Reviews for Harry Potter and the Legion of Ho-oh
Guest chapter 41 . 7/19
Your harry is rather pathetic
Boby335 chapter 44 . 7/18
No matter the medium I always tear up when it comes to the death of Sirius Black. Good story, really good story! This series has taken up my mind, for the most part, so congrats! Can't wait to read the next one!
Ichigo Briefs chapter 28 . 7/2
I like Eevee the most. Uh, my story is that it's cute and I got tired of Pikachu... I also like Growlithe and Vulpix for the same reasons.
Brookstar chapter 32 . 6/14
When I took the test, I thought I would be a Ravenclaw. I ended up a Hufflepuff though. It kind of surprised me. But then again, I get it too.
Brookstar chapter 31 . 6/14
Out of the three original starters (Charmander, Squirtle, Bulbasaur), my favorite would have to be Charmander because it’s so cute and evolves into something extremely powerful and angular.
Brookstar chapter 29 . 6/14
To answer this chapter’s question, I would have to say that my favorite Eeveelution is Vaporeon because I just love water types. I also like Jolteon because of its speed, and Sylveon is really cute. Keep up the good work!
Brookstar chapter 28 . 6/14
For me, I don’t really have a favorite Pokémon. I’ve always liked water types, and fire types are awesome as well. It’s so hard to choose just one favorite! Keep up the good work with the story!
Sky Chronos chapter 40 . 5/29
And... you've done it.

I guess, congratulations? You did what JK Rowling also accomplished with me, you make me lose interest in an incredible good series after the end of the fourth book.

I mean, I AM going to keep reading after this chapter, because even if sunk cost fallacy is a thing I am already pretty invested in this and I want to know how things end.

Though given your insistence in revisiting canon I have an idea.

Make no mistake, the story up to the fourth installment was crazy good, you have something really nice going on here meshing those two beautiful worlds together. However I kind of expected this outcome when I read a note from you a while back when you stated you'll be following canon as a guideline.

The start of this fifth story was solid, when I make myself ignore the fact that, unlike in the books, this Harry have zero reason whatsoever to waste two to three months of his life at the Dursleys. There's no protection to be had to stay there after all, the guy is well off and in that house he can't train and spend time with his friends and pokemon. At least in the books Rowling had the excuse of the blood of Petunia keeping Harry protected to keep him there, here? Not so much.

But yea, solid start, it was as with the other stories before this one, a good work to combine those universes and show the differences within, both in the environment, the interactions and in our lead as well. Because as you have said before this is a more grounded Harry, more confident and sure of himself thanks to Charizard, Talonflame and Pikachu having his back. So really, awesome work on that.

I also liked the way you made Hermione go out of her way to antagonize Umbridge, because really, that's what her character is all about.

Maybe this is the first time someone wrote to you about it, I don't know, I haven't read the reviews before and this one was finished November last year, but I don't see you mentioning anything in your author notes so I thought I may as well leave my feelings about it here.

With this decision I can tell you I felt that you limited yourself because of a need to keep things close to canon, to the original work, to show and highlight those differences. It works, it makes it easier to appreciate them but it also hurts the story as a whole.

The first instance of this? Third year, Quidditch game against Hufflepuff, Talonflame.

Everything good up until that point, you had built Sirius' escape pretty well up to that point taking into account that magic isn't here to be an all powerful tool and including little tidbits of Poké lore to make up for it, brilliant. Then you went and make a lightning strike of all things hit Talonflame to get him out of the picture for a year, why? Because this is also the year in canon Harry lost his Nimbus and got his Firebolt.

It was... maddening? I don't think such a strong word fits, but I'm not really good at english, sorry. But it made me mad because you have been ingenious until then, you stuck to canon yes, but things worked within the context of the Pokémon world.

Then you had to arbitrarily decide to bench an asset of your male lead to get the same outline we saw in the books. You handled this relatively well, the situation with Hermione and McGonagall was better and things worked but the fact that all this was the product of something as stupid as Talonflame getting struck by lightning for the benefit of the plot made things hard to swallow for me.

You could've made it an accident, Quidditch is a crazy enough game to justify it, if you really, really need it to happen.

However what makes me mad is the fact you... didn't need that at all, man. Yes, this way the changes you wrote were highlighted and easier to see, but it was all so utterly unnecessary that it fell flat to me. The plot of the whole third installment could've have move forward without any of this.

In exchange you did a beautiful work with the Tournament, because all the events were tied together and any change was backed with the development Harry and the other characters had in the first three stories.

Theeeen we got to this one, I was iffy on the pairing and romance topic, I'm here for the Pokémon and the battles and the training but I also have my nitpicks about romance as every other reader. You said you're, again, sticking to canon pairings.

So I took a deep breath, said 'Okay.' and kept going, because you've been a good writer until now so I wanted to give you the benefit of the doubt.

I was pleasantly surprised, Dean and Parvati were sweet, Ginny went out with Michael as expected and Harry didn't went gaga over Cho and even kept his distance as was sensible to do. You mentioned that people probably were expecting something out of the left field with Daphne and whatnot and though I'm normally one of them I wasn't here for the pairing so I paid no attention to it.

Then you introduced Daphne, which was cool, there was chemistry with Harry, which was also cool. Seamus apparently did that thing he did with Lavender that resulted in nothing but also counts as chemistry... which was less so, but okay.

You could have worked along that line, Daphne was asking for help, Harry also needed help, Gardevoir could be passed off as Harry's pokémon and slowly you're free to build a friendship or a relationship for them.

So of course Seamus got Gardevoir and so the interaction with Daphne that'd lead to a more grounded attraction because that's the safe choice and you can keep building Harry to go with Ginny.

At least that's what I'm assuming here.

I can see the reasoning, you can write them better than Rowling of that I have no doubt, but what is the need to do so? To once again highlight the differences here compared with canon?

I guess at this point is obvious to you what really bothers me here. I can get behind Seamus and Daphne, that's cool and new and so by definition, interesting. Buuut I also could have gotten behind Harry and Daphne, because this Harry really IS different from canon and from what you have shown you can write original content well enough to pull it off.

Eh, like I said, I'm not here for the romance so I can live with it.

Until the Ministry trip.

Now you were clever here, because the reasoning for Harry to go and for Hermione to agree with him was good, McGonagall was gone, they don't know where Dumbledore is and Snape was as helpful as ever. And I'll guess no one thought to give Harry Remus' phone number to confirm there was a rescue operation or something? Who knows.

Malfoy was even a good pick to lead them to the trap, the guy was doing good too.

Then Harry suddenly became an idiot.

He was suspecting something from him from the second he saw him but decided to bring him because, shit, he really needs him. So he'll keep an eye on him, on the way there, on the way in and on the way to the hall where the others begin to interrogate him because he's awfully suspicious, he's against the ropes, is cleary looking for a way to justify not giving the information before and for WHAT he needed said information in the first place.

Aaaaand Harry decides that this is not the time to worry about it, Sirius is in danger people.

Okay, it's cool, nobody is perfect and I can see his reasoning. He is closer, they're wasting time and could be discovered so they need to move fast, I'll let it go.

However the whole confrontation with the Death Eaters left me disappointed.

Everything good up until Espurr goes off, then Harry proceeds to forget he has Charizard and Pikachu on him and all that training and advice on fighting Death Eaters goes out of the window.

Remember how I say you did a great work in the fourth book? The scene in the graveyard was truly incredible, because Harry was aware he was fighting for his life, he and Charizard were in danger and there was no time to hesitate so the guys in skull masks standing in front were just target practice to save his life.

Here he was, he walked right into a trap, he fucked up, he led his friends into it with him and got them surrounded by terrorists, killers and a deranged psychopath that is threatening his best friend and two fourteen year old girls with rape.

I expected a repeat of that, an all out battle between the Death Eaters and the kids Harry spent the better part of a year training so they had a chance to escape what he did in the graveyard.

But he didn't do anything.

He didn't get Charizard out in the confusion caused by Espurr to deal with the one truly deranged among them, Bellatrix. Where even if he lost he could've struck a deal with Lucious without that particular screw loose.

He didn't let Pikachu out, the only pokémon small enough to maneuver in close quarters to strike and incapacitate with lightning and static.

He didn't thought to use more than two pokémon at the same time to overwhelm Lucius and buy enough time for Hermione to get out.

It was, once again, maddening.

Because the Harry shown until now could, feasibly, do any of the things I mentioned and much more.

But in canon we got a chase through the department of mysteries that let us truly appreciate what kind of crazy stuff wizards get up to when they begin to study magic seriously.

So here you artificially limited the reactions of your lead so we could appreciate the crazy stuff and neat poké lore trainers have in comparison with canon. It was cool, it was nice, I skimmed mostly all of it.

And now Sirius dies because Harry was protecting the Prophecy he doesn't know is about, and didn't need as a bargaining chip anymore.

So yes, I really am disappointed currently, but this awfully long post let me vent some of my frustrations so that's nice. I am aware that at this point you have finished the sixth installment and probably are already done with the draft of the seventh so this thing doesn't actually accomplish anything.

But authors want feedback, they want to know their readers are invested in their work. And believe you me, if I wasn't invested in this I wouldn't have spent the last half hour trying to put my thoughts into words and then got them across on a language I'm not fluent on.

I'll keep reading, even if I don't really have many hopes I won't find the same situation in the future.

You, however, put a great amount of work in this and brought me some enjoyment when you didn't really have to so it is the least I can do. See things through.

Thanks for the work up until now and the work I'll read until I catch up, you probably won't read this but man, manners are important.
James Birdsong chapter 44 . 12/19/2018
Falvern chapter 44 . 12/4/2018
Sad that things had to end the way that they did. However, Padfoot's death is even more significant to Harry's character than Cedric's was. It definitely strengthens Harry's resolve at any rate.
Falvern chapter 13 . 12/4/2018
I see that the Yule Ball didn't change much aside from the Parvati/Dean relationship. What a shame, since I was hoping that you would pair Harry and Ginny sooner rather than later. Granted, he's noticed her a bit more I suppose. Nothing has come from that though.
imaunholycow2 chapter 33 . 12/2/2018
I know it's been a while since the question was posted, but as to my Hogwarts house? that's a tough one to answer... sometimes the bravest thing is to remain loyal, sometimes the most loyal are clever in hiding their loyalties, the smartest people make the hard decisions and have to be brave to help others, and also the most clever might hide it behind bravo to make others underestimate them, there is no straight forward answer for me, but taking my arguments into account, I WOULD NOT be in Slytherin, it's like broadcasting that you're clever lol
Blake Tourdner chapter 43 . 11/24/2018
my favorite Mega is Mawile because I bred a Perfect Six IV Mawile named Pestilence for my first time and what's more is Pestilence was the First egg Hatched
whitefri2z chapter 44 . 11/16/2018
So the QotD is wether or not you continue the QotD ? Then I'll tell you, do whatever you want since it's, well, your story. But yeah, I can understand the lack of review can be off-puting.
I don't nearly review as much as I should be, because, well, I'm lazy. I do it from time to time - especially in a story I like really much - but the fact that I'm not english, added to the fact I rarely see the point in making review because I'm way better at telling everything that is bad in a fanfic than at giving compliments, means that my reviews to stories is probably something along the lines of 1 every 100 ? Dunno, maybe more or less. And it's not counting reguliar reviews each chapters, I never do that - if I do, it becomes, well, uninteresting.

Anyway, I'm pretty happy to see Order of the Phoenix ended with Malfoy being the useless git he always was. And I guess, hey, let's just do a compression of the 5 stories all at once, in a micro format !

I really liked your stories at first, because it took a world that was already created and expended it with another, and that was that for the world building ... At first. The fact that you managed to put just the right amount of pokemon in the Harry Potter society, slowly merging the two worlds, to create something unique and, let's not chew words, DAMN GOOD, it's fascinating. Not many fanfic writers manage to do that, and you did it pretty well.
As the tomes progressed, I could see that it wasn't just an Harry Potter story within a Pokemon-y universe, but Harry Potter fitting in a Pokemon setting. And that makes all the difference, seeing as I saw characters acting as they should (most of the time; it's been a long time since I've read the four others ...) and so, yeah, it made it believable.
But really, with OotP, or LotH here, you've shown that you know how to write bad characters. And that was fantastic. I hated Umbridge and she did seem to be a threat here. Malfoy wasn't this reformed little shit we can see in many aspiring fanfics, he was as he should be at this point in time : a Death Eater simpathizer (to tired to search how to write the word correctly, sorry) that want to see Voldemort succeed.

Anyway, all that just to say, I may not be a present reader, but I do follow this story quite closely. Meanly because, again, it's good. And damn if I had high expectations for a crossover - I know I've seen so many bad ones that each tiny things put me off.
Continue like that, your writing is an inspiration~
Guest chapter 44 . 11/10/2018
Great story! Can Harry have Aegislash? Like it's gryffindor sword.
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