Reviews for Crossing The East Sea
KobeNiku chapter 24 . 9/17
Having had the foresight to download this story before boarding the plane back to the UK, I must say that this has been an enjoyable and riveting read both on the plane and in the airport. Reading through this twice over, I can say with certainty that this is the best out your Shinsou trilogy to ever come out. It displays the immense level of knowledge and research from the The Sword of Amaterasu and the intrigue and tension present in MINDBENDER. The relationship dynamics too are, in my opinion, reminiscent of that from the Sword of Amaterasu as well but with more nuance. It might also be because I am a bit more partial to stories that are like this one and MINDBENDER but that's for another time.

The story itself, while nothing out of the ordinary at first glance, manages to utilise the convention of the chosen narrative settings and devices to good use. Sure, we have the seemingly gruff alcoholic who is actually an able and caring figure and a walking death flag to name a few of the conventional character tropes but they are done in such a way that I cannot help but feel emotions when something does happen to these characters. I'd love to go further into detail but I want to avoid entering spoiler territory this time. What I can say though is that I love what you've shown with Shinsou and some recurring characters that appear in the trilogy as you've developed them in a way that doesn't outright scream sequel material. The way it is written is also something I appreciate because I can definitely see someone reading this with no knowledge of the other two stories you've done being able to enjoy the story with little to no confusion. The same can also be said for the entirety of the trilogy as well. One of my pet peeves is picking up a book that I find to be interesting only to fin myself lost because it turns out to be part 5 of a collection.

Of course, being a student in International Relations focusing on the Asia-Pacific region, proper use of facts and language never cease to amaze me. I'm pleasantly surprised that you've incorporated the Zainichi Koreans in the story too considering that not many outside of the East Asian field of study know of them. I'm almost tempted to request you write a story featuring the burakumin or even South East Asia as a whole. From the author's notes, I can see that you have enlisted the help of other fellows on the platform and the result is a polished and well-researched piece that doesn't make me want to question what I've done wrong in life.

As I've said in my very first review on the first installment of your trilogy, this is criminally underrated and deserves much more praise. I'd love to do more for you but the best I can do is to write a proper review for your works. To anyone else reading this, I highly recommend Crossing The East Sea. If you like My Hero Academia but want a refreshing take whether it be on setting, choice of character or level of writing (it's damn high), this is the one for you.

Have a great day for making mine,
KobeNiku (_)
equalforces chapter 24 . 7/23
IM so happy for Lee and ryoko I wanted it so bad and omg I read this in 24 hours and I'm sure I will the next 2 stories as well THANK YOU!
Starlight1 chapter 22 . 7/23
Japan wouldn't have taken her in. It hasn't granted any North Koreans asylum so far, even though North Korean fishermen often wander into Japanese waters. They usually get deported back.
equalforces chapter 22 . 7/23
yo why the heck didn't Yuna try to go to Japan like wtf? she was way too accepting of the America deal
Hatake Eru chapter 19 . 6/16
Wow, it's such an amazing story! I wonder why the follow & fav only 3, this story deserves more, I think... Thank you so much for making this story...
Mitarashi Misato chapter 1 . 5/22
Amigo, tienes unas premisas increíbles y un worldbuilding notable pero tu narrativa es insípida y tu ritmo terrible.
Tramas como estas se mueven a través de causa y efecto en sentido de ida y vuelta, no pareces entender eso. La prosa se siente púrpura y repetitiva y ninguno de tus personajes es capaz de tener una dinámica natural con Hitoshi.
Para un fanfic es un producto inigualable, una lástima que este nido de pubertos no sepa apreciarlo. Sin embargo tu y yo sabemos que puedes hacerlo mejor.
Gilley chapter 1 . 4/25
Interesting concept, good story too, cant wait for more