Reviews for Into the Arc-hive
Halofanreach chapter 44 . 5/17
I really really hope your alive and continue lord of the rings on the rwby multiverse story
For'Sleep 3rd chapter 21 . 4/20
...I just rewatching Inuyasha again and damnit now that i want a scene of Jaune with Rosaria love... also audience reaction finding out their love of each other been manipulated by Naraku equalivent... sigh

I wonder if Sesshomaru role taken by Saphron and orphan girl Rin taken by Terra cotta...

Do you think Shapron will awe with her Grimm form but still flabbergasted with her other self hostile act with Jaune?

I think the role of imp Jaken still jaken but grimm side
reguluscorneas1 chapter 44 . 3/26
please continue
Mr.Awesome chapter 6 . 2/2
Please do King Kong 2005. The movie is already reaching its 20th anniversary.
Kiyan Tribe chapter 10 . 12/12/2023
Still hate fucking Neptune.
Axccel chapter 17 . 12/11/2023
Come to think of it, Ilia's parents were able to afford living expenses while also paying for her to attend a prestigious, elite school. That she had to pretend to be human (allegedly, even though that contradicts everything else we've seen in Atlas, Mantle, and the rest of Remnant) doesn't make that cheaper. Which means they were very, very well paid for their work. The opposite of oppression.
Axccel chapter 28 . 12/11/2023
Penny, or rather you, got medieval armor totally wrong. Chain is highly effective against thrusting/piercing weapons and basically immune to slashes. It was commonly worn over a gambeson, which was extremely effective against blunt force, even from maces. It was not worn under plate and the gambeson under plate was usually a thin kind that really only protected from the metal chaffing and its temperature. Instead, the chain shirt and leggings had cloth patches at the spots the plate would go.

Chain armor was basically perfect.
Axccel chapter 27 . 12/11/2023
“Why can’t human women?” This thing called biology, duh. Along with major psychological and emotional differences and how stupid it is to put your means of reproduction at risk.

Even modern female soldiers have a very high rate of getting themselves hurt in training, forcing their units to lag slowly in the field where swiftness is life or death, needing to be rescued and getting men killed trying to save them from their weakness or panic, needing their male teammates to carry their gear for them on long deployments, causing drama and problems in the ranks, and much more.

Why even bring it up?
Axccel chapter 24 . 12/10/2023
Pfft. “Humans barely tolerant faunus”. Funny that. The racism comes from the faunus against humans, not from humans against faunus. Bullies and criminals treating everyone equally badly is just that. Rightful suspicion of terrorists is clearly justified. And faunus behavior is obviously aggressive and would attract Grimm. There is no prejudice against them. Even in the lore it says they have equal rights. They simply want what others have earned without achieving it themselves.
Kamen Rider Sentry chapter 21 . 12/2/2023
Wait. Would you do the K drama Vigilante one. Jaune the Dark hero. Or sweet home
Zer0erZ chapter 26 . 10/31/2023
Technically going by the books, Frodo(Ruby here) was 50 years old at this point
yatonashi chapter 7 . 10/5/2023
esta genial, me gusta como lo haces con cada capitulo
genzk77 chapter 44 . 10/3/2023
Update please Author
Guest chapter 44 . 9/12/2023
When are you coming back?
This is the best Jaune reaction fic in the Rwby category.
Juno Schnee Link chapter 7 . 9/8/2023
so your going to stop relying on your polarity
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