Reviews for A Second Chance
one-of-a-kind-copycat chapter 354 . 11/30
Thank you so much for posting this early— I needed it more than I can explain. I really enjoyed the Hinny conversation about the patronus! I can’t wait for the next chapter!
StarryNights chapter 353 . 11/30
The most awaited Theobas confession is here! It was so damn amazing & special...felt really really cute
mike3308 chapter 354 . 11/30
I'm glad Hermione got her parents back.
Cassiopeia Anastasia Black chapter 354 . 11/30
That ending made me cry! But that was so so perfect! All the fluff was wonderful and much needed, lovely to see the too couples enjoying their holidays and loving each other. Thank you for the early chapter, it made my day!
creativebug1988 chapter 133 . 11/29
I think it’s a good idea that Sirius is going to analyze the ring and the symbol on it. I’d prefer if they learn about the Deathly Hallows sooner rather than later, especially given that they’re a part of Dumbledore’s past with Grindelwald. I’m really happy that Harry’s first Dueling Club lesson went so well. I think it was such a good idea for Remus, McGonagall, and Tonks to split them up by year and ability. I was pleasantly surprised when Draco played fair after being partnered up with Harry. I hope their relationship continues making progress. It was interesting, too, that Draco mentioned about Kata Novak with no prompting or deal making. What Abraxas, Bellatrix, and the others did to Kata and her baby to give Voldemort human form is just too horrific for words. I’m disgusted. I definitely need for the Assembly of the Wizengamot to go well. Umbridge’s legislation must be repealed. It’s very exciting that the Mandrakes are ready and I can’t wait for Harry and his friends to begin the process. I also like that Harry has decided that he wants to give Arithmancy a try and I’m glad the conversation with Hagrid went well.
Guest chapter 1 . 11/29
I think it was a mistake to kill Sirius. After his death, nothing was the same, and honestly, the story lost its soul. So even though I wanted to continue reading, I decided to stop. It's a completely different story without Sirius.
Pearl1234 chapter 352 . 11/28
Hi any idea when part-three will be out
creativebug1988 chapter 132 . 11/28
Those wards protecting the ring were no joke. Worst obstacle course ever, if you could call it that. I was so scared when Tonks got injured and truly wondered if it was a good idea for her to finish the mission, but I’m not sure how they would have gotten past the snakes without her. Plus she saved Moody. She was totally the MVP. I can only imagine how awful it was when Remus felt something was wrong with Tonks. That’s terrifying. I’m just glad that everyone is okay and they got the ring. I do agree with Zee, though, and think it would be a good idea for Sirius to see a Mind Healer, but he’s stubborn. Under no circumstances do I want Bellatrix to stay at Malfoy Manor. There’s no way that could possibly end well. Draco could use a bit of maturing, so I like that Lucius and Narcissa decided that there’s nothing else they can do about the Hippogriff incident. It was Draco’s fault anyways. I love that Narcissa is teaching Draco Occlumency skills, though. So important to be able to protect your mind from Voldemort. The final scene was sweet with Tonks waking up and wanting to be held by Remus. I also love that Harry dropped by with Zee and Sirius. I’m looking forward to his thoughts about what happened.
Guest chapter 353 . 11/28
I'm excited for the next chapter!
Guest chapter 353 . 11/28
That was a really cute chapter!
akshutalankar chapter 353 . 11/28
Finally! for a moment there I thought there was gonna be angst between them... but finally Theo blurts it out or more like Bas eavesdrops..
Slaidback chapter 353 . 11/28
Excellent! As usual. Sorry for no reply, I didn’t get informed about another chapter, thought you’d given up on me. As a kiwi, loved the spider reference, we give Australia , so much grief about how dangerous they are, yet I live in the shadows of at least three volcanoes ( with another 53 dotted around).
AnonymousHufflepuffWriter chapter 353 . 11/26
My heart dropped when Sebastian started to overhear Theo and Ginny! I am so glad you wrote that scene the way you did and not the (IMO, cliche) option of storming out, big fight, drama-for-the-sake-of-drama way.
pix25 chapter 353 . 11/26
Mutt N. Feathers chapter 353 . 11/26
Aww. What a sweet ending I love those two. MNF
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