Reviews for A Second Chance
Jack chapter 105 . 12/7 changes to canon except for a lot more wanking and rape. Oh and Sirius is there to see shit happen. Other than those things the same exact events are playing out. The changes you keep promising after over 100 chapters aren't there.
ellyann13 chapter 249 . 12/6
I hadn't realized that the kiss had occurred the day after Sirius' birthday.
Hinny 11/4/95 Romione 11/1/95. November seems to be the month for romance for a couple of our favorite couples.
It will be interesting to see if Ron is able to remember to be romantic for Romione's anniversary. (If so, he'll probably do something on Halloween instead of the actual anniversary date since it was a Halloween party.)
4/11/95 - What was so special about Aprill 11th, 1995?
A bumbling fool is right. He still bumbles sometimes but he now knows what, or I should say who, he really wants.
The card was perfect. You pretty much can't buy Harry (or Theo) anything, Only gifts that are homemade and from the heart.

I sense some friction between Slughorn and Snape. Will Slughorn get to teach?

That is not a thank you, that is a gift - a gift from the heart.
Of course, Luna would realize that she had done it.
Of course, Theo would want the details. the man has no boundaries.

WTG Angelina. George can finish those ledgers tomorrow. (He certainly can't concentrate now.)
Giants in Diagon Alley? How did they get there? Have they destroyed anything? (other than things falling off tables and walls.)
What is Fred's Patronus?
I hope that "Hoff" has a productive meeting with the giants and gets them down into the safety of the DRCMC.
Fred is not headed out to do "important things" he is going out to work off tension. And yes, he doesn't have a sexy girlfriend like George does.
Could Fred become commander of the wing guard?

Did the giants somehow produce the fog?
Or did the know that there would be heavy fog from Scafell Pike all the way to London?
Unfortunately, the majority of giants seem to want the freedom of chaos rather than the freedom of peace. But maybe the few who prefer peace can be valuable allies.

You say that the diary refers to travels all over the world but there is nothing to suggest that he travelled to either "the New World" or deepest Africa. Did the magics of the Americas and central and southern Africa tend away from black magic?
Dumbledore does respect Voldemort's magic, what he doesn't respect is Voldemort's aims and that is why Dumbledore will never show Voldemort the respect that he believes that he deserves.
Voldemort has tried to explain the idea of molding the next generations to follow him just as he did his schoolmates. Of course, he isn't going to explain how he 'molded' his original followers when they were still in school.
Voldemort is playing the long game - real long since he plans to live forever.
Apparently, Tom Jr. did not come to the belief that Dumbledore did, that Tom Sr. was drugged by Tom Jr's "saint of a mother" in order to get him to love her and her child.
Did Voldemort know that the "Room of Hidden Things" was also "the come-and go room", or "the room of requirement"?
Is Voldemort going to display the heads of the Muggleborn's and their parents on pikes.
Even without the diary, the defense department is fully aware of the need to protect Madame Bones.
I'm surprised that Dumbledore was unaware of the change of focus of the "Horcrux operation" from FUVP to KSB.
Harry was to be his final Horcrux, but wat was going to be the vessel for the soul fragment?
It's finally time to share with his friends. Hermione and Remus will most certainly have thoughts to share on the diary. And possibly Ginny too. Although Luna's thoughts may be the most insightful.

Ginny really is competitive. This should be fun.

Nice to see that Neville and Luna's experiment is working.
Working quite well. That took a lot of self-confidence. Plus, a perfect gentleman. That is how to get the woman's attention.
I'm glad that Neville found Mandy so quickly.
Hannah's mum? What has she done? How about Hannah's dad?

Interesting, Neville has been indoctrinated quite differently from the way the Death Eater sons were. A perfect gentleman feeling guilty about deflowering Luna. He is not forcing her; he is not even seducing her. It is her idea. He has nothing to feel guilty about.

OK - That really was fun. Especially Cho trying to distract Ginny. But 8 goals against Ron was pretty good - of course Harry knows exactly how Ron keeps so he had an advantage there.
Theo LOL. And poor Harry was so confused.
minxblades chapter 316 . 12/6
You write so well and make my imagination soar
creativebug1988 chapter 137 . 12/6
Charlie definitely needs to write to Tonks more if he didn’t even know all this time that she was dating Remus. They were best friends at Hogwarts after all. I enjoyed the get together in which Tonks, Charlie, and Remus all caught up with each other. It definitely also sounds like the obstacle course in the Chamber of Secrets was a lot of fun. I don’t blame Ginny for having mixed feelings about it, but it seems like Harry was able to comfort her about what was nagging at her. I was amused that Harry caught Seamus with Will Matthews again. Seamus might not be ready to admit he’s gay, but I like that Harry told him that it’s okay if he is. It sucks that Ginny had another nightmare, although I think it’s cool that she befriended Theo when she went to the kitchens for hot chocolate. I’d like to see more Gryffindor-Slytherin friendships. I’m ecstatic that Gryffindor won the Quidditch Cup. Quite the after party with Harry making out with and receiving a hand job from Sophie Roper. Didn’t see that coming. I love that they played We Are the Champions by Queen during the party. Can’t wait to read how the school year finishes up.
Guest chapter 352 . 12/6
Aw I kinda loved the last part. Son and father... That was a really lovely end to that chapter B!
I'll catch up more in the weekend.
Saz J x
Jack chapter 26 . 12/6
Panic attacks and PTSD. Even though it never once happened in canon so many fanfiction authors believe that it absolutely NEEDS to be a part of the story for some reason. At least you dont bash characters.
minxblades chapter 314 . 12/6
Snape did deserve to be gone but crouch
Guest885 chapter 353 . 12/6
Do you not like America? Why do you always pinpoint bring a Canadian? America - Canada are one and the same thing for rest of the world. You are no different . And trust me the idea of adding Canadian geese to the climax was total flop. It just highlights that you want to take Canada's name unnecessarily
minxblades chapter 311 . 12/6
Ahhhh noooooooooo
TylerTheCreator chapter 354 . 12/6
I'm a fucking homosexual
minxblades chapter 310 . 12/5
Like Fathers like son just did it for charity.
creativebug1988 chapter 136 . 12/5
Awwww…I love that Harry gave Zee a locket with photos of Sirius and him for her birthday. I think it’s sweet that Zee was so happy with the gift that she cried. I would think Zee’s family is huge, but if I included both sides of my family, the number is in the 40s. I’ve never had both sides of my family all in the same place at once. I’m really glad that Harry and Sirius had such a good time, even if Zee sprang the party on Sirius. I think it’s cute that Harry asked Sirius afterwards if they could go to Georgia and the Cup during the summer. I also like that Harry said that it’s okay for Zee to spend the night when he’s home. That shows how he’s maturing. It’s definitely awesome that Sirius will give Harry money for getting good grades. I hope Harry doesn’t get any As or lower, though. The necklace Sirius gave Zee sounds really beautiful. It’s definitely frustrating that Snape caught Harry and Ron when they were going back to their dorm after adding the chewed up Mandrakes to their phials of potion, but learning about the indiscretions of the Marauders and Lily was hilarious during Harry’s detention. I was so surprised when Snape gave Harry a break and spoke of his past friendship with Lily. I really appreciated his honesty and how he gave Harry a head’s up about the next potion they’re doing in class. It’s a good thing that he has high expectations of Harry. He had just been going about it completely the wrong way. May this be the beginning of an improved relationship between Snape and Harry.
Guest chapter 351 . 12/5
Right! I'm playing catch up this week! Will try and read a chapter tomorrow night and one / two this weekend!
So I feel that a lot happened in this chapter, it went from sweet and kinky with the lads to very sad, to steamy , to practical and slightly frustrating...what on earth are you planning with the baddies?!
Talk about cliff hangers again! No one is bloody safe!
Saz J
ellyann13 chapter 248 . 12/4
Breakfast by the lake sounds lovely.
A nap in Remus' suite sounds chancy.
Dobby can find Harry anywhere.

What a way to ruin a nice weekend.
"The English Patient" hadn't been released yet. Did they have access to a pre-release (reviewer's) copy?
Is Remus heading to Hogwart's to pick up some papers to grade?

Hermione had better focus or she'll never get that paper done.

Apparently, Zee appreciates whatever music came up, but the twins have a different idea.
I wonder if the twins would like the Wagner.
I can see potential problems for the future if Kreacher doesn't accept Zee's authority over the twins.
It seems that is a yes on the Wagner.

Wouldn't the knight bus take a hugely pregnant rider into consideration?
A lovely moment honoring James and Lily and especially Sirius.

We finally find out the secret behind the familiar handwriting in the potions book.
Apparently Fleamont held the Borage book in the same high esteem that Snape seems to hold it.

Maybe Zee's shoes disappeared because the twin are more comfortable when Zee is flat-footed.
"McGonagall can crochet?" Of course, she can. She can do any damn thing that she wants to do.
Star name - Gemini? or Capricorn? unless the twins are born after January 20 - than Aquarius?
Goddess name - Nike?, Artemis?, Athena?
Watching a few memories sounds like a good plan.
Good thing that James had the summer to plan his operation because any plan formulated in that mental state would have been a disaster.
Ahhh - the birthday cape. Very nice memory. (Personally, I agree with Remus - Chocolate Buttercream is the best.)
The memory of Zee teaching Harry to cook is a favorite for a lot of people, as it resulted in lots of great meals. Not to mention a lot of very loving family.
I can just imagine Harry or more likely Ginny approaching McGonagall and telling her that she is their hero, and then telling her that Remus had shared that memory.
creativebug1988 chapter 135 . 12/4
I’m so excited that Neville got the Mandrake leaves and Harry and his friends were able to start the Animagus process. It’s definitely seems challenging, but I think they’re all up to the task. I’m not surprised that McGonagall just knew what they were up to. I really liked her story of how she looked after Remus in the shack before the rest of the Marauders could spend time with him when he changed. I also love how she told Harry that he reminds her of his mom when they discussed how he would like to switch classes. I’m glad he’ll be able to transfer to Arithmancy before the school year ends and be sufficiently challenged. Plus Hermione is also taking it. I enjoyed Harry meeting Zee’s American grandparents. They seem really nice, and I hope Harry can go on a trip to Georgia sometime to see them at their home. I’m with Harry in not wanting them to leave. It’s great that he can call them Grandma and Grandpa and write to them. I do think Harry is right in that Zee should just have Sirius show up on Saturday for her birthday. Then he doesn’t have any time to dwell on his nerves. I wonder what Harry will buy Zee in Hogsmeade.
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