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happy-sagara chapter 7 . 7/13/2015
Hi there! Congratulations for the amazing fic I enjoyed every part of it. The ying-yang concept is related magnificently through all the story, finding its epitome on Filia and Xellos' relationship. Also I liked the way you resolved the paradox of mazoku being capable of loving. The passion scenes were thrilling and such a sweet, romantic ending! Thank you so much for your fic

Take care!

Happy Sagara
okami-onna chapter 7 . 10/7/2014
I really love this couple. It's such a shame that there are so few fics about them, and from long time ago too!. I first read your fic years ago- I don't exactly recall how many- but I didn't leave review. Sorry about that.
The thing is that your fic is in my favorites list. Good job!. I enjoy every time that read it again.
Jenmoon1 chapter 7 . 9/8/2013
really cute
Multi-Facets chapter 7 . 8/8/2008
(snicker) Well, while the plot was a teensy bit of a stretch, it does indeed capture the essence of the yin-yang. It's interesting to think that a bit of darkness can help one bear negative, self-destructive emotion. (Whoo, if only that worked in Reality.)

It's wonderful to see you didn't immediately make Xelloss and Filia immediately lovey-dovey, 'cause they probably never will be. n_n It's good to see them still driving each other crazy.

I did see some misspellings, such as "longered", but that did not quite detract from the quality of the writing.

Overall, I liked this. Thanks for sharing. n_n
OTP chapter 7 . 7/12/2008
wonderfully brilliant
AmandaArtiste chapter 7 . 2/8/2007
I really enjoyed reading this story, even had to read it all in one setting. It's rare that a fic holds my attention that well (especially since I'm relatively new to the fandom). This pairing is ironically perfect and I love the way you explained a scenerio in which it could work out. You're a great writer, you stayed true to the characters' personalities, and you made full use of the humor and chaos in pairing Xel and Filia.

Opposites most definitely DO attract . . . especially when they've got more in common than they'd like to admit. _~
Ryu-Zero-Rei chapter 7 . 8/30/2006
I LOVE THIS STORY, to all Fans of the Filia Xellos couple I highly recomend this FF.

It is kept in canon, IC and still original in way. Though maybe not all are thrilled by the Yin_yang Idea, but I think it was non the less a inspiration for the Slayers vers. And it's fitting in this story. Mazoku can't love Half true why shouldn't they? They are only destroying themselfes then... so keeping it from happening.. admitting... And again never was stated that Mazoku cannot love (in the canon material only hinted and ok that they cannot bear positiv emotions)... And here Catwho did a wonderful job in describing this all.

Wonderful fic.

Ryu-Zero-Rei chapter 6 . 8/30/2006
As I thought you really are going hrough with the Yin-Yang, and reflect it in a great way on Filia and Xellos and Keep them IC and rely and base it of canon.

Great concept and nice show of emotion. The plot is flawless, like a good Vase (where could I have gotten this Idea from).

Usually I don't bother by the "ignoration" of the Mazoku being. You did it splendid and explained it, HOW!

I appreciate this Work, this is definatly on my fav's and is holding a "personal story award" for myself.

(No I'm not exaggerating, at least not for what I thik because I mean what I say)

Ryu-Zero-Rei chapter 5 . 8/30/2006
Hmm, interesting chapter (I've looked on your website... nasty server Crash... so i couldn't check it... *sigh* maybe later)

Ryu-Zero-Rei chapter 4 . 8/30/2006
Whoa, yes Oh I love this fic... hope there is a lemon version... must look first

Ryu-Zero-Rei chapter 3 . 8/30/2006
Yes, Zelas is another example (here) for Yin-Yang.. she cares and still is a Mazoku.

(as I learned it was never canon that Mazoku cannot love it was fanon... even when this is most likely true.. since it would destroy them.. you depicture it quite perfect... it is in a way possible but not easy... to hold balance is never easy...)

Ryu-Zero-Rei chapter 2 . 8/30/2006
you are really nicely integrating the concept of Yin_Yang into this story, You can see it by the actions of Filia, Not quite this clear by Xellos, but I assume it will come.

I already love this story and it seems it will become one of my very Fav's

Ryu-Zero-Rei chapter 1 . 8/30/2006
Oh, Yin-Yang... I suppose this symbol is one which can not be denied by humans... (I'm talking about my opinion here, everybody with a different one is accepted by me hey where would the fun be when everybody would have the same Opinion)

Equally in which religion, all can be defined by it even "God" which is the creator of all.. he is Yin-Yang in it's perfection (I refer here to something you may call Chaos, and therefore the order and disorder in such an entity ... another well known name ... Lord of Nightmares, another attempt to explain a supreme being.. not bonded to rules since it's supreme and the beginning... both

Why is leading unbalance and balance to Chaos equally, even when those Chaose are different?

hehe, kinda of easy: Because we don't know... we search dor pictures, images for those things we cannot comprehend but are always evident directly before us but not to reach.

Like the air, we cannot see it, but we are effectet by it... but still even this "simple" thing we can only explain through images... and this images always have always somthing to do with Balance... even Mathematiks and Science (like chemestry) are defined by Balance systems...

(O.O Oh it's the first chapter and what am I doing? hope don't bother you)

So as you can see the story has hooked me, for one the Yin-Yang and for another the X/F pairing.

Oh But the Opposite to the Mazoku are the Shinzoku, the Ryuzoku are nothing more than "mere" servants of the Shins ( I bet you knew this already I only wanted to point this out... ok I'll shut up know)

I'll read on

encyser chapter 7 . 12/22/2005
I am so glad I found this story! A lot of the stories I've been reading in this C2 community tackle the same theme, but many of them were flighty, kind of tentative. Yours was splendidly written, with the characters and plot quite believable. That doesn't mean I agree with the Yin-yang thing, though; but I liked your fic anyway.

CutieSaiyajin chapter 7 . 6/20/2005
An absolutely splendid story! I loved it. :)
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