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Shini Kurogane chapter 6 . 9/12
Time for the next arc!
ChaosDestruction chapter 6 . 9/12
Yeah, Mio kinda proved that she has feelings for Shido...

Title Drop!

And here comes Origami. Oh, boy...
kingpariah chapter 6 . 9/11
ooh. chapter title sounds interesting.

oh? so we're going to learn how westcott stayed a good guy? nice.

(snickers) i just love the tone sounds in your words. 'after FIVE chapters for ONE DAY, its finally TOMORROW!' (laughs)

(sees my name) (wide grin) hey! a shout out! (laughs) you'll find out my reaction when I see the reveal. (grin)

hm? no mordred in the adeptus? ,, palomedes, alymere, and lamorak are the only names that dont ring bells when i think of Arthurian legends. maybe they need a better PR agent. (laughs)

man, ellen got lucky reaching the hideout. (widens eyes) so rather than take all the magic and create a mage only world, westcott is going to get rid of magic?! thats insane! (pause) which is perfect idea for westcott to make!

(burst laughter) tohka does not know her own strength anymore. ooh, tsundere tohka is so cute!

(laughs) kotoris prayer to god makes mio sneeze! (laughs)

ohhh. so reiryoku is positive energy while maryoku is negative energy in this fic?

mildred needs to figure out that AT field, or the wizards are going to be in trouble!

(frustrated humming) mentors are being mysterious again! what is the mystery with ekenor, you maddeningly mysterious mentors!?

(blinks) wait a minute! mio! what do you think youre doing?! no no no no no no!

(laughs) the spirits are reacting to (tries to control rage) to mio and shi... to mio and... nope cant think about it or i'll explode in rage. moving on.

(snickers) shido lost control after tou-to-touching! mio's breasts! (laughs) hes a guy all right!

(is seen wearing a shirt that has "mio's father stand-in" written on it, while having a shotgun slung over the shoulder) shido better be the BEST boyfriend for mio. (cocks shotgun) or he and i are going to have a violent talk.

(snickers) tohka is so stand-offish to the class.

(wide eyes) mayuri? ... oh! an avatar to ASA! ah, i see. ... shes named Aura cause of Aur? nice.

oh crap! origami is back! and minerva is on her way! minerva has glowing eyes?!

oh, ruler is linked to AS? wait, let me guess. her name will be sophie or something similar because of ain [Soph]?! (grin)

well, there were definitely secrets of the sephirot in this chapter. but not all is reveal apparently, because certain mentors decided to be maddeningly mysterious!

so now its time to fight minerva and rescue origami. let the battle(date) begin!


Tokusatsu Universe-KHM chapter 6 . 9/10
- *Rolls my eyes* Nice enthusiasm Tohka. *Sarcastic tone*
- *Facepalm* Oh yeah someone might've broken that.
- Well being hunted down will make you that cynical and bitter. I can understand that.
- That's one way to put it Ike.
- *Watching Mio and Shido making out that night and doing...* Uh, geez, well, okay... Later *Leaving the room*
- I certainly won't live up that morning.
- Yeah that was 'barely' legal! Just wait.
- Typical Tsundere response.
- She will Shido... Just for a very long while okay?
- He is very welcome Aura.
- Seriously this aga- *Sees Origami with Satan* Run like the wind!
- DNA is making their attack!
ChaosDestruction chapter 5 . 8/8
Oh, owch. On the one hand, we have a couple get together. On the other, well, poor Kotori.

And Phantom has made her appearance. Hoo-boy.
Shini Kurogane chapter 5 . 8/7
If Jessica is Adeptus 2, shouldn't she get Knights of the Round Table series as her CR unit instead of Scarlet Licorice? Anyway, good chapter! Even I forget the existence of Ekenor in the Sephiroth, to be honest. Looking forward to the next chapter!
kingpariah chapter 5 . 8/5
(hums) interesting take on the harem. i'm curious as to how it'll play out.

surprise! tohka's [all] Spirit. accept no substitutes!

so thats how tohka was born. curious. (calming breath) literally just born, and already attacked. im hating the bad guys even more.

man, tohka playing hard to get. (snickers)

ob crap. unstable mio. we're all gonna die!

"dont say something cheesy like anyone would have done it" (sigh) reading that gave me an epiphany of sorts on how often MCs use that phrase. usually in that "im not anything special" mindset of theirs. so annoying sometimes.

ooh, mystery ally.

love triangles are complicated! poor kotori.

(laughs) oh, thats embarrassing, mio. all set for action, but youre not set for it yet.

jessica?! whoa! .. "anti territory field"? crapbaskets!

mystical vision for shido! oh? is this the fics Phantom?

dont bother trying to understand right now shido. mystical people rarely if ever explain things clearly. just survive long enough to get answers from them. eventually. maybe. mystical people are confusing.

ooh! a new angel!

(blinks) theyre a quartet now?!

origami is doing some seriously ominous mumbling!

thats a strange looking Angel. (grin)

(wide eyes) an Angel from [before] Mio?! .. looks like DENA boss and Hermetic Trio know/are aware of each other.

why do i get the feeling im going to end up feeling [sorry] for minerva in some way?

(sets off fireworks) yes! way to go mio! shido, if you hurt her, i'll kill you or worse! im an author, i can do stuff like that easily! (grin)

(sharp inhale) ooh, kotori.

DeNA. (annoyed sigh) where and how do bad guys always get enough anything to take over/threaten the world without anyone noticing? at least canon DEM sorta had its reasons, being the only Realizer makers means that everyone needs to be on their "good" side.

awww. no "Mio fixes everything" button? maybe the batteries are dead? (snickers)

a sephirot only angel? now thats definitely unique!

great work as always. (grin)

signed, your self proclaim(yet somehow official) No. 1 Fan,

Tokusatsu Universe-KHM chapter 5 . 8/4
- Everything is all 'crystal' clear now.
- Okay it's that trust game I see...
- Such a change in mood whiplashes here.
- It sure was Shinji.
- A literal Deus Ex Machina starring Jessica.
- Ekenor? An angel...
- Wow that was cool.
- So the villains have finally revealed their name. Uh huh.
- More mood whiplashes to me.
Light Yagami chapter 1 . 7/29
Oh! A magnificent chapter. I really liked it. Have you ever tried to translate fanfics of Date A Live from other languages? It would be very interesting to look at this!
Shini Kurogane chapter 4 . 7/7
Somehow, I think that sometimes Shido is too kind for his own good... Looking forward for the next chapter!
ChaosDestruction chapter 4 . 7/7
And now, things REALLY get interesting.
kingpariah chapter 4 . 7/7
ooh, a new chapter.

(nods) yeah. the little details, or transition chapters can be a bit difficult sometimes.

seeing spaghetti as origami's fave reminded me of the triple date where she eats shido's food. all the food looks good, though i had no idea what 'borscht' was, then i looked it up, and i could see kurumi liking it.

whoa! thats a scary flashback!

oh boy. kotori's sorta okay, but shido... i cant believe you actually did that. (taps chest) that hurt, just like how it hurt the girls.

(smirk) "Guardian of Severity, Camael." nice.

kotori is doing her best, but she against tohka here.

(sighs). memory visions. always sudden, always troublesome.

man, origami is in the middle of nowhere!

hey its milly! (confused) making a what face?

whoa! shido got lungs!

mio and ellen in a friendly hug. if thats not AU, i dont know what is.

(exaggerated spit take) both of them?! (cough) holy! now thats a twist! she has two husbands! usually its multi [wives]. (laughs)

from the Tohka-chan fanon "Genesis" to the official "Deus". either one fits cuz mio's smile is divine!

whoa-ho! look at shido taking charge. man, shido has a way with words. made tohka do a 180.

in canon, the loyalty aspect of ellen would make her sympathetic if it werent for her battle lust against the protagonists. love triangles everywhere! (snickers)

even if harems were made legal, i think most people would keep to one lover deal.

this is an interesting end to an arc. very open like. so that means yoshino or origami is next,right?


Tokusatsu Universe-KHM chapter 4 . 7/7
- *Seeing the Favorite Foods* Stop... you're making me hungry again.
- Well that explains things. Thanks
- *Ahem* you're in danger remember.
- *Seeing Shido get killed* ...Oh please... *Crosses my arms while smirking*
- Kotori goes on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge!
- Now another Spirit vs Spirit.
- *Seeing Shido alive* See I knew it. *Looks away chuckling*
- Kotori wins KO!
- Reverse harems... Cool.
- That's a good history lecture I had in awhile.
- You got guts Shido.
- Yes let's talk like civilized folks.

I forgot Kotori's favorite food. I know Tohka's is Kinako Bread and Yoshino's is Gyudon.
Shini Kurogane chapter 3 . 6/4
Maybe... cake for Origami? Looking forward for the next chapter!
The New Unknown chapter 3 . 6/2
I like that you decided on having Maria and Marina in the story.

What are the three Pillar's? That you decided for Maria and Marina, how are they connected to the Sephira?

I like the idea of Maria having the Pillar of Creation and Marina having the Pillar of Destruction, to represent the two opposite.

I have a question for you about the Tohka in your story.

I like the start or development of Shido and Mio's relationship.

Ooowww... things are getting interesting, I wonder what's going to happen next.

I wounder who will win, Origami or Tohka, but I think I have a good idea on what will happen.

I wonder if it will happen to Kotori.

Anyways great chapter, I can't wait for what happens next.

Also I have some questions for you that I don't want to put on the review.
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