Reviews for A Twelve Step Program to Omnipotence
aveshetta chapter 66 . 18h
it's been a while since i give a review to your story, I'm the one who should be thanking you, really thank you, and with this isolation thing we've been through, thank you, I can't say this enough, thank you.
jerseydanielgibson chapter 66 . 18h
Can michaels new body have a storm breaker hand? That would be overkill... or just enough kill.
Verdauga chapter 66 . 22h
Ah yes, the High Stakes waiting game.
TheOneSuper chapter 66 . 5/16
I am so hyped for the last chapter bro. It's almost crazy that the ride is almost over if nothing big happens or anything between now and the final chapter LOL! Keep up the great work!
gearhead2177 chapter 66 . 5/15
Thank you for writing this. every time I get the notification it brightens my day.
DespicableDoubt12 chapter 66 . 5/15
Semi-neutral Nixon chapter 66 . 5/15
The Twilight gremlin? The one on the wing of the plane? I don't get it.
Perseus son of jack chapter 66 . 5/15
Woohoo this was awesome keep up the great work :)
TheHarshApprentice chapter 66 . 5/15
I have been following this story for a long time and I have loved all of it. Now that it is coming to an end, it feels surreal to me. I keep remembering the two days and one night I kept awake continuously reading this story, which back then was already about 300k words. Many times since then when I have received the email that this story has updated, I hastily complete my current work to make time to read the new chapter. After going through that I can only think of what the writer must be feeling, since they have been with the story for the longest, and now this long journey of almost 3 years is coming to an end. The tremendous amount of satisfaction this will them with and the gargantuan loss of such a project. I want to say many more things but none are more important than praising the amazing determination that writer has shown to keep working on the story, for no other benefit than their own satisfaction. Thank you for this piece of craziness. Best wishes.
Shepherd89 chapter 66 . 5/15
Gotta be honest, I am not ready for this to end. I've been following this story for years and for it to end now? Well I will certainly miss it.
Wonder which story the author is going to focus on now? Hopefully Green Lantern's Blight.
Guest chapter 66 . 5/15
Ppsh chapter 66 . 5/15
As always great chapter. I had no idea this would be the second last chapter though... that feels a bit fast, maybe.
Uday Sra chapter 66 . 5/15
Awesome. Please update soon
Pishascha chapter 66 . 5/15
Loved the update! I’ve been following your story for quite some time now and have enjoyed the entire ride thus far. Looking forward to the final chapter!
french chapter 66 . 5/15
thanks for the chapter
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