Reviews for James Harem 2
Skull Flame chapter 81 . 10/17
- The Endless? Wow, James has an Eldritch-like alien transformation available? And he sort of destroyed Vandal Savage's mind? Damn. That's some cool stuff.
Sir Shark of The Acrylic chapter 81 . 10/16
i sense some build up here... anycase great chapter guys!
B.E.A.T.N chapter 81 . 10/16
Wow. Great job finishing up this story arc. The fight between Black Adam was badass as Hell, and the way James took down Savage was such a creepy but cool way to do so! And ending the chapter with Vincent and Gregor getting married was so touching. I'm also very excited to see what Luthir has planned with those solver bugs that bit several of the characters. Until next time, have a great day/night and stay safe.
R.Vital chapter 81 . 10/16
ok i lost the bet, i admit i'm a loser more or less but i accept the defeat apart from that, i loved the ending that yes, the continuation of the marriage, the mental breakdown and the fighting spirit of savage, jade and lian uniting- if to be happy as mother and daughter again, it's obvious that Lutor will use the blood of every one of those mosquitoes to clone every hero and villain to create a clone of James or the other heroes, honestly but what a unimaginative guy.
Shooting Star Dragon 3000 chapter 81 . 10/16
I honestly don't know what frightens me more: savage putting a mind control chip into one of the most powerful villains on earth, or james' new lovecraftian aliens taking him out and turn savage into a mess

But hey, the wedding is saved and the cake is ok
Sir Shark of The Acrylic chapter 80 . 10/11
Amazing chapter guys! Seeing Jade's struggle of being a mother and being an assassin and Thad's whole redemption made me think of the Hero's in crisis storyline, which brings me to ask is this before or after Flashpoint? And your thoughts on that storyline if you have read it before. Will there be something similar happen in this story? I can't wait to see what you two do next!
AlienTokusatsuDuelistMangaGeek chapter 80 . 10/11
When will Kara and Cir-El join James' harem? Also can you have Hippolyta in the harem as well? Mostly because that way James can be the King of the Amazons?
jasongd chapter 80 . 10/10
And another great chapter congrats
I'll be waiting for next chapter
Skull Flame chapter 80 . 10/10
- Cry for Justice? First time I hear about it. But I'm glad Lian is still alive.
- So the true culprit was Vandal Savage? Good twist. Also, Black Adam appearing at the last moment, and he doesn't look like himself, but like someone else is controlling him... Intriguing.
B.E.A.T.N chapter 80 . 10/9
Whoo! Totally worth the weight. I was happy to see Jade listen to reason and be there for James and Lian by the end. And it was cool to see Tim and Thad calling out Savage for the bombs like a Phoenix Wright case. And Tankceratops... enough said. And oh boy! That cliffhanger with Black Adam showing up was icing on the cake! I can't wait to see how this story arc closes up! Oh, and as far missing last week, it's alright. Take all the time you need to make this story an amazing one. Until next time, have a great day/night and stay safe.
Shooting Star Dragon 3000 chapter 80 . 10/9
Never said i doubted him

Now lets turn savage into a punching bag and call it a... Wait why is black adam here?

R.Vital chapter 80 . 10/9
$#&, Black Adam has appeared, now things are going to get ugly and incredible, there's going to be a hell of a fight between the Titans and Black Adam, I bet five bucks James will use kripto-ten to fight on equal terms against Black Adam without having to use the perfect form of this form. dove this fight will surpass the fight between Jotaro against Dio from the anime JoJo.
Sir Shark of The Acrylic chapter 79 . 10/4
man this chapter is filled with memes, great work guys! also i was just reminded of nightwings first outfit. which brings my question in the batfamily who had the worst outfit, i.e. Jason with the pill helment and Dick with said disco outfit.
Negaben364 chapter 79 . 9/28
I don’t know if This has already been asked or answered but what’s your guy’s favorite alien James has?
xxPercyRoxxx chapter 79 . 9/27
How will this change the tide of the battle
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