Reviews for Possibilities
Sharks Potter chapter 4 . 10/13
Oh, damn!

it seems Woundwort really being dead was too good to be true. This is no doubt going to spell big trouble for both Watership Down and Efrafa, especially since they all think he's dead. But, does Woundwort know it was actually Vervain? I can just imagine what horrors he's going to do to him when he finds out...

Campion's another story altogether. It seems Woundwort's 'death' has hit him real hard; but at least I'm glad he ultimately chose not to blame Hazel and the others for it. I wonder what will happen to him now. Is he running away, or is he going back to Efrafa to assume his duties as the new Chief Rabbit? I guess I'll find out in the following chapters.

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Sharks Potter chapter 3 . 10/13
Wow, that was totally unexpected! For the first time ever, I actually feel like applauding Vervain! Then again, him actually murdering Woundwort, after always bragging how loyal he was to his so-called sovereign leader, shows that Vervain cares about nobody than himself and whatever suits his interests. Although I have to wonder, how did he pull it off in the first place?

Unlike Vervain, Woundwort's no picnic in a fight. It would take several rabbits of Bigwig's size just to restrain him, let alone kill him. Unless, of course, Vervain got real lucky and bit open an artery or something. I can just imagine what will happen to him when Campion and the others find out he's the killer...

And Campion meets the beautiful Blackberry for the first time. I do hope you retain the Campion/Blackberry pairing in your story; it's one of the best parts in the TV series, in my opinion. The part with him and Primrose was real touching too; I can see Campion loved her and feels like he lost her to Hazel. I do hope this doesn't lead to any toxic rivalry between him and Hazel. He and Primrose were always meant to be together after all, and Campion with Blackberry.

The part with Primrose feeling somewhat responsible for the war between Watership Down and Efrafa made me sympathise for her; obviously she's not to blame, but sometimes survivors' guilt, or doing what is right, can be a terrible burden to bear. That's a common bond she and Campion will always share.

Oh my, Woundwort's body has been discovered. Will Vervain be apprehended in the next chapter? Or will the Efrafans blame the Watershipers and seek revenge? I sure hope this doesn't happen; it would be like the shadow of Woundwort could never be lifted from their lives, if Campion wages war on Watership Down instead. This is turning out to be an interesting story!

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Oh, and by the way, just to let you know, I've updated my Moomin fanfic.
Sharks Potter chapter 2 . 10/13
An interesting twist, I must say. Rather than believe Vervain, like he did in the series, Woundwort shrugs him off and orders him punished again. It was actually quite amusing seeing Vervain going hysteric. As much as I hate him, I kind of pity him at the same time... Although I don't think Campion will be able to keep him quiet forever. Knowing that little slimeball, he'll most likely do anything to expose the plot.

I wonder how things will play out in your story, particularly after reading the summary...

Good job!

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Fox Teen chapter 3 . 8/19
Very intriguing I must say.

This is a very considerable change of character for Vervain who is literally scared of his own shadow and yet he was courageous enough to kill Woundwort. The murder was very well-written. It reminded me of William Shakespeare's "Macbeth" when he kills King Duncan and is full of hesitation to kill Duncan and agrees at the same time of having to do it.

It's nice to see how Campion is feeling freedom at Watership Down. The scene between him and Primrose was also well-written; it adds to Campion's pain, how he loved Primrose but Primrose loves Hazel instead. The only nit-pick is how he guilt-rids her into choosing Hazel because he accepts her choice in the series but I can't really picture him making her feel guilty. But I like how he and Hazel are on good terms and hides his jealousy.

It seems that Campion's grief is healed from meeting Blackberry. While the dialogue is from the episode of their first meeting, it's still well-written and you handle their movements well.

Then we end with Moss and Campion finding Woundwort's corpse. This should be interesting.

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Fox Teen chapter 2 . 7/10
LOL! Poor Vervain! It's nice how you wrote how he was coping after that prank they pulled on him in The Great Game. Moss and Woundwort are literally so convinced by his madness, they don't believe him about his fact above the cavern leading to the warren. So as a result he is taken back to his digging duties away from the Toadstool Fairies (I loved that joke from Moss). I know this isn't to do with the chapter but I need to say nothing can surpass Woundwort's joke; "Did they tell you cows can jump over the moon?".

The Campion comes to warn them about Vervain's knowledge of the secret entrance. This is why Campion is my favourite of the warriors; he's working for evil but helps the good behind his master's back. A true Gryffindor - forgive the Harry Potter reference. Couldn't help myself.

Fabulous chapter! Let's see what's next.
Sharks Potter chapter 1 . 5/7
Interesting alternate third season to the WD TV series. When I first read the synopsis, I was taken aback by the mention of Vervain 'killing' Woundwort, although I guess I'll find out as the story progresses. Also, the mention of Hyzenthlay being a character in this story. I've never actually imagined the two together as individual characters, so it will be interesting to see how it will be like, particularly concerning Hazel...

The first chapter is interesting, introducing this new anonymous rabbit with the one ear. Although I can't decide at this point whether he's a friend or an enemy, his arrival mirrors a little that of Stonecrop from Tales. I wonder if that's mere coincidence...

Overall, I think you've made a good start with your latest story and I look forward to reading the next chapter, so I can find out why Strawberry's gone AWOL and who is lurking down in the caverns.

Keep up the good work!

Fox Teen chapter 1 . 5/6
Well, what a curious story this is you are writing. Bigwig's Way is my least favourite episode - felt he was bang out of order, even to Hannah in particular- but it is interesting to see what happens after the events.

The rabbit seems very interesting but I have a feeling he is to do with Efrafa as he refuses his name and identity, as well as him leaving the warren all of a sudden. Then Strawberry's disappearance deepens my suspicions on this character.

Though it's small, I like your mentioning Periwinkle like she just wanders around by herself. It's a very logical idea since she disappeared without a trace in the series.

I can't wait for the next chapter. I'm starting to look into detective and mystery stories.