Reviews for There's Two Sides
Nannyjojo chapter 37 . 3/9
Can't say I blame bella.
Glad Esme got treated just like she treated others.
Bet deep down Edward and giovanni are proud of bella.
Nannyjojo chapter 36 . 3/8
Love it.
It's all coming out.
Wouldn't want to be Jasper and Esme right now. Or Garrett.
Still don't care for Carlisle.
Nannyjojo chapter 35 . 3/8
Can't say I blame Edward for that.
He has to protect his family.
And Bella wouldn't feel comfortable around him.
It's all coming together.
Nannyjojo chapter 34 . 3/8
Oh jasper.
You think your the big I am.
You just wait.
You'll get yours.
Your digging yourself a big hole.
Garrett is right.
Your underestimating Edward.
And he wasn't trained then, when Garrett tried his luck, but he is now and he's lethal.
Nannyjojo chapter 33 . 3/8
Well, I'd say I feel sorry for Carlisle, but I don't. He brought it all on himself.
Bella and Edward make a good team.
Yeah, not trusting Liam.
Nannyjojo chapter 32 . 3/8
Some people are just so stupid.
Nannyjojo chapter 31 . 3/8
Hey, they are married.
So happy.
Can't wait to see them take the trash out.
The things you can plan when your supposed to be dead.
Nannyjojo chapter 30 . 3/8
So touching.
So chocked up.
Love Bella, she really is learning to hold her own.
Nannyjojo chapter 29 . 3/8
Hmmm, why am I not surprised at this revelation.
But just how much does Liam know.
Nannyjojo chapter 28 . 3/8
So much for Bella and all to take in.
Makes some sense.
Not sure I'm trusting Liam right now.
How much does he know.
So Edward wasn't far wrong. She did have a gun in her purse.
Nannyjojo chapter 27 . 3/8
Poor Bella, it keeps getting weider for her.
Glad she had Edward.
Nannyjojo chapter 26 . 3/8
Edward really was made for this life.
He had the best teachers.
Oh Carlisle, he's playing you at your own game and your gonna lose.
Nannyjojo chapter 25 . 3/8
I don't think it will change much.
She says she feels safer with him.
I think jasper and maybe even esme are involved somehow.
Nannyjojo chapter 24 . 3/8
He is a born leader and protector.
He just needed the right mentor.
So glad they are back with each other.
Nannyjojo chapter 23 . 3/8
Oh thank god he found her.
Definitely Jasper is involved.
Hope they get out ok
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