Reviews for Henchman To Huntsman
Disabled-doctor chapter 12 . 9/8
Hyakudori chapter 12 . 9/7
Great chapter, as always! I also noticed that reference (I think?) to Far Cry 5.
Y'know, the whole "And I got blood on my FUCKING shoes". thing.
Correct me if I'm wrong tho.
Disabled-doctor chapter 11 . 8/28
damn and a bloodborne quote really
An Evil God chapter 1 . 8/28
Awesome update bro. Please don't turn him into a fuanas. I wonder how he is going to fix his lungs.
Hyakudori chapter 11 . 8/28
I recognize that dialogue.
Good 'ol Queen Annalise.
Guest chapter 10 . 8/23
Good work Love the story
HerefromtheHeartbreak chapter 9 . 8/18
So glad this is back, I love the little John Wick style cleaning crew. Great chapter and can't wait to see more of this.
KX chapter 9 . 8/18
Like the story and oc. Especially the part of simply replacing jaune instead of introducing 3 more OCs which is always cringy.
Dont know how to feel about 2 things.
1) michael being a doormat to cardin in the showers. Later with the razorwasps i could understand it. But the shower scene was just wierd.
2) the lung"cancer" stuff. I cant see a good reason for including it and i am extremly sceptical about it. It throws up huge warning signals that the story might take a rather bad turn in a few chapters
Disabled-doctor chapter 1 . 8/18
So far I like it and it seems like a decent story
nico2411 chapter 9 . 8/18
...this started a bit funny and well...aside from the whole cold blooded killing (although to be fair they WERE planning on breaking in to kill him, threathening Ruby, Weiss and Penny in the process) it was fairly light-hearted. I'm still laughing my ass of at how informal and downright blunt Michael is with Weiss, like she's not used to someone talking to her like that AT ALL so her reactions are hilarious! xD

Also...i think i'm not the only thinking this but Ruby was just adorable during the whole scene in the workshop...i MIGHT have had to take a moment to try and stop the gigantic smile that was on my face cuz else it might have started to hurt... be honest i forgot she was there too at the point she surprised Ruby, i was so engrossed laughing at Michael and Weiss's dynamic and Ruby's enthusiasm...Reminds me...Penny mentioning creating an explosion doesn't bode well. At all.
Ruby's (possibly) gonna have a bad time working with Penny..well when she asks Penny to do something she's more likely to take things literally or wrong if not specified...

Not to mention, Michael's whole different demeanor around the girls seems like something he's starting to get used to...(even if he won't aknowledge it, it's starting to seem like it) Although that doesn't mean he lost his demeanor (/personality) from before he was was demonstrated with those goons...
Nice touch with the unique (yet recognisable) name btw, makes it clear that Michael knows exactly what the hell he's doing...

Overall, magnificent chapter and i'm looking forward to whatever you may come up with next!
Blaze1992 chapter 8 . 8/1
At first this sounded great and was interesting to read then you turned him into a doormat so no fav or follow from me.
HerefromtheHeartbreak chapter 8 . 7/9
I really hope this story hasn't died out, I've been looking forward to reading a new chapter but one hasn't been released in a while. It would be a shame, this is such a good story.
ExS-DrIfTeRr chapter 8 . 6/14
Cool story cant wait for more
HerefromtheHeartbreak chapter 1 . 5/28
interesting plot development, I wonder why Michael is choosing to endure it all
DreamWeaverGod chapter 7 . 5/27
...kinda disapointed that Michael didn't beat up Cardin more. Also...are you making him endure until it all bursts out? Cuz I will definately press the notification with pleasure if Michael suddenly snaps at Cardin...EVEN if he 'accidentaly' kills Cardin...which I don't give one or two fucks about.
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