Reviews for Harry Potter and the Legion of Ho-oh
Aoi Usa chapter 38 . 10/19
I did find one with Umbridge kind of good and not evil. It called Harry Potter: Junior Inquisitor. It’s not completed and it’s haven’t been updated over 2 years now, but it’s actually good story. I wouldn’t be a Death Eater, but Lucius is an okay choice. I like the chapter. Update soon.
DelugeLeader 666 chapter 38 . 10/19
I cannot answer this question because i know very little about the known death eaters. But i do have a future QOTD: If you were a normal type pokemon, not including arceus, what would you be.

I would most likely be a Snorlax, based on my irl aperence and limited abilities and stamina, or in a pokemons case, stats.
DelugeLeader 666 chapter 37 . 10/16
To answer your question, with draco being either a protagonist or antagonist, my answer is yes.
Jacebralor chapter 37 . 10/16
and the trap is realized, though not yet sprung, i think. we would have already seen Malfoy Senior and Bellatrix

as for Draco, i've seen well-written examples of villainous Malfoy and "Draco-in-leather-pants".
Aoi Usa chapter 37 . 10/16
I knew it! I knew it too true to be good for Draco to help Harry and his friends. And for your question it depends if the story is good or not.
Jacebralor chapter 36 . 10/13
ickle Drakey-poo is going to face his father in the battle for the ministry? either that or he's going to betray the canon six. either way I'm excited to see what's next.

evidently I'm horned serpent for Ilvermorny.
DelugeLeader 666 chapter 36 . 10/12
I have no idea what any of that is, so i cannot answer. But i can say that this:
Eevee is the same spelt backwards. Can you think of any other pokemon like that?
See ya soon!
cruzcartoon chapter 36 . 10/12
Aoi Usa chapter 35 . 10/9
Really have no comment on this chapter it’s good, but I just don’t have anything to say. I hope you save Sirius, if not I’ll be sad. To your question, I used to play Pokémon Go! But I got bored with it my nephew like it. Other reason is they need WiFi or something like that plus it’s killed my battery very quickly.
Jacebralor chapter 35 . 10/9
We're finally getting into the home stretch! We're going to see umbridge get hers, we're going to see the battle in the department of mysteries, and hopefully how you are going to save Sirius, all in the next I give it about five-six chapters at most.

As for Pokémon Go, no, I don't play. Mostly because I don't need another "pay-to-win" app on my phone.
yoruichi14 chapter 34 . 10/7
9017 3838 5691 Pokémon go
Sparkpikachu chapter 34 . 10/6
I liked this chapter. Your character development is really good. I don't remember if this was addressed earlier but does Umbridge have any Pokémon? She relies on others so much that I don't think we've seen them. I could see her with something like a Delcatty or Wigglituff. My favorite Dragon type would probably be Dragonite. I like that it's strong but gentle. It's the type you can trust in many situations.
PhoenixLordess chapter 34 . 10/6
It's been good to see Umbridge get her comeuppance. And I think I mentioned before but I Love Flygon!
Aoi Usa chapter 34 . 10/5
I like it. Poor Aragog, he ended being left behind by others... luckily Harry, Ron, and Hermione was there. I said it once and I said it so many times, but Umbridge is a EVIL BITCH. I REALLY REALLY HATE HER! Now that out of the way... my favorite dragon type Pokémon is dragonair and altaria. Their both beautiful and look really graceful.
Jacebralor chapter 34 . 10/5
A short chapter, but a good one.

As for the question of the day, Salamence is my go-to for Draconic devastation.
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