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akshutalankar chapter 353 . 11/28
Finally! for a moment there I thought there was gonna be angst between them... but finally Theo blurts it out or more like Bas eavesdrops..
Slaidback chapter 353 . 11/28
Excellent! As usual. Sorry for no reply, I didn’t get informed about another chapter, thought you’d given up on me. As a kiwi, loved the spider reference, we give Australia , so much grief about how dangerous they are, yet I live in the shadows of at least three volcanoes ( with another 53 dotted around).
AnonymousHufflepuffWriter chapter 353 . 11/26
My heart dropped when Sebastian started to overhear Theo and Ginny! I am so glad you wrote that scene the way you did and not the (IMO, cliche) option of storming out, big fight, drama-for-the-sake-of-drama way.
pix25 chapter 353 . 11/26
Mutt N. Feathers chapter 353 . 11/26
Aww. What a sweet ending I love those two. MNF
Stilly24 chapter 353 . 11/25
Amazing chapter! I’ve always loved Tonks, but her wanting to go back to work after 6 months because she’s ready to makes me connect with her on a totally different level! As a working mom, I envy the stay at home moms, but I couldn’t do what they do! Bas and Theo finally getting to hear each other say I love you?! So damn wholesome!
alix33 chapter 353 . 11/25
Hannah's newfound relatives sound wonderful, if a tad intimidating.
"beachside" should be one word. as should "babysitter".
The Straya Bus sounds cool.
Nuno Neves chapter 353 . 11/25
Such beautiful chapter, I love Neville and Hannah dinner with Hannah uncle and the rest of the family he seems a very good person and a good husband and father, Hannah deserves happiness and and not only this family is amazing for her unlike her mother and Neville is the door for her happiness and both are so lucky to have each other and are so cute together.
Harry deserves to take a break and this vacation in his house in Barbatos is a great for his mind after being followed around with no stop by the press and the rest of the people and will be good for Ginny too because she being throughout a lot and after her father death she also needs a break and both Harry and Ginny are the best source of happiness, hang out and confort of each other and both only need each other with no interruptions and only be in each other arms and I love how Harry and Ginny are perfectly fine with each other when both get naked and not doing anything much and see each other taking and putting their clothes it's like they are already married.
Ron and Hermione also needed this break from everything and can't take advantage of that while they are looking for Hermione parents and the spider part was so funny that I laugh so hard, they are such a hilarious and fun couple.
Remadora have the life that both deserve and now are parents and look so well, it's amazing that they are the couple that is together for the longest time in this story ( among the main one couples) but still are in love as ever and are perfect for each other, I love them so much and their interaction with Harry was so embarrassingly cute and funny poor Harry haha.
Bas and Theo are cute too and they are such amazing couple and it's really good you created this iconic couple and Theo helping Ginny picking her bikini to wear will make Harry made and Theo know it and he loves to tease Harry I love to read it it's always so funny and Ginny and Molly little dialog it's really good, you are so good writing their mother and daughter moments, I can't wait for more chapters specially the next one looks promising, you're incredible.
Cassiopeia Anastasia Black chapter 353 . 11/25
Perfect! I’m so happy Bas stayed and listened to the full conversation, I could’ve lasted the week without the closure and romance! Harry and Ginny will have such a lovely break away in Potters Paradise, it’ll be nice for them to get away from everything and relax. I hope Hermione is able to locate and help her parents soon and they aren’t too upset with her and understand she saved their lives. I usually see the updates almost immediately but I missed this one for a little while, I’ll have to try and sort my notifications but I had a look and can’t quite figure out how- might need to look online rather than through the app but I’ll fix it, can’t be missing anything (I follow on tumblr so it’s quite unlikely that I would but better to be sure!) ! Thank you!
Levs23 chapter 353 . 11/25
Loveeeee the scene with Theo and Bas, after Hinny I honestly think they are my absolute favourite couple. I can’t wait to see more of them. Looking forward to Theo meeting the family properly and the wedding anniversary party of Bas’s parents.
Yay we got the chapter early but boo that we now have a longer wait until the next chapter drops :’(
harstonks chapter 353 . 11/24
ahhhhhhhhh, amazing chapter
the moment between theo and bas was so fucking cute , dammit
i want someone like that-
cannot wait for the next one
Guest chapter 353 . 11/24
Sorry, but a thought just occurred to me!

Did Misha know what Theo's Patronus is before he passed on? If so, Misha had to have figured Bas was perfect for Theo. :-)

scrappy8 chapter 353 . 11/24
great chapter
glad Theo told Bas he loves him
mike3308 chapter 353 . 11/24
Harry and Ginny will have a good time in Barbados. 2 weeks away is just the vacation they need.

I hope Ron and Hermione find her parents in Australia.
Read and Fly chapter 353 . 11/24
Another great chapter. Everytime we talk about those who died I can't stop imagining them watching their love one from the other side. I picture Arthur with Sirius and the Potters reconnecting with Fabian and Gideon.. Theo and Bas are adorable and I love it. I'm a little nervous about the Running death eaters they have been very quiet...Thabk you for another chapter, sending good wishes
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