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fernandatellezhernandez800 chapter 41 . 4/20
Me super encanto el capítulo!
pero no me gustaria que mates a Berus jeje
es cierto, la relación de Makhai y Gohan es una de las mejores y si, la verdad quiero que haya tension entre ellos para que ambos tengan un buen desarrollo de personaje y por supuesto que comparto la idea de que Makhai no está del todo enojado sino más bien preocupado por su mejor amigo.

Por otro lado ¿¡Cómo qué otro personaje pudo levantar a espada z!? eso si fue algo inesperado

Bueno, estare esperando a la siguiente actualización (ojala sea pronto jeje) buena historia
Foxfire1215 chapter 1 . 4/5
What kind of combat does a Saiyan partake in? Gorilla warfare.
TheGoodDoctor13 chapter 22 . 3/29
Really don't like this zamasu plot continuing. Zamasu gets past Gohan and kills gowasu and Gohan fails, sure that suck and Gohan messed up that's fine. What isn't fine is that when Who's rewinds time Gohan dosent go for the kill like he said he would and TALKS TO HIM and zamasu gets away AGAIN with the super dragon balls because he hasn't learned his lesson from Cell for the 3rd time already. This is so stupid and FRUSTRATING for no reason, by all accounts zamasu should've died there but it's your story so whatever. Still enjoying it though
Guest chapter 41 . 3/18
Hi pal, A doubt here,

I dont know if you already explain this, but i would like to know what happened with the alternate version (or maybe remake idk) that you were writting of your first story (Dragonball Awakening), i think it was pretty cool and really enjoyable. Thanks to read, good job and cheers
Super Raditz chapter 41 . 3/12
Thanks for the chapter
Laura chapter 41 . 3/9
Lo sabía, sabía que eso pasaría y decían que estaba loca.
Me encanta tu historia espero que pronto puedas actualizar y que sea otro capítulo igualmente largo para tener que leer.
Bonsim chapter 41 . 3/6
I'm looking for a reverse harem with a primary Mr Popo ship. Maybe a crack VegetaXAsh Ketchum side.

The one thing I really, really loved (aside the entire chapter, really) was the reflection of all of Gohan's friends' deaths :( It hits hard how this is playing for keeps, and it makes me scared for what's going to come next for the team, especially now with Perses out and about and causing pure havoc (I say this as though I haven't been cheering the death of, well, everyone haha) (Also, thanks for the shout out!). As you already know, Deimos was my favourite of the group so I'm utterly gutted to see him out. Without his know-how, I think the team will struggle against the unknown - and even though Gohan felt like he was ahead of things (learning about Perses' history) I feel like he's been given a slice of humble pie. Deimos' death poetically coincides with that. Really, Gohan knows nothing. He's still a kid - a kid that's come face to face with a fucking horrific situation. His daughter is there... like, right in front of him.

Which goes without saying. The ending was so cruel. Horrid. Mean. You can't leave people waiting for too long, honestly. The tie in with destruction energy and that REVEAL was *chef's kiss*! Broken, ruined Future Pan shows how much darker this story has grown, how that it feels like there won't be a happily ever after necessarily. There's been so much damage and so many lives lost that it's about as Disney as Game of Thrones at this point.

On another note, Gohan and Makhai's argument really adds into this build up. It goes to show how much all this is going wrong if those two are fighting - and it's hard because I feel that both are valid in their points. I half want them to cuddle and half want them to brawl it out, haha. If Kratos is separating them then something is terribly, terribly wrong.

Perses is that something wrong. He's just... delightful. There's a magnetic energy to him that makes me want to "listen" to everything he says, that makes me want to know more about his intentions and WHY he is the way that he is because, damn, he's throwing some truths out about the divine world. With so many similarities with Gohan, it makes me wonder if Gohan will also come to the same revelations...

Excited for what's coming (knowing what I do). Keep going! I demand angst! I demand DRAMA!

I also demand a reverse harem with a primary Mr Popo ship and maybe a crack VegetaXAsh Ketchum side.
Kenny05ds chapter 41 . 3/1
I'm looking for a fanfic with Reincarnation Harem and R-18, either Dragon Ball - Detectives Conan - Fairy Tail or Pokemon
One Dragon chapter 41 . 3/1
Thanks for the chapter, I'm looking forward to your other DBZ stories.
FireEmblemMaster101 chapter 41 . 3/3
Nice chapter, shame you had to kill off both Bia and Deimos but you're right not everyone should be able to survive despite this being Dragon Ball where death is really of no consequence.

Anyway this final reveal I think everyone likely has an idea of who the girl is, your description of her hairstyle is a dead giveaway not to mention the Z-Sword supposedly blood bonding to Gohan and her being able to lift it.

Looking forward to another great chapter but take your time since you've got a little one to look after now. :)
JUANMARTIN202000 chapter 41 . 3/2
La revelación fina yo la esperaba desde que podía usar energía destructora, se sabe que en los saiyajins mientras más fuerte es el padre más el potencial del hijo paso Coen super saiajin con Trunks y gotens. Lástima porque Pan se convirtió en villana genérica y los demás dioses tenían razón al temerle. Espero se netamente que ese no sea el futuro de la pequeña bebé Pan que vimos nacer. Y por amor al Kami dale a Gohan una victoria desde el enfrentamiento en Marte más que Dios destructor parece perdedor, se que es nuevo y todo pero en espero que no falle en la última petición de su maestro y predecesor
Doctor Snake Eater chapter 41 . 3/1
Oh. Damn. Gohan is going to be destroyed emotionally. Either Future Pan is dead meat, or Gohan is about to give Perses a temporary but vicious beating. They can't keep taking Ls forever.
fernandatellezhernandez800 chapter 40 . 1/9
Por cierto, Makhai es mi personaje favorito (aparte de Gohan jeje), esta historia es totalmente interesante
fernandatellezhernandez800 chapter 40 . 1/9
Fue un gran capítulo, me encanto, esperaré al siguiente, espero sea pronto
fernandatellezhernandez800 chapter 39 . 1/8
jeje, me encanto el capítulo, buena referencia a la primera pelicula de kung fu panda, tambien pude observar en capitulos anteriores que hiciste una referencia a la película del Rey León jeje

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