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Felinfoel chapter 64 . 7/17/2021
Just caught up after starting 'Innocent' a few weeks ago. You are an absolutely fantastic writer. In my opinion, a lot of your character interaction and development is stronger than canon.

As for the chapter, what an amazing, heartbreaking conclusion to my long read. The mark; absolutely horrific. I do hope, selfishly, that Harry gets his hand back (if somewhat weaker). After all, splinching is common in the wizarding world: wouldn't there be a lot of armless or legless witches and wizards milling around other than Moody and Snape, if splinching was not able to he healed?
Guest chapter 64 . 7/16/2021
Sweet Gryffindor, that was amazing! Poor Harry! Omg please keep writting. I must know how this ends!
janawael1000100 chapter 64 . 7/16/2021
poor harry could they search for his hand and attach it to him some how because he is too far young to lose it like that
Onar27 chapter 64 . 7/15/2021
I've been following your stories for years, from HPFF even (my username was Lana there), but I hadn't caught up with Intensity, since its very introductory chapters, mostly because I grew wary of the Draco spying drama. I don't mean it the wrong way, the idea with Draco is brilliant and the fact that there are essentially two Draco's in this universe, a good and a bad one, has me in awe that you thought of all of it. But what I mean is that to build a mystery you have to go slow and in a book that's complete that's fine, but I'm not a patient person and so I decided to wait till more chapters were posted. All these are to say that I hadn't caught up since probably late 2018, except I guess re reading Innocence, which is my favourite book of yours. But I decided that it had been a lot of time and there were enough chapters for me now, so I started the story back up and damn did I breeze through it in only a few days. And what a point for me to catch up!
Your version of the graveyard events and their aftermath has me somehow appreciating Rowling's writing much more, exactly for the reasons others seem to disparage it. What I mean is that the events were just so dark, it could have gone so horrible, so gruesome, just as it did in yours, I just had never appreciated the danger Harry was in and how terrifying all of it was till your take of it. A lot of people have commented that this Voldy is much more terrifying and banks of phycological torture so much more and I agree. It's true, your Voldy and your graveyard scene was terrifying. But what a lot of people forget is that most of us were children when we first read this. I was 9 and appropriately frightened by book four's ending chapters, I can't imagine reading about Harry losing his hand (even if they re attach it later) or him bearing the dark mark (even with how they made it seem like it in the movie). I guess I'm only realizing just how watered down the events were. I do wonder if someone would ever try to make the HP books into a series or something, but make them for the adults that we all are today...I feel it could be a whole new experience.
Anyway. Cedric is alive in this, so Harry ought to draw some consolation from that. I'm sure canon Harry would have agreed to trade his hand for Cedric's life. Still, I hope that Dumbledore can undo this. I mean the Dark Mark is enough, I don't want Harry to have to stay this way, without a hand. He is just a child after all, even when we tend to forget that, it's horrifying. Though even if they don't, I guess it won't be as horrible as if he were a Muggle. Dumbledore does have the Elder Wand after all, so he can make him a replacement hand, kinda like Voldy made one for Wormtail, only it won't try and choke Harry, like it did in canon. Still this is all too much. It was too much even in canon and it's so much worse here. But the silver lining is that there wont be any isolation and him living with the Dursleys after this. A lot of people dislike book five, because Harry complains a lot apparently, but I was 13?14? when it came out and damn did I indedify with Harry. I mean if it had been me as a teenager and I had been through all that and then I was left all alone with people who hated me and noone responded to me, then I would have lost it a lot more than Harry. I'd probably ran away to France or something and never come back either. Anyway, sorry for the rambling. I just haven't read or commented on a HP story for a while, since I had been cruising through other fandoms for a while. These last chapters brought back things and thoughts I had for a while.
I can't imagine where you go from here. I mean we all know that book five was mostly about the Ministry's propaganda and I would like to see how you work with that, but here Cedric was also there. Besides if Harry's hand remains maimed, they can't possibly claim he lied and made the whole thing up, what and then cut off his own hand? Plus Sirius has way too many allies in the Aurors and the Ministry in general. But then I can't see Fudge and Umbridge accepting this either. Dunno. I'm so curious.
Can't wait for more, I wish we were in Deathly Hallows already and then again I don't. These stories of yours are excellent literature and an amazing take on the books we love. I hope you'll stay with them till you do reach the conclusion and maybe even more than book seven (don't do the theatre play that shall not be named though, just maybe a bit about them after the war).
Thank you. For all the time you've given this and all the work and dedication it must have taken. Please continue your awesome work.
fleurics chapter 64 . 7/13/2021
Nothing I can say that I haven’t said before, or that other people haven’t commented on, but great chapter! The detail of Harry being marked is horrifying but brilliant. Also wondering if his left hand will be able to be healed- I’m betting even if it is possible, it won’t be so easy. This isn’t star wars! So interested to see what Harry is like after this. He’s so resilient, but I’m wondering if we’ll see a limit. Also you’re insanely consistent with updates, I’m always so pleasantly surprised when I see an email update! Looking forward to the next chapter!

cflat chapter 37 . 7/13/2021
One thing I like about this version of Goblet of Fire is that we do get to see Fleur's POV of things.

One thing I have noticed though, is sometimes you have a habit of putting two words together (so it is one word) when it really is supposed to be two words. For example, in this chapter it's dance floor (you have dancefloor) and after party (you have afterparty). In one of the previous chapters, you had ice cream as icecream. Just something to watch out for.
Guest chapter 64 . 7/13/2021
Is the house Harry apparated to the Potters' home in Godric's Hollow?
Guest chapter 64 . 7/12/2021
Brilliant chapter. Somehow, you write in such a way I can't help but react emotionally, as when you described Harry discovering he'd lost his hand. While I'm looking forward to finding out how much he can heal from all this, I'm excited to find out what else you have in store
xXMizz Alec VolturiXx chapter 64 . 7/12/2021
Amazing chapter! Hope Dumbledore is able to fix the splinching, even if it’s an ugly scar. Oooh I’m super curious about the pale dark mark
AS chapter 64 . 7/12/2021
Omg I'm a wreck, I realized Harry's heard Fawkes singing and remembered seeing his parents.
Pyrinsomniac chapter 64 . 7/12/2021
That feel when you realize you're still covered in blood. I'm sorry but I couldn't help but laugh upon rereading the chapter.

Poor Sirius. Life is suffering.

Remus makes a good guard dog. But I guess we knew that from Harry's hospital stay in Innocent.

Their different reactions to the extended family is also a good illustration of the difference between them, and a great recall to their different animal forms. Sirius is more empathetic than Remus; Remus is protective in a different way. Hell, even with Dora there...

And also POPPY POMFREY, BOSS BAMF OF HOGWARTS! The real MVP! Just set Pomfrey against Voldemort. He'd go down whimpering.

At least Dumbledore was polite enough to ask before pulling the curtain back to see Harry. Poor Sirius. I wonder if it makes it any better or worse to know that Dumbledore hasn't changed and it wasn't just Sirius? That Dumbledore is willing to hurt Harry a bit to get what he needs?

This is also a nice reminder that Dumbledore is not just a nice old man, a kindly Headmaster; Albus Dumbledore is one of the most formidable wizards in the world, every bit Voldemort's equal, and this is where it shows. Very nicely done.

Wait, I thought the burn was from the Cruciatus Curse? I need to go back and reread Voldemort and Harry's fight... for even phoenix tears to not be able to fully heal it, damn.

Also VERY nice to see that not everything can be magically healed all at once; putting some restrictions on magical healing make the stakes higher, make everything count more. It helps keep the tension when you need it. Beautiful.

And Harry waking up... brutal. So well done. Harry's confused and hurting and scared and you wrote him exactly like a 14 year old- albeit a remarkable one- waking up in fight mode, confused and hurting and scared.

THERE IT IS. Finally the words just right there on the page. Were you back and forth between the decision to take his hand entirely? Lord knows I would've been. Hats off to you, I don't know if I could've followed through with it. But the more I think about it the better decision it is to go ahead and take the hand from a writing standpoint.

It's a nice parallel with Wormtail; whereas Wormtail chose to cut off his hand (even if it wasn't much of a choice), chose to take the Mark, and got a new magical hand out of it, well, then there's Harry. Really makes you understand how Peter could do what he did and why. And I wonder if maybe the price for Harry's escape was his left hand? With the deeper magics working the way they do, with the whole Priori Incantatem being the vehicle for Harry's escape... if he was to be Splinched, I wonder if the deeper, old magic in play claimed Harry's left hand.

It's interesting to think about, anyway.

And Voldemort Marking Harry is such a good way, from a story standpoint, for Voldemort to make the point that he'll get what he wants one way or another, with or without the cooperation of the person involved. Also, this way, he has plausible deniability for Harry's escape; there'll always be that niggling little bit of doubt in any Death Eater's skepticism. Since Voldemort only shares with them as much as he needs them to know, they don't know if Harry's escape was either something Voldemort had planned or something he allowed to happen.

All of this also helps establish Voldemort as a credible villain, which is more than canon did. Beautiful!

And hey, with the Mark being several shades lighter than his skin... Voldemort basically left Harry another scar, huh? Just a much more typical one. Y'know, as far as physical scars inflicted by magic go.

Aww, I've missed Angry Dad Sirius! Kinda wish he HAD told Dumbledore to shove that comment, tbh.

Dumbledore's explanation about cores was fascinating. And it makes sense; this is consistent with what we've seen of magic in this universe. It's also really satisfying to get an explanation. I really appreciate how you've written competent adults here.

Oh, darling boy. This Harry knows enough about magic to question what exactly that version of his parents was/ were; he can't just accept it at face value. And Sirius! Sirius can't remember seeing them but his soul remembers... ouch, my heart.

Awwwwww. Never thought I'd see the day when I actually really love Kreacher.

"Unless there's anything else we should know [...]" Oh, just you wait, Sirius. Ya boi ain't gonna volunteer the information that he tried to use a Killing Curse but it's gonna eat him up inside until he tells you. This is gonna be that heartsick, forlorn little sojourn in the cell after the Dementor attack all over again.

Kreacher, Dumbledore, and Fawkes came back already? Why? Be nice if they found Harry's hand but there's little to no chance of that. With the wrist being sealed shut and as much time has passed, even magic probably couldn't reattach the hand at this point. Poor kid.

Good thing he has a Padfoot. That was one thing that really, really bothered me about Goblet of Fire. I mean, I understand the point that Rowling was trying to make, but still. If Sirius can be half- mad and break out of Azkaban just to protect this kid, is he really going to run off at the first chance to come out of hiding and do something? Honestly. JKR did my boy so dirty and I'm so glad you respect him. It sounds stupid but in all sincerity, your Sirius is one of my joys in life. I can't thank you enough for your stories, and especially for sharing them. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.
AS chapter 64 . 7/12/2021
One of the things that makes you great is a writer is how you constantly throw little tidbits in there to enrich the story - I love picturing the kids having their own junior Order meeting, and also how Ron was willing to cross Dumbledore but not Pomfrey, and of course, Kreacher calling Harry "brat." Sirius and the cauldron cracking line was just funny - again, it's a serious chapter, but you throw in this brief moments of levity that continue to add to the richness of the plot and the stories overall.

It sucked in canon, and it sucked in this - but Harry waking up to speak with Dumbledore and Sirius was the right thing to do. Harry's panic waking up was so sad, especially him not having a hand, (I'm assuming he shocked Sirius, like he did to Hermionie after the Walpurgis uniform debacle), but felt very realistic as he was recently kidnapped and tortured. The idea that Harry had to feel his injuries because he can't see is heartbreaking.

You've done a great job the past two chapters specifically utilizing Sirius' sense of smell both with Pomfrey in #63, and Harry and Dumbledore throughout this chapter. In addition to Harry using it to realize he was with Padfoot again, but also that something was amiss with his marked forearm. It always adds a welcomed layer of depth to a lot of these conversations.

OMG Voldemort marked Harry. Absolutely AWFUL. I hate that I love how much psychological warfare Voldemort unleashes on Harry. Poor Harry drinking all of the calming drought :(

I never realized that Sirius doesn't remember how he got out of the veil in Initiate, so that was interesting.

I hope they can get Harry's hand back! That would certainly be a silver lining.

Wonderful chapter as always! I enjoyed hearing Harry's recollection to Sirius and Dumbledore, but am looking forward to the future emotional conversation that I'm sure is coming - Harry using an Unforgiveable, and maybe even some of the residual guilt he has about Wormtail's arm.

And Crouch is still MIA - no good can come of that.

Thanks again for sharing!
Kioko Yasu chapter 64 . 7/12/2021
Poor Harry! TTTT
crescent-nightshade1 chapter 64 . 7/12/2021
Its lovely! Thank you so much! I love it. Hope they can un-splinch his arm.
LtKettch chapter 64 . 7/12/2021
Thanks for so faithfully continuing this epic series! This was another great chapter.
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