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Guest chapter 234 . 10h
Dam naughty dreams are fun.
Gigi87 chapter 344 . 10h
Hello, hello hope you're having a good day! I've finally caught up! It’s incredible Ginny made it to PQTC! It’s going to be a busy summer for those two with Harry going off to Auror training and Ginny to PQTC. It’ll be interesting to see how she balances her final year and being on a professional team. Would she still be allowed to play for the school team? Or would that not be allowed in case of injury? Harry’s reaction to Ginny making it to PQTC was so wholesome. I love how he was so confident in her ability and proud of her. Aww poor Ron’s always feeling left out when Harry’s with Ginny lmao. Harry and Ginny are so infatuated with one another they don’t notice anyone or anything around them. I bet all the single people in the common room were rolling their eyes and thinking ‘not again’.

Poor Theo, he’s just rambling on and is having a hard time saying he’s just not ready or too nervous to meet Bas’ family. I don’t blame him, it's never easy meeting your significant other's parents for the first time. Theo's right Hinny has an unfair advantage since they grew up with one another. Ginny seemed like she was about to get angry at her brothers for threatening Bas but Theo couldn’t be happier at their need to protect him. Ron’s jealousy over Ginny spending time with Harry and his little banter with Theo reminds me of fiancé and brothers relationship. My brothers bickered with each other for a solid hour (I’m not exaggerating) over who was going to sit beside him on the airplane. And yes, they both completely ignored me, their girlfriends and my parents telling them multiple times his seat was assigned next to mine! I love Harry’s sassy remark of Ginny having him a "lot". It's always so unexpected and something he usually wouldn't say which makes it even more hilarious. Hermione thinks Ron is going to be responsible with alcohol consumption since he’s a Head Boy? Lol. Oh Hermione, so naïve. I. Love. Luna. She has no filter and completely owns who she is and isn’t afraid to be herself or say whatever comes to mind. I completely agree with Hermione and Luna, Ginny is a lucky bitch. Lol.

I think we can conclude that Dean and Seamus really don't care who hears them and that's why they keep forgetting the silencing spell lol. Omg imagine walking into the boys dorm room and seeing Ron straddling Harry while putting a mud mask on his face and then watching them carefully rub the mask on each other's faces lmao. I would feel I was interrupting an intimate moment. I love their bromance. The 10 questions game was hilarious. I knew Ron and Harry would beat Dean and Seamus. I can’t believe he knows Harry’s exact cock measurement... but I can't say I'm surprised. It's just something stupid boys do lmao. It would have been hilarious if the girls crashed gents night just in time to see Harry and Ron’s attempt at ring toss lmao. The titanic puns had me laughing so hard! LMAO Harry using Ron’s arse as a pillow while sporting a boner then accidently brushing his balls… omg that picture is going to be priceless. I can't wait to see Ginny and Hermione's reaction! I was looking forward to Theo telling Ginny but Harry just had to go and distract her! In my opinion gents nights totally beat the girls night lol.

Thank you for sharing such a wonderful and hilarious chapter with us. I was laughing so much on the plane that I’m pretty sure everyone thought I was a little loony. My abs are so sore from laughing so hard, so thanks for the workout! I can’t believe the final battle is next! I’m glad they all got a chance to relax and have some good laughs before the battle comes. I can’t wait to read the next chapter! Keep up the great work! Have a great weekend! 3
Shivani chapter 344 . 22h
gosh this week has been so stressful with tests and vivas, I was only able to read the chapter now as I was studying during the weekend, and I absolutely loved this! I was laughing so hard!
my exams ended just on time i'd say hahah I'M SO EXCITED!
this was so fun to read
wooohoooo Ginny made the PQTC! didn't doubt her for one second
Luna and Rolf will be meeting sooon! can't wait to read it
of course Theo would own mud masks and have the knowledge to apply them properly, the diva
the boys definitely needed this, so did we lol
but can we talk about how Ron and Harry are literally soulmates, they got every question right!
lmao Theo's so jealous
lovely chapter! can't wait for the next one! though you said it'll end at an exciting cliffhanger, I'm all prepared this time ;) have a great rest of the week!
Astral Home chapter 235 . 9/28
“She was his family too, he realised, and he knew at that moment that one day, he would ask her for realand it would be one of the greatest days of his life”
This line hits so hard for me for whatever reason
I wanna apologise for taking a break from reading this, I got side tracked by a fair few things and an increased workload but now I am pumped to finish this story off
Something about this story hits the spot, the sense of going through Harry’s life step by step
Like, I love how detailed and long this is
It feels like I’ve been allowed to just experience someone else’s life
That’s how good it is
Hands down my favourite fic, and again I am sorry that I took a break
Anyway kudos to you for making this, excited to see where it goes!
Gigi87 chapter 343 . 9/28
Hello, hello I’m going to try to type this up as quickly as I can before my flight starts boarding. Ouch Snape being thrown in the dumpster definitely sent a statement. Bet he’s sulking about that in the afterlife lol. I'm surprised Higgins told Harry and Ron about Snape. I'm sure the news would have reached them soon but I guess the Auror's are recognizing that they have a big role to play in the battle. With how well prepared the Hogwarts students and the Ministry is I hope it will minimize the amount of deaths. It always irked me that the final battle was mainly children fighting adults and the rest of the wizarding world didn't help out. I never understood how they could let children fight the battle while they stayed in the confinement of their homes. Ron reading Hogwarts a Mystery was a nice surprise lol. I can't wait to see what he does for the final battle!

I love that Remus brings has son to class, that’s so hot! I’m sure all the girls are swooning over Harry and Remus when they take care of Teddy lol. Remus' reaction to Harry getting accepted into the Auror Academy was so sweet! I love how he couldn’t contain his happiness and announce it to the whole class. Do we get to see Zee's reaction too? Remus trying to tellHarry to focus on his NEWTS and not get distracted by a “extracurricular activities” was hilarious.

Hannah's mom is such a bitch! I can't believe she took the money and still didn't let her Uncle communicate with her. I hope she tells her Uncle everything her mother's done so he doesn't blame her. Neville is such a sweetheart to her and she deserves all the love and support he's providing her. His idea for opening up a business is so sweet!

Wow, looks like everyone is getting good news lol. I never pictured Lavender and Padma together but it makes sense!

Dean and Seamus lmao! Seamus has no filter and I love it. When he was mimicking Ginny’s moaning I couldn’t stop laughing. Omg I wish you wrote more about Harry knocking down the curtains while shagging Ginny. Lmao. With Hinny shagging like rabbits I would be surprised if no one ever heard them! I'm glad Dean is being supportive of Seamus' career even though he's afraid of how dangerous it is.

I'm surprised Misha told the MIA about the Hallows and prophecy, I guess he had no choice. I wasn't sure if they were trying to keep a lot of that information privy to Order members only. I love how Ginny is usually the one to instigate sex and then tells him he’s distracting her lol. Look at Hinny getting more reckless and kinky with their shagging locations. I hope they used the silencing spell this time… courtyards tend to carry sound lol. Hmm the Slytherins helping Harry this will be interesting. I understand Pansy is annoyed at being cooped up in the Malfoy Manor but being rude to Harry and acting like he’s taking too long to end this war is so arrogant of her. I get her life wasn’t always simple and easy but maybe she should consider what Harry and everyone else has gone through. I wonder if Blaise will be able to convince his mom. With Greg's personality I expected him to want to help in the final battle. Draco and Blaise however are more self-centered so it'll be interesting to see how much they actually help in the final battle.

Draco and Blaise are so rude to Greg! I hope someone deflates their ego. Putting someone down is no way to get them to open up to you... boys! I'm glad Pansy stood up for him and helped him consider a career as an Architect. How can I want to shake her, smack her, and hug her in the same chapter? Lol. Again, a couple I never saw pairing up but I like them together (hopefully Greg can teach her to be more thankful)!

Oh Voldemort, for someone who thinks he's so smart he's such an idiot. Lol. He's throwing a tantrum like a little 2 year old. OMG he's taking Ginny as a sacrificial lamb to draw Harry in isn't he?! I can't help thinking this has something to do with what Lily warned him about when he was in that limbo between life and death. Taking over Hogwarts to make the Ministry your puppet is a smart move, everyone would begrudgingly listen to him and follow his orders.

My flight is about to board and I'm going to read the next chapter on the plane and hopefully have my review written up! Thank you for sharing another wonderful chapter! Take care 3
Gigi87 chapter 342 . 9/27
Hello, hello hope you had a great weekend! Thank you! Lol yes, he is a special one! Sorry for the late review, I was wrapping up my last few weeks of vacation and our families threw us a surprise engagement party, it was hectic but exciting! I’m typing this up as quick as I can before I board my flight. I apologize ahead of time if something doesn’t make sense.

I agree even though the Queen lived a long life her death was sad and surprising. I happened to be in England when her funeral took place. It was beautiful and it’s something I’ll never forget.

Congratulations on almost finishing ASC! I’m so excited for you! 360 chapter wow that must be a record lol. It must be a huge relief. Although I don’t want this story to end, I'm excited to see how you piece all the loose ends together. I’m excited to read part 3, your writing is absolutely incredible!

Okay I take back what I said before, if Sirius would have the sappiest smile on his face if he saw Harry and with the twins and Teddy snuggled up on the chair. When I saw the title I knew he was the “baby whisperer”, I couldn’t picture it being anyone else. He’s so cute and good at taking care of Teddy and the twins. I wonder if they were a little jealous watching him cradling Teddy. I completely understand Ginny’s reaction to seeing Harry with the babies, watching your man take care of babies just hits differently. What I wouldn’t give for the ability to summon a blanket and move the table closer without having to move! Teddy calling Mad-Eye grandpa would actually be pretty hilarious. I don’t think Moody would know what to do or say and just stare at Teddy and grunt. Lol.

I hope we get to see Fred being a father! Any offspring of Fred’s would be entertaining and hard to control. With Fiadh pregnant she most likely won’t be at the final battle which is making me nervous Fred isn’t going to survive since she was the one to save his life the last couple of times. How’s Bill’s voice now? Can the healers fix it more or is this the best it will ever get? Getting Dragons ready for war is bringing back GOT memories. I think Bas appreciated the Weasley brothers looking out for Theo but I don’t think he handles it well when people question his motives. I’m glad he’s finally admitted to himself that he’s in love with Theo! The poor guy can’t help his past relationships haunting him. I love family dinners where everyone is talking over each other and there’s a million conversations all over the table. We had so many of those during my vacation and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. All that food has me looking forward to Thanksgiving! Hinny thinking they were being discreet and shagging in the washroom was hilarious. Those two really can’t keep their hands off of each other. Ron and his big mouth lol. I had a feeling they were going to get caught. Omg the Weasley brothers taking the mickey out of Harry was hilarious. Lol. I couldn’t stop laughing. They’re never going to let Harry live it down. I love how everyone keeps thinking Ginny is corrupting Harry. Lol. When the Weasley brothers were discussing where Hinny went I kept wondering if the adults could overhear their conversation because they definitely aren’t a quiet lot. I knew Remus overheard the banter with his epic hearing abilities! I’m surprised Ginny didn’t forget the wine, I would have. Lol. Did Zee know what they were up to? Because it kind of seemed like she was covering for them when Molly was asking where they went off to. Lol.

Thank you for sharing such a wonderful chapter! I loved the fluff and the Weasley’s calling out Hinny lol. I’m going to try and type up my next review during my connecting flight. Take care! 3
Sloopyqueen4 chapter 344 . 9/27
Omg the final battle so soon! How many cliff hangers can we expect ?! Loved this chapter so much btw
pix25 chapter 344 . 9/27
Thats one hell of a boys night
The Booknerds chapter 344 . 9/27
yo, you had me rolling! this was an amazing chapter- so funny
StarryNights chapter 344 . 9/27
Hey! Great chapter and superfun to read. Did the question-answer sequence between Joey-Chandler & Mon-Rach inspired this? And ooh the Titanic analogy was on point! Excited for what's coming next! Love :)
creativebug1988 chapter 110 . 9/26
Ohhh, I loved learning more about the new Hogwarts courses. That was interesting. It must have been weird for Sirius, no one being home when he got back, but I thought it was cute that Marauder led him to Zee’s place where he found Harry cooking with her. I’m a picky eater, but I think it’s neat how many different things Harry learned how to cook from Zee over the next week or so. Plus I like that Harry can talk about Quidditch with her. Oh God, Sirius is still teasing Harry about the valentine from Ginny. *shakes head* I got a kick out of Harry and Ron being obsessed with the Firebolt when they went to Diagon Alley. I can’t wait for Harry to get one. I’m a cat person, so I’m pretty happy about Hermione buying Crookshanks. Even moody cats need a good home. I’m really glad that Ginny is now opening up to Na’eemah. She’s made a lot of progress and she is strong and brave for fighting Tom’s possession. I thought it was important that Na’eemah discussed how the diary was a horcrux with Ginny, Bill, and Charlie after Sirius disclosed that information in a letter to her.
Guest chapter 344 . 9/25
About to start my 4th full reread, finished the first time at chapter 242, can’t wait for the ending, just wanted to give some appreciation
saucyswimmer chapter 343 . 9/25
Ooh, what a chilling end to the chapter. It amazes me how well belladonna fits into the story, honestly I could say the same about all of your original characters. I think I say that quite regularly about Zee because she’s my favorite of your OCs. Hands down.

It was really good to see Gransy again, and I like this angle of architect both for Greg and for Michael corner (?) as a career path. So cool how you’re creating this world to grow with the characters beyond the war!

Hinnyyyyyy! So good!

Remus as Teddy’s dad is just the best. That is all.
Guest chapter 344 . 9/25
There seriously needs to be a "Stag Night" sort of thing in FTA from maybe Remus' perspective-much like it was done here from Theo's perspective, but I think King's perspective would be way funnier than Remus'.

~~Sets (great chapter, btw!)
Guest chapter 209 . 9/25
Umbitch cant stand her wish Finn coulda sent her on a head trip
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