Reviews for Nobody's Year
curious viewer chapter 3 . 5/20
Ah, Freezerburn, my favourite!
I'm not sure yet what the meat of the story is going to consist of, whether you're focussing on Weiss and Yang, on Weiss creating a new life for herself, or on Weiss impressing her father and fulfilling his challenge. I'm guessing Weiss/Yang, but it could still go the other ways as well.
I'm a bit less stoked about how you've decided to approach Weiss's feelings about inheriting the business, namely that she only does it because her father expects it of her. Personally, I've always enjoyed Weiss taking the title of heiress on her terms, not discarding it along with her fathers control. But, this is your story, and you can decide how the characters approach it, so that is completely up to your discretion.

It's pretty noticable that Weiss is really really down, both emotionally, with her panic attacks, and supreme lack of confidence, as well as being thrown in a situation where she has no experience at all. I do hope she manages to land on her feet in some way, as right now, I fear an eventual relationship between the two of them would be very lopsided, with Yang pulling Weiss up, instead of two people capable of challenging each other.

But, again, this is your story, and I do really want to see how you're going to be approaching everything you've set up so far, whether I anticipated it correctly or not.
So, good luck with writing!
sh1rayuk1 chapter 1 . 5/8
Yes! Please continue because this story has SO much potential! I'm always a sucker for freezerburn stories and this looks like it's going to be good.