Reviews for There's Two Sides
kneon chapter 42 . 7/28
Great story with an amazing plot. Thank you for sharing
Guest chapter 42 . 7/26
Very good story
Lyndseyxx chapter 42 . 7/20
Great story! There were a few small inconsistencies, but overall I really enjoyed this. Particularly like what you did with Edward’s character! Thanks for sharing
debb lavoie chapter 42 . 7/12
Thank you for all that you do. I loved your story.
TwiFanfictionRecs chapter 2 . 7/12
There's Two Sides has been added to the Featured Fics Library on www . twifanfictionrecs . com
Angelmagnet chapter 1 . 4/11
This first chapter made me laugh out loud, so cute, so funny. Happy I waited to read this, lovin' it.
Nannyjojo chapter 42 . 3/9
I loved it.
Glad i was able to get back to it and get it finished.
It had me hooked for sure.
Oh Jenks, you really were a fool.
And Liam, ha, you thought you could muscle in.
And as if Edward would take a goomah.
Do these people not know him.
But it all came good in the end.
Thank you for sharing.
Nannyjojo chapter 41 . 3/9
She was one evil bitch.
She'll get her Karma.
Glad Bella is OK.
Jenks head will be in the chopping board next.
That was a very crafty ploy Edward did. Using the feds for his gain.
Love it.
Nannyjojo chapter 40 . 3/9
Carlisle wasn't so stupid after all.
And technically, Gloria has stolen goods. If she does in fact have what she claims.
Love how they handled the traitors.
They really thought they were the big I ams.
Nannyjojo chapter 39 . 3/9
Love it.
It really is all going to plan.
Loving Emmetts reactions.
Edward is so cool and calm.
They ate brilliant.
Nannyjojo chapter 38 . 3/9
Oh Alice.
That was a big mistake.
Loved emmett and Edward torturing Jasper, Laurent and Garrett.
He may not have wanted it, but he's a fab mob boss.
He has earnt respect.
Nannyjojo chapter 37 . 3/9
Can't say I blame bella.
Glad Esme got treated just like she treated others.
Bet deep down Edward and giovanni are proud of bella.
Nannyjojo chapter 36 . 3/8
Love it.
It's all coming out.
Wouldn't want to be Jasper and Esme right now. Or Garrett.
Still don't care for Carlisle.
Nannyjojo chapter 35 . 3/8
Can't say I blame Edward for that.
He has to protect his family.
And Bella wouldn't feel comfortable around him.
It's all coming together.
Nannyjojo chapter 34 . 3/8
Oh jasper.
You think your the big I am.
You just wait.
You'll get yours.
Your digging yourself a big hole.
Garrett is right.
Your underestimating Edward.
And he wasn't trained then, when Garrett tried his luck, but he is now and he's lethal.
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