Reviews for We're In This Together
SvenHPotterFan chapter 81 . 5/8
Ja, dies ist eine Harry/Pansy Geschichte. Und obwohl ich persönlich Luna sehr mag, finde ich es gut, wenn Luna einfach eine gute Freundin bleibt. Und Harry weiterhin nur mit Stiefmütterchen Sex hat. Aber küssen sollte Harry Luna schon dürfen.
Andrew4815 chapter 61 . 5/7
Re the disclaimer, man I hear you. I hate when I'm almost done with a project and I get a flare that stops me from finishing for a day.
Ambaire chapter 19 . 5/5
What stops Leddy's master from forcing Leddy to take him to Pansy, or just snatch Pansy and take her back?
Ambaire chapter 17 . 5/5
You say that Harry can order Pansy to not say anything about what he tells her. Does that order still take effect even if Pansy is dosed with Veritaserum or other truth drugs etc? Perhaps he should proactively order her as such, if so.
Ambaire chapter 16 . 5/5
They're such an adorable couple.
Ambaire chapter 15 . 5/5
I'm dying of laughter and I don't know why
Ambaire chapter 8 . 5/5
Poor Ginny. She really needs a mind healer... and Hermione seems like she's under a loyalty potion from Dumbles.
Guest chapter 38 . 5/2
Pansy's vengeance is seriously fucking awesome! That's maybe the most inventive way I've seen of how to make the Dursleys pay for their sins.

10/10 best chapter yet.
Andrew4815 chapter 53 . 5/2
I don't think it's weird that Krum asked Hermione. He's 17 and she's 15. It's the equivalent of a junior dating a sophomore.
Andrew4815 chapter 49 . 4/29
You know a lot of authors cite the Imperious lesson as something that should have tipped people off to fake moody being dangerous, but I always thought it was a completely reasonable and necessary one. If he had been imperiousing them behind closed doors and/or abusing them somehow, that obviously would have been different, but making them do mildly embarrassing things in a safe setting with plenty of witnesses was totally fine. In fact I feel it should have been on the defense practical OWLs as well, with the opportunity for bonus points to anyone who could throw it off.
Andrew4815 chapter 43 . 4/27
Lol did dobby just steal oxycontin
Guest chapter 37 . 4/26
The end of this chapter, with Pansy singing the lullaby she learned from her mum, was very touching. I love how protective of Harry she is.
Joshbbeer chapter 16 . 4/26
Stop putting the word scheme every sentence it’s cringy
SvenHPotterFan chapter 70 . 4/26
Hem, saum! Es gibt doch wirklich keine Geschichte ohne die Roser Kröte. Aber hier trifft es Hermine, die von ihr geärgert wird. Was ja eigentlich aus Sicht von Umbridge durchaus Sin macht. Sie mag keine Mugle geborene und Halbrassen. Und Hermine ist in den Augen von Umbridge ein großes Ärgernis. Und das Sahnehäubchen oben drauf ist, dass sie Harry gleich mit ärgert. Auf diese Idee hätte J. K. Rowling eigentlich auch kommen sollen.
Guest chapter 91 . 4/24
I HAVE LIVED FOR THIS! Brilliant from start to end ️️
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