Reviews for A Twelve Step Program to Omnipotence
NoSkill4me chapter 9 . 5/25
Please don't do stuff like that, please, PLEASE put the edit first, I knew there are more chapters but I still almost had a heart attack (figuratively, of course).
Navarone2013 chapter 66 . 5/24
Nice chapter, I can't believe it's almost over.
Drunken Hamster chapter 66 . 5/24
I owe you a review for this chapter, but I can't really remember all what I was going to write when I originally read it. I didn't review then because I was tired as all hell and now we're like a week or so later, so I'm just going to post this to ramp up your numbers because you deserve it.

Also, game over in 2 chapters? oooffff... I loved this story.

Awesome fic and solid recuperation chapter. We definitely need it after that craziness and as a "calm before the storm"

Ezezee chapter 66 . 5/22
Part of me wants to see the conclusion of this story but part of me never wants to see it end
Death Lantern chapter 1 . 5/21
ever heard of security cameras? This dude would get caught easily..
The Lion's Pride chapter 13 . 5/21
Dude do you know Vin Diesel Stole Your Idea of Oliver being Jet Engined..
mynoduesp7 chapter 66 . 5/20
I am a handsome devil great story man
Guest chapter 66 . 5/19
Feels like you made him too OP too fast so now you’re author fiat nerfing him retroactively. Hell wasn’t that impressive, she could beat Thor and Loki but come on so could the hulk at that point in time in the mcu.
Nublysse chapter 9 . 5/19
Pls delete this chapter. Also thanks for writing still.
Guest chapter 66 . 5/18
Wait, the story is ending? It seems like theres so much more preparation and army building and power amassing thats about to happen. At least, that’s the vibe I got from these last few chapters. Like this is just the start to the war rather than close to the end. I mean, he JUST met Thanos not even a chapter ago. Im not complaining, of course, it just feels a little weird to me. I love this story though, and I appreciate the time you took to write this. Isolation has been lame af, and reading this has given me something to look forward to! Love this story, and we love YOU!
TheAutarch chapter 66 . 5/18
It has been a ride man. Thank you for writing
Pont1ac-Band1t chapter 45 . 5/18
You’ve killed of Valkyrie unnecessarily, she didn’t even need to feature in the story you didn’t need to kill her and now black widow as well? Not sure about these choices...
Guest chapter 13 . 5/18
I dont know why you made him a bald massively muscled ugly thing. Guys with body builder muscles look gross, i dont think i would take the syrum even knowing that i wqould become strong if it had the side affect of making me nasty looking.
RhettTheWarrior1028 chapter 66 . 5/17
Oh my god. I can’t say anything. Love you Bakky. Love your story. You are awesome period. I am so happy to be here for the last chapter. Thank you for this story.
aveshetta chapter 66 . 5/16
it's been a while since i give a review to your story, I'm the one who should be thanking you, really thank you, and with this isolation thing we've been through, thank you, I can't say this enough, thank you.
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