Reviews for Daddy's Boy
alix33 chapter 30 . 10/17
I loved and agreed a 100% with every syllalbe ot of Sirius's mouth there in the Wizengamot when he said the sentences starting with "They didn't give second chances" and "With all due respect".
"reopened" should be one word.
You meant for James to say "tried to plead for mercy".
alix33 chapter 29 . 10/17
AW! at Harry's sweet interaction with Gabrielle.
alix33 chapter 27 . 10/17
You meant "Too many upstanding citizens", "had a lot of questions" and "he could have let the Marauders".
I am glad Susan and Neville and Harry and Hermione had as much fun on holiday in France as they did.
alix33 chapter 26 . 10/17
You meant "Neville came to stay with the Potters".
alix33 chapter 24 . 10/17
AW! at the mental pic I just got of toddler Neville and toddler Susan.
alix33 chapter 23 . 10/17
You meant for Hermione to say "think it's time" and "higher-level tasks".
I am glad fake Moody got exposed.
Canny Hermione and Harry, not going to the Yule Ball as each other's dates.
alix33 chapter 22 . 10/17
Dumbles has IMO not been as capable as he thinks for a very long time. IMO since before he got James and Lily to go into hiding.
alix33 chapter 21 . 10/17
You meant "as did the Weasley" and "joined the Weasleys".
Well done, Harry and Hermione.
alix33 chapter 20 . 10/17
"self-evident" should be hyphenated.
You meant "now had a life debt" and "Harry was at a loss".
alix33 chapter 19 . 10/17
Take that, Severus Snape, you git!
alix33 chapter 18 . 10/17
You meant "to join it either".
alix33 chapter 17 . 10/17
I liked it loads that Draco Mafloy got questioned under veritaserum.
alix33 chapter 16 . 10/17
AW! The poor brainwashed basilisk.
alix33 chapter 15 . 10/17
I like the way Hermione thinks, not wanting Padfoot or Snuffles to go on the train with them because Scabbers would recognise Padfoot or Snuffles and escape and making plans and backup plans for the capture of Scabbers along with Remus and the other Marauders.
I like Harry and Hermione's second animagus form as the two wolves.
alix33 chapter 14 . 10/17
You meant "image she had been fed of The-Boy-Who-Lived".
I feel equal amounts sorry and angry on Hagrid's behalf. Because Dumbles will not belive whatever Hagrid tells him.
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