Reviews for Kenji the Shinobi Craftsman
Ricee chapter 15 . 11/30
also to go with the whole "why didnt he run away" question you answered in the AN. he could have just as easily used that tailsman that changes who he looks like. just level up everything to lv9, so they don't get special abilities and claim to just be a really good blacksmith or something.
Ricee chapter 16 . 11/30
re-reading this and not understanding something. they already know that gods exist, they have the power to summon the shinigami after all. why didn't he just claim to have godly backing? not quite sure about jashin but he might also qualify as a god
Ricee chapter 6 . 11/30
re-reading this, and the chakra dust reminds me of the Dust from RWBY. would be pretty cool if he got launched there or something
OriksGaming chapter 13 . 11/28
Honestly, I'm lost. The premise of the story is interesting, but most of it just doesn't make much sense at all. The crafting system seems either entirely random, or poorly explained. Time is very transient, with the amount of items the MC has made in 4 months being ludicrous, at least without information that just wasn't given about the system.

The MC is a Gary Stu with highly inconsistent intelligence and abilities. He wrote an entire series of books in about a month and crafted thousands of items during the same time period. His books are apparently incredible and basically all of his items are viable if not incredibly useful. On top of that, everyone likes him and any conflict he has faced is negligible, played up for laughs. He genuinely likes being fat for some reason, and was willing to jump into a sewer to return a tiny amount of money to someone when he could have just payed them if he'd felt so bad; without jumping into a sewer. His motivations make little sense, and he's just not a sympathetic character.

The genin test is stupid, far too overblown for what it is—a test meant for moderately skilled twelve year olds who generally know 3 jutsu and have little to no practical experience (despite most of the test takers being adults, including a fully grown, jonin clan head for some inane reason?). You've made an attempt to turn it into this epic, overblown version of the chunin exams with camaraderie and battle and life advice and poetry—and none of it makes sense in-universe. There are many more issues, but I'd rather not make this review too long. Again, the premise is interesting, but it's a train wreck of a story.
Grumpy Storm Cloud chapter 31 . 11/26
Wow...just wow, what an incredible story, absolutely love it. I really enjoyed this, eagerly awaiting the next chapter...Keep up the Great Work! :)
Thwyla Stellar chapter 31 . 11/12
Ahhh I miss Kenji and Akane please update this fic! Also I'm wondering if Team 7 is still gonna get the Wave mission and how it would change with chakra beast involve.
fmwave chapter 31 . 11/3
Hey you still alive? and if your are just update your profile so we know I can wait on another chapter as long as I know it’s coming.
Guest chapter 5 . 10/7
The story could have been pretty cool but you made the upgrade power way too effective at everything. It has no difficulties at all, and then on top of that out of nowhere with no explanation kenji pulls out a pull furnace (when he has no access to a forge or time to make something) and pills (where did he get the ingredients? Where did he get the pill recipes?! There was no explanation he just suddenly had products!).
You gave your main character's powers no limit so he can asspull a perfect counter for any encounter with no explanation.. it shows a real lack of care.
Op mc's are fun. Stupidly op mc's are just annoying.
spaceman89 chapter 31 . 10/4
Cliff hanger is killing me!
grjcapili2005 chapter 31 . 10/4
this is amazing I am new please keep in going
mdhunter111 chapter 31 . 9/21
Great job with this fanfic so far! I haven’t read very many cultivation fanfics, having only recently gotten into the genre, but so far this has to be one of the best ones out there. Also the fact that it’s a Naruto OC fanfic makes it all the better. Though personally I’d have preferred that the protagonist be a few years older than the main cast, somewhere around 2 years older than the Rookie 9. It just seems better to me that way. Anyways, thanks for a great story so far, and have a great day! :)
metaltilldeath666 chapter 31 . 9/17
Got to admit this is one of my favorite fics I've read in a long time. Hope you can continue it.
hawkeyestratos1996 chapter 31 . 9/16
I've been your fic all day its glorious I hope you keep updating when you can.
Guest chapter 24 . 9/1
Donno the scale just feels to big. My personal opinion is that if the story went without the influence that Kaguya imposed. Maybe with the exception of some of the changes she did to the MC.

That way it would be how what he do changes the circumstances for the cannon plot and the main cast with the added resources they could get and the interactions from it? maybe? anyways just my opinion, I liked it for the most part tho..
f.rahman1302 chapter 31 . 8/24
I need more
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