picture the situation will change: One may be an anomaly, but two from the same area who are unrelated by blood suggests a notable population. This should lead to questions, which should lead to the discovery of the existence of the others.

While they may be disturbed by the shinigami and hollows (since they cannot perceive their presence or their powers), these are only infrequently upon the mortal plane of existence and seem to not be aware of the supernatural planes. And despite having histories of thousands of years, to date they have not notably interacted with the supernatural world. Perhaps more of interest to them will be the Quincy: an entire organization of humans with powers they cannot detect.

This will lead (eventually) to learning of Ywatch - a figure which will probably horrify the Heavens. He is a demigod (the son of the Soul King - who is basically a god of reincarnation) who - after being mistaken for the Creator - purposefully continued to mislead a formerly faithful tribe. He then used them to conquer a small country in northern Europe before spreading his influence east. And a thousand years ago he invaded his father's plane of existence.

Had the spiritual world been aware of the supernatural back then, this could have been a disaster, as any foe captured by the shinigami would have stated they were following the orders of their god - of 'yhwh'. This could have lead the shinigami of that time to initially believe that followers of the Heavens were attacking - and to attack the Heavens in returns. This would have occurred just after the end of the Great War (which was also about a thousand years ago), when the angels were still recovering and were arguably at their weakest. It could have been a major disaster.

That this false god Ywatch still exists, and that his progeny have for centuries walked the world using their trace of his divine power (blut, quincy) to destroy spiritual entities rather than purify them, will probably anger the angels greatly.
NiceGuy2Point0 chapter 10 . 9/15
I hope next chapter you will have Ichigo and Kiba fight with their powers and also have Ichigo help him improve.
Guest chapter 10 . 9/13
Please for the love of anime series this story to the end , as it stands THIS is the best bleach / high school dxd story in the whole Category . Thank you an keep up the amazing work .
DarkPirateKing69 chapter 10 . 9/15
Gotta admit, this is one of the best build ups to [insert protagonist] becoming a devil in DxD Xovers i've read in .. well, a long time, can't even remember. It took 70k plus words but it felt like all of them were worth it and purposeful. I've always liked hen authors give Serafall more screen-time and development. An as long as her childish/teasing and more serious/mature personality are kept in balance, i can't see anything going wrong with this. Definitely looking forward to the next chapter!

Hopefully your inspiration and enjoyment for writing stays. Keep up the good work and thx for the effort!
Guest chapter 10 . 9/13
Dual-Rook? Curious.
But, aw, man, was so hoping for Serafall to revive him. Though the conflicting powers thing is a neat touch!
And of course both mutated, expected nothing else, heh.
Wonder if the devil leadership actually knows about the Shinigami (well, other than the Hades ones) if not, the first meeting with head of Foreign Affairs Serafall and Captain Commander Yamamoto will be... interesting.
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