Reviews for Intensity
Pr0xim4 chapter 1 . 11/7/2021
Have you ever thought about applying as a movie writer / director? Seriously, the conversations are so real and hard hitting, I see the whole thing unfold and roll frame-to-frame right before my eyes.
hpandcarbs chapter 66 . 11/6/2021
I reread this entire thing in the past few days and your writing BLOWS. ME. AWAY. I absolutely adore the character development and the darker realism that your work has. I can’t wait to see how you develop this next year, especially with Fudge actually seeing sense! Thank you so much for writing this.
hpandcarbs chapter 24 . 10/31/2021
Your writing is absolutely incredible. I’m rereading this story yet again and it continues to amaze me!
Chemom chapter 1 . 10/27/2021
Thanks for sharing your stories. I just finished this one and the rest of the series leading up to it. You do a great job with storytelling and getting us to care about the characters. It shows that you put thought/planning into the work, as the storyline progresses naturally and seems to have good pacing. I like how you loosely follow the original story while also changing things up a bit and I find it interesting how you go deeper in the experience of other characters, like Ginny’s experience with the diary and Hermione’s with the time turner, etc. Will be on the lookout for updates to follow the next installment.
Zeobide274 chapter 66 . 10/18/2021
I finally caught up with this story again and I absolutely loved it. I've been recommending your stories to anyone who will listen. you definitely deserve it.
Divys chapter 66 . 9/28/2021
Wow! It's probably the best part of this series (hard to decide:-) Especially last few chapters were very intensive and brilliant!
About Crouchs disguise - I had no idea, I thought it was someone else and you surprised me..well done! :-)
I'm so glad Cedric is alive - thank you! :-) That's my worst fear in Influence - that you become "dark" - please, don't kill too many characters, OK? :-) I know there is a war but still... it's something I don't like in Deathly Hallows by JKR...
Thanks for your stories and good luck with the next one!
Guest chapter 66 . 9/27/2021
This story is the best one of this series. Voldy managed to edge out Quirrel at badguying, there are no grossly stupid plot developments or lame gotchas and it's not needlessly padded. You markedly improved the tasks and your extra wasn't bad. You got a very cool and refreshingly unbashed Ron going. You got an actual Ginny, who's a real character that exists for real. Even your so called "Draco" (he's an original invention and we all know it) is finally revealing how he's gonna justify his existence.

I'm giving you an 9/10 for this, author. You've stopped being a rollercoaster.

(That said, I'm exhausted of reading this neverending epic. The sheer wordcount has worn me away. Reading a rewrite of the entire Harry Potter in fanfiction form is exhausting and I've never actually managed to finish any such long fanfic series. I think I'll be getting off here, author. Congrats are in order for accomplishing all this though. You are a very good fanfiction author and should keep at it.)
Guest chapter 60 . 9/27/2021
Right, there's our novelty. It's neat, author.
Guest chapter 58 . 9/27/2021
So you did bamboozle me, author. That's good. But the portkey is still the cup, which is a bit disappointing. And Harry got pulled with Cedric again too. I expected a lot more novelty than this.
Guest chapter 46 . 9/26/2021
Been suspecting that was Crouch since he got assigned to Harry. I can tell those glasses will become the portkey to the graveyard but you handled it deftly, author. Smart job. Or possibly you might've bamboozled me, which is also good work.
Guest chapter 41 . 9/26/2021
Luna is best. You made Luna best somehow with this little amount of screentime, author. Well done.
Guest chapter 32 . 9/24/2021
Everyone is seriously chill for a bunch of people who're jumping around on invisible platforms. You'd expect them all to have more difficulties. In fact, it was almost like they all could see it anyway, which rendered the invisibility pointless.

It's also a very videogame levely setpiece, author, it doesn't fit the vibe of a HP book. Though it's less dumb than making the audience watch an empty lake for an hour, I'll give you that.
Sunny Singh chapter 66 . 9/24/2021
MarauderLover7 you are the best. I've read all four now and l'm about to read Influence. Intensity was amazing and the ending was exceptional and sad. I hope Harry's 5yr is better than canon!
Guest chapter 20 . 9/24/2021
Nice web you weaved here, author. You're a really good fanfiction writer except for all the times you aren't.
Guest chapter 66 . 9/21/2021
Reading this has been the joy of reading Harry Potter all over again. I have cried, and laughed and stayed up nights reading chapter after chapter. Thank you, I cant wait to keep reading!
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