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Tmrpotterhead250 chapter 347 . 11/11
Correction to my review of Chapter 351, we have 8 chapters to go!
Tmrpotterhead250 chapter 351 . 11/11
Despite the cliff ending, this chapter was the closure we needed for all of the grief from the Second Wizarding War and the Battle of Hogwarts.
I was not expecting Lavander to not survive. I know her wounds were extensive but I really had hope. Especially since Vati didn’t survive. Poor Padma.
I called it! I knew Tonks would survive - after she and Remus regained consciousness at least. And I correctly guessed the removal of her uterus but that she wouldn’t turn into a wolf due to the mate bond. I love being able to guess plot points
I adore Harry and how he helped support Theo at Ciara's funeral. I was relieved Theo wasn’t alone for that.
I’m hopeful for Hermione to regain her parents.
And for Theo to admit that he loves Sebastian. I know Theo still has lingering fears from Finn’s death but I can’t wait for the confession.
And I am looking forward to Luna meeting Rolf! I love the hints of him seeing her around and wandering who she is
The remaining Death Eaters are making me worried. We have 14 chapters to go!
Those NEWTS sound terrible!
Katie2001 chapter 351 . 11/11
I'm going to miss Ciara and theo moments I loved them and will miss them now that I know that Goldstein is throwing a party I bet at least half of everyone is going to very sloshed.. I absolutely can't wait for the next chapter
creativebug1988 chapter 125 . 11/11
Awwww…Harry met with Ginny alone to tell her what he had told the others. It’s good that all of his closest friends are up-to-date now. I definitely feel like it’s a huge weight off his shoulders. Why does it have to be so hard for Harry and Draco to be friendly or even remotely civil to each other? It’s honestly exhausting. Draco is even giving Harry grief over his crush on Cho. I keep hoping for a breakthrough, yet they still get on each other’s nerves. I was amused by Theo hitting on Harry and then asking what he knows about Stephen Cornfoot, though. Harry isn’t even in the same house as Stephen. I like how how Remus encouraged Harry to ask out Cho when he caught them talking before the Patronus lesson. While I know Harry and Cho aren’t meant to be, I’d rather Harry learn this sooner than later, and I’m genuinely happy for Harry that Cho said yes to a Hogsmeade date. I’m even more excited that the lesson with Remus went so well. I can’t believe Harry produced multiple forms. That’s incredible. Remus is such a tease to Tonks, making her chose between food and sex, but it was fun.
Gigi87 chapter 350 . 11/11
Hello, hello! I hope you had a great weekend!

Of course, Augusta and Griselda came out unscathed. I firmly believe that if the dragons were on Voldemort’s side, Augusta and Griselda would take down a dragon or two. I have to admit, I’m not sad about Susan or Kevin.

Aww you killed off Dennis? He died just like Colin in canon. The Weasley’s reaction to Arthur’s death was so devastating that it made me tear up. I was really hoping he wasn't actually dead and you just wanted us to think he was. Being a daddy’s girl, I can’t imagine all the things Ginny is going to miss out on. It's great she has such a great support system though.

I have a feeling Tonks is going to live, but her uterus will be removed. I wonder if she’ll turn into a werewolf or have any type of symptom. If she does turn, Remus will have a hard time forgiving himself. It’s sad that Remus never got to watch Harry beat Voldemort after all the preparations. Harry’s reaction to Remus being alive was so pure. I can’t imagine what Harry is feeling after finally fulfilling the prophecy, he needed a good cry. I feel terrible for Harry, having to be the one to tell Sorcha about Misha. Would Harry be Teddy’s uncle? Harry is definitely Remus' son when it comes to swearing in front of the kids. Within the last 24 hours, Harry has defeated the most evil villain of all time and successfully babysits four kids at once; damn, he’s a keeper lol. Poor Ron, he needs to break down and let his emotions out.
Theo’s reaction to Bas was hilarious. Bas finally told Theo he loves him, and poor Theo was too shocked to reply. Theo is too afraid to verbalise that he loves him because of what happened to Finn. Bas’ parents seem entertaining! I’m excited to see how the relationship progresses between Theo and Bas’ family.

I’m guessing Harry gave Ginny time to grieve with her family and waited until she needed him to contact him? Or fell asleep from pure exhaustion? Molly’s thanking Harry and being proud of the man he became was so sweet; I love their relationship. He definitely needed to hear that from her.
I love how everyone kept shooting down Harry’s apology and telling him he wasn’t responsible and how proud and thankful they were of him. Thanks for sharing another great chapter! I hope you have a wonderful long weekend! 3
Guest chapter 350 . 11/11
Amazing , but can you focused a bit more on harry and how he is healing
And thinking it’s his fault
saucyswimmer chapter 350 . 11/10
I love this chapter. I can’t even channel my thoughts and feelings into live commentary or break down the sections. I’m so relieved that Remus, Zee, and Ginny are all safe. I’m anxious about Tonks! But the closure these chapters are bringing to this part of the story is so beautiful and wonderful.
Guest chapter 350 . 11/10
B! I read this on the flight back from Fuerteventure!
A wonderfully written piece with the Weasley's grief. Beautifully done with Harry and the kids.
I'm crossing all my fingers and toes that our Tonks pulls through.
Saz J
creativebug1988 chapter 124 . 11/10
Aha! I knew it! Harry is starting to see Zee as a mother figure in his life. I also love that Harry has decided that he wants to become an Animagus. That’s awesome. I think it’s cool that Hermione could learn how to play piano from Remus, too. She wanted to ask Harry about Remus being a werewolf, didn’t she? It’s a joy that everyone is so excited about Harry getting a Firebolt. I can’t wait until he plays a game on it. Of course, Dean lied about who really gave him a blowjob for Christmas. I wonder if this will really be the end of Dean and Seamus fooling around. I can’t say I’m surprised that Harry blew up at Ron, but I’m glad he finally opened up to his friends about everything that’s been going on with Voldemort, the horcruxes, and the prophecy. He can trust them and I know they won’t let him handle everything on his own. I knew Remus would be concerned after they missed his class, but it’s nice how he just let them be when he went to check up on them and waited for Harry to come to him. It was beautiful how he saw parallels with how much the Marauders did for him. It was cute how much Ginny was admiring Harry during Quiddotch practice when she was supposed to be studying with Colin. I was totally amused by Colin teasing her. I really like the scenes when we get to see their friendship.
TomAvery chapter 350 . 11/10
Another beautiful and sad chapter, looking forward to the next! Amazing work!
notyap989 chapter 350 . 11/10
so good
Pearl1234 chapter 350 . 11/10
It has taken. Me like six months and 10 chapters to go but i am finally caught up with this story i love it i wouldn’t have killed Misha Sirius Mr Weasley or Lady G or Dobby but other than that i love this this should defiantly be canon i absolutely love it and can’t wait to see what happens next ps please don’t kill tanks i love her
Timothy Taft chapter 142 . 11/9
Wow what an emotional roller coster the last few chapters have been i have basically been reading non stop the last 3 days. I am almost glad i have covid as it gives me an excuse to do nothing but read. You are a truly amazing writer to make one almost belive they are living alongside the characters. I love zee and i also believe that Harry can't be with anyone other then Ginny. Thanks for the smiles the tears and the laughter so far
Guest chapter 350 . 11/9
I am finally caught up to this story and I am in love with it I just wouldn’t kill Sirius or arthur or do by or lady G but other than that this is exactly how Harry Potter should have been written it has taken me 6 months and 10 chapters to go but I am finally caught up and can’t wait to see what happens and especially can’t wait to see the sequel in 2023 ps please don’t kill tonks
Nuno Neves chapter 350 . 11/9
Such amazing writing, you really are a great writer and at the same time so sad, in this chapter we got to see more of the victims of this final battle including Dennis that died in explosion ( kinda reminded me of mix of Fred and Colin death in Canon) I felt really bad for all of the Weasley family members about Arthur death and Ginny reaction was sad specially when she was the last one to know about his death and I'm so happy you made Harry comfort her in this difficult period and I Harry's dialog with Molly was so well done and I'm glad how Molly sees that Harry perfect is for Ginny and will give her strength when she needs.
I pray for Tonks health and she's very strong and stubborn to die and I know she will survive and Remus and Teddy need her just like she needs them and wish they can be a happy family.
Sorcha reaction after knowing about Misha death devastated me and I felt really sad for her.
Neville grandmother is a stubborn and badass woman.
Poor Harry I can't imagine how going to be the next weeks for him, that boy has so much ptsd after the life he had and now for the first time he's in a world where he's alive while Voldemort is dead.
I can't wait for more discoveries and turns.

PS : I'm so sorry I'm sharing my reviews so late than I usually do because in the last couple of days I had a terrible floo and I wasn't 100 % focus and in mood to read but now I'm better and I can't for Friday.
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