Reviews for Daddy's Boy
geekymom chapter 26 . 4h
Fantastic chapter!
leonix2009 chapter 26 . 6h
Well that was a great chapter
I enjoyed it very much
Thanks for the update
I hope to see you soon with next chapter
Mmars69 chapter 26 . 7h
Thanks for the update. Careful, you're getting close to needing to change your rating, not objecting mind you.
Cateagle chapter 26 . 16h
Ah, a very interesting start to summer vacation. I rather suspect things will definitely build between Neville and Susan as the summer progresses; *chuckle* particularly as each gets to see more of the other. The girls really need to talk Harry and Neville into speedos for when they have to wear swimsuits; both sides might as well get some eye candy. I daresay this is going to be an eventful summer for all four.
WhiteElfElder chapter 26 . 19h
I bet the morning is going to bring something up for Harry and Hermione, maybe multiple somethings.
aarabdht chapter 4 . 20h
5 year-olds do not have a 'plan' to marry their friend's caretakers.

It's just not done.
QueenLinear chapter 26 . 21h
nadasnape chapter 26 . 21h
this summer is going to be so much fun
Rori Potter chapter 26 . 21h
Aww! Update soon.
Laurentius Williame chapter 26 . 23h
Nice chapter. Thanks for the update.
dennisud chapter 26 . 10/20
A fun segue chapter and a bit more plot being moved forward. Let's see more soon.
jkarr chapter 26 . 10/20
it is nice that the kids are moving at there own pace
PR2 chapter 26 . 10/20
I am enjoying this story but, you should check your facts. New York has a population of 8.623 million as of 2017, while London has a population of 8.787 as of 2016. There are plenty of cities bigger than both of London & New York, London is the 27th biggest city & New York the 28th. The 2 biggest are Shanghai 24m and Beijing 18.5m. I do like the story, but you should check facts like this as otherwise it tends to lose the atmospherenof the tale.
a guy1013 chapter 26 . 10/20
just keep updating
freitazal chapter 25 . 10/18
Amazing story ! I love it !
Anxiously awaiting for more.
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