Reviews for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
Hidari chapter 69 . 10/22
Regarding the scene at the Spring of Wisdom, excellent decision! I really can't see Link stopping himself because of proprietary at that point. And I honestly dislike it when I read that in a fic. Glad you went the Link courageously confessing route. Much more believable.
Hidari chapter 40 . 10/20
"The time had come for the hero to rise again." That is both troubling and epic. I love it.
Link chapter 69 . 10/18
I saw your edit on your bio but it seems the link still doesn't work. But all Ko Fi links follow the same pattern in the ULR so adding /botwnovel after the Ko Fi URL seemed to do the trick.

I really hope we get to see some more stuff from you in the future, fanfic or otherwise. If you do so throw me a came if you can/want haha. Would make my day.

Anyway, you may now boost to your wife or whoever that you actually got something tangible out of writing a fanfic, by all means use it for whatever you want but my head canon is that you got the new game Age of Calamity and had a blast playing it and seeing what info you got right.

I will probably come check this story again in a few years, provided I am alive.

Best wishes,
Link chapter 69 . 10/14
Remember my offer Ben, I would be honored to give something back.

I'll be checking in for awhile, till then.

Paya chapter 68 . 10/14
Just bumping the review count, never mind me :)
Amazing story.
Link chapter 1 . 10/14
So listen, I finished reading this novel (because calling it a fanfic doesn't do it justice) and I am really impressed. I also came to the realization that people like you who do this sort of things out of passion and not for any gains deserve our eternal respect and gratitude.

I always take solace on fanfictions, it started years ago during a rough period of my life and 10 years later here I am, with more refined tastes I like to think, but still reading fanfics for comfort. Hell I think most of my proficiency with the English language comes from here and videogames, one of the reasons I got the job I currently have and managed to rise so much is because in a third world country having a good grasp on the language opens many doors.

This story really hit the spot. While I did find some grammar mistakes the sheer love you poured into this is tangible, the characters felt alive like never before I can confidently say that among the stories I read this one is one if not the top 5. Link, Zelda and every character felt alive and their actions really felt natural considering what we know from the official cannon.

Now, I don't know if you still read the reviews but someone mentioned that a new game for Switch is coming next month which tells the story of the last moments of Hyrule before everything went to shit. I was stalking your profile to see if you had written anything else (sadly not) and to see what stories you had favorited, a method I use to find good content as surely my favorite authors have a similar taste, after grabbing a couple Links (hehe) I noticed you had a Ko-Fi/Patron.

Well I don't know if you know but it seems to be down. I now I might be rambling now but my point is that now that I am an adult I can finally show my gratitude to those who I feel deserve it. And you, oh author mine, are one of those. If not only for you but for the many stories I have read across the years.

If you read this then I propose the following, update your profile with a new Ko-Fi or whatever and I'll check within the month. If you do so I'll gift you the amount to buy the new Zelda Age of Calamity game, I feel it is a fitting reward. Hopefully you will read this and take up my offer.

That's all. Thanks again for bringing this to us,
Kass chapter 66 . 10/14
As of today we are 25 days away from The Legend of Zelda: Age of Calamity. It should be interesting to see what details you managed to nail my good author.

I wish you the beat and I thank you for writing this story. It sealiously is my favorite in recent memory.
Impa chapter 65 . 10/14
I live this. Every character feels just right
Zelda chapter 64 . 10/14
I’m ready to feel hollow.
Revali chapter 63 . 10/13
Fuck me. This really hit the spot.
Revali chapter 59 . 10/13
This story deserves its own damn page on TVTropes.
Ganondorf chapter 55 . 10/13
You know how some hype up stories and they fail to deliver? This is not one of those.

In my decade reading fanfics I have come to see a little bit of everything, even got to beta and proof read a few back in the day. I cam confidently say thus that this is ine if the best if not the best novelization I ever read.

Not only is the author incredibly talented but from what I gather the story was actually finished (haven’t finished reading myself).

Mu dear readers, do you have any idea how difficult is to find quality work that wasn’t abandoned? Snap, it is hard.

If you are like me and like to filter by reviews this story may fly under your radar, if I am not mistaken The Return holds the no.1 spot, but that story is kinda crappy and edgy. It served it purpose by being a very old and popular story but it doesn’t Compare to this.

The characterization and care taken is amazing and I can only hope to be alive if the author decided to write a novelization of the sequel when BotW2 comes out.

Ruta chapter 17 . 10/9
So far this has been amazing. I kinda wanted to read about Sidon’s iconic smile but this feels more grounded
Tatl chapter 7 . 10/8
Gotta say I am enjoying this quite a but so far
Creepster5 chapter 56 . 10/4
I was just freaking out about the blood moon i should have seen it coming this actually happened to me several times during different fights like a talus a few hinoxes some lynels and the molduking i love it because of the challenge and resourses that it brings anyway great story keep up the good work! ;)
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