Reviews for Milk and its Derivatives
snui.tmn chapter 11 . 9/20
Would love to see more sketches inspired from your story or even from Citrus inspired art itself. Seeing new pieces drawn every now and then is like taking vitamins. lol why did Citrus have this impact on me. XD

Rendering mei's character is not an easy task, yet you guys are doing a good job at this.

thanks for introducing yuzu-atsuko moments here! i appreciate yuzu being considerate of atsuko's worries and how she unconditionally swept them away and made atsuko open up to her. she knew right away what to do when mei excused herself to the restroom.

that's what i love about the chemistry of these two which you guys nailed it as always.

so, keep it up!got my id already.
Ensuing chapter 11 . 9/15
Like I'm sure many others have said, your writing is an absolute pleasure to read. I love the amount of detail you two put into the characters, with each of their quirks and characterizations. It feels like you've kept Yuzu and Mei true to their characters from the manga at their core, which is a level of detail I really appreciate - nothing they do in the story feels out of character and their characterization is consistent through the entire story. This is something I never really noticed before until I picked up Milk and it's Derivatives, and I fear you may have ruined me from other fanfiction with the amount of care and thought that you two put into the writing. Every chapter feels meticulously crafted, and the amount of detail and attention spent on just the characters - how they behave and interact with each other - is a joy to read.

The growth Yuzu and Mei have gone through since the end of the manga is beautiful to see as well. Mei in particular! Yuzu slowly getting Mei to open up to her and be more vulnerable with her was one of my favourite things to see develop over the course of the manga, and seeing the final product of years of unconditional love from Yuzu is great to see. I love the chemistry Yuzu and Mei have with each other too! The way they tease each other is entertaining, and the love and deep understanding that they have of each other is really fluffy and heart warming to see. If I could pick how their relationship develops and grows into post manga, I would pick the way they're written in the Milk and Derivatives universe.

I admit I was skeptical about Atsuko in the beginning, but she's definitely grown on me. Not only is it great to see Mei develop her nurturing and caring side, but she's just such a good kid that it's impossible not to love her. I like how you guys went with the direction of her resembling young Mei with Yuzu's eyes - it makes it easy for me to visualize her in my head, given all of the times we see young Mei in the manga and the anime. The relationship she has with her sisters is just beautiful - pure love, and again the amount of care and detail that's been put into her character blows me away.

I can tell you guys put a lot of thought and care into writing all of the stories that take place in this universe, and I really appreciate it. I love the focus on character interaction vs. pushing the plot, and the many callbacks to both events from the manga and even little quirks Yuzu and Mei have, even if they only appeared briefly in the manga, are really fun to see. I just wish there was more! Keep up the great work.
Nejie chapter 11 . 9/13
Quite a long chapter but I've enjoyed it very much. Well executed scenes specifically the one where they encounter the homophobe, finding Atsuko's dress and Yuzu and Mei's kitchen scene. I love the way you somehow interrelate your story with what happened before (in manga). It's a nice touch.
guestyzm chapter 10 . 8/19
btw, can't see the link for the art you're referring too (T_T)
guestyzm chapter 10 . 8/18
I am fond of Atsuko whenever she has moments with mei. Thanks for replying btw. :) Curious if they'll plan for a kid of their own, so atsuko will enjoy her youthful years with their's while growing up. Anyway, liked that Mei being a walking encyclopedia again XD and the fuff! Stealing that last line of yuzu made my heart skipped a beat too :) Thanks for this great chapter again!

OT: Curious too about the Citrus Plus story. Will SU make a timeskip? or from school life levelling up to a mature one? i hope she does :)
Guest chapter 10 . 8/10
This chapter was very beautiful ...
Nej chapter 9 . 8/7
Great chapter. I love the dynamics you created for the characters relationships to each other - Mei & Ume, Atsuko & Mei etc. Can't wait for the next installment.
Rhiane18 chapter 9 . 8/7
beautiful story! bravo!, waiting for the chapter 10
chigoonies chapter 1 . 8/6
Hands down my favorite chapter yet, excellent work please keep it up!
guestyzm chapter 8 . 7/22
Nice! Another fanfic that is well written. :) at first was hesitant to read it because i'm not so of a fan of adding new characters in fanfics. But when started reading it, you guys had me hooked up! You have a story of your own yet the main Citrus characters are still well rendered. Disappointed too that Citrus will end abruptly and still trying to accept it. XD with hopes that SU will make mei more human, it is my wish of a happy ending. Anyway, glad that you guys take time to produce these stories. Keep it up and thank you! Will also stick around!
Nism chapter 8 . 7/21
As usual, my opening phrase: I loved this next installment. First of all, I like how you keep on showing, with subtle touches, how Mei and Yuzu are mirrored into Atsuko, how they let their imprint on her through her mannerisms and you balanced that so well. So, like that, we have the pleasure to imagine how mini-Mei could have been if she had received all the love she needed and you don’t forget to add some pinch of Yuzu. So, as I said previously, the feeling that she’s their blood child is really baffling.

But you don’t forget Ume and Shou. I also liked his tête à tête with Mei. You feel all those years of deprived communication, but they are trying because, in a very symmetrical way, they both have their sunshine that helped them to open their feelings. Shou has Ume and Mei has Yuzu. I like how you add some glimpses of Yuzu/Ume special complicity. It is not the main theme of your fic, but we feel how these two learned too to have a very silent communication and understand each other so well through the hardships they lived.

I am a big fan of Yuzu so I always like how much you make her the solar element of Mei’s world. The sentences when you show how much Mei’s eyes and focus are only centered on Yuzu, when she casually talks with Ume or when Mei feels that Yuzu needs support too. You don’t forget to reciprocate their relationship in the supporting department.

Yuzu is Mei’s rock but here, I loved when Mei sensed she needed to be there for Yuzu, silently and reassuringly, when our blonde sunshine talked about her father. I would have loved so much that the manga covers that, and you delivered instead of the original author. The photo was a real killer here, the feels when Mei told Yuzu how she admires Yuzu’s dedication to having kept it without letting the sadness engulf her, more like an everyday support.

And Yuzu and Mei relationship here shone through two particular scenes, as always, the reminder of some of the manga

-The walk in the street, with Mei impersonating her volume 6 self. Since it was for me the volume where she shone the most, I am glad you made this connection. I imagine Mei, when she’s able to overcome her demons, to be a strong support for Yuzu but differently than Yuzu for Mei. Mei would always be this calming and reassuring presence, and she would just need one sentence and a gesture to really calm Yuzu.

-Of course, a little comic relief with Atsuko cockblocking our lovers. Mei’s bear obsession added enough comic relief so well balanced with the more touching moment that Yuzu talked about her father.

-But so romantic at the end. You know how to had sensuality with subtility. The scene is sexy through the silent gestures and looks those two exchange. Mei and Yuzu drinking in each other beauty, but you do that with such classy taste and fashion.

“And you know … just how lucky I am” : the Special quote that really hit me hard in the feels: I always found Yuzu to be able to do great speeches in the manga. Even though she’s not the « academic » genius. She verbalizes so well important sentences to convey to other.

And here, this one is very Yuzu like but also so true. It nailed one of the main conflicts that keep torturing Mei: feeling undeserving of Yuzu’s love and admiration. It is one of the most gut-wrenching traits she has and you remind us of it.

Last but not least: nice little Japanese touch with Yuzu’s poetic way to say I love you.
Nism chapter 7 . 7/21
Ah, you bless us with some really moving and lovely intimacy with these two. It is always hard to write this sort of scene and balance out subtility, smooth, elegance but also passion and erotism. And you succeed perfectly writing a very developed scene showing how Mei is also very in love with Yuzu’s body that is like a real prolongation of her soul.

The way she drinks and lingers her beauty, it was tantalizing and hypnotic how much she took time to list all of Yuzu’s sensitive spots. You feel how much awe Mei feel for Yuzu and it is nice to see that (since we are so much deprived in the original material). And of course, the sexiest part is let to the imagination as it would always have had to be.

We are also familiar of Yuzu’s eagerness, you show well how she needs to be carnal and express on the touchy level her affection, cause it is a very special trait of Yuzu this need to connect physically to the other.

And it is always funny how you let transpire Mei’s craving in subtle touches like when she’s mesmerized by Yuzu’s swaging her hips. Just one or two sentences and we envision so well her desires. Let’s not forget the little flashbacks you add here and there and the reasons that didn’t allow them to pack things the day before … Fluffy couple interactions are really a must and it is nice that it is something you sprinkle in the entire chapter.

The little Atsuko reminds so well Yuzu’s sleep mannerisms; indeed, they are almost a recurrent joke in the manga so it is nice to see that in full display. And these socks obsession …. I laughed at the joke about Yuzu and her need to have bigger than life luggage, as expected to our gyaru. She didn’t lose this trait.

What I also like is those little quick insights where Yuzu and Mei aren’t on the same page and at the same time, it strengthens their complicity and understanding. Their different tastes in music, Yuzu’s own logic about the three color shirt … in fact, these details show how much their couple evolved when the little differences of your lover are in fact only something that makes you fall more for her. That is exactly the feeling Mei gives here. Differences bring them closer.

The scene in the car. Here comes some complication for our two surrogate parents. Indeed, it is always the moment for each parent to fall into a big scene/dispute. You perfectly dose how the stress and irritation slowly rose each kilometer, but even if Yuzu was irritated, it was still our Yuzu.

What strikes me is this part is it shows how they are parents in training here. Maybe that is what you tried to convey, we forgot, this moment, that Atsuko was their sister … it was moving. And it emphasizes also how Yuzu and Mei complement each other in these moments. Like the way, they convey their affection to their sister. Their kissing routine is different but it is like on a painting, different colors form a harmony when mixed together.
Atsuko needs these two ways.

Another scene that stroked me is Atsuko witnessing one of the affectionate moment her sisters share. The way you write the connection and how you dilate this moment as if it lasted an eternity through the eyes of Atsuko … I am such a sucker for 3rd party character witnessing interaction I find it always interesting to have a subjective focus of some other party and not just the omniscient PoV.

The tale was a great idea, to show how much Mei’s academic knowledge is striking but also how legend and myths shape her own life as a reminder of it. It’s like Mei is a sort of mythical creature through Yuzu’s eyes, fated to a tragic destiny but saved by her hero. Indeed, Yuzu and Mei’s story, if we believe they end up together in the manga, is a mythical tale. Kaguya-Mei almost needed to narrate the story as a catharsis of her own past. It is moving the moment you show how Mei sees the link between her and Kaguya and how her life would have been devoid of anything if she had forgotten like Kaguya her loved Yuzu.

It was so moving to see Mei reconnect with this hurtful past. And of course, Yuzu being Yuzu and challenging the world to keep Mei no matter what, almost foreshadowing the chapter 40. Yuzu is a soldier to defend Mei who is her country, her queen… like in shogi game. Mei is the king, Yuzu is the fool ready to do anything including sacrificing herself.

The last scene is perfect, a nice balance between teasing and deep affectionate gesture from Mei, really marked by her previous tale.
“Yuzu. The world within a name.” I love the possessive Mei … always a reminder of how she was already that in the manga but grew out of it to keep this side without the dark decisions she took.
Nism chapter 6 . 7/21
So, the sequel to the first crisis between Mei and Atsuko.

Mei’s return is indeed a view here. You wrote so subtlety how she’s on the verge to crumble, the frontier between Mei from the past and present Mei here is almost blurred but still here when Mei reminds that she’s surrounded by love and must let her engulf by her past demons. I found this realization on point in the first part of the chapter.

Secondly, the bear! How an object can tell so much. You nailed the revelation that strikes through Yuzu’s senses, the unusual gasp. These telling hints are so well done. Especially when you do a flashback explaining the meaning of this special bear.

Also, the crepe reference, once again reminded of how Mei clings to past events as real talismans.
I like how Yuzu tries to deflate the tension with her old antics at school as “the delinquent” Himeko accused her to be and ultimately let Mei make things better by being honest with her feeling and solve herself the miscommunication between her and Atsuko. Such a wise Yuzu, I couldn’t wait for anything else from her the way you wrote her since the beginning.

And this forgotten little bear that was just a proof of Atsuko’s despair and hurt became the main device of Mei and Atsuko make up scene. I appreciate how you use some element here and there that quickly became a red-wire all the chapter.

The detention hour is a testament to the old Mei this time. She is honest and praises the one she loves when it is needed. The words aren’t stuck in her throat. Special mention to the sexy and dignified chairwoman during Atsuko’s first day of school. What a sight.
Nism chapter 5 . 7/21
Here a little review of this chapter. So, I really liked how you captured so well the cutting tension between Atsuko and Mei. How much it cost to Mei but how much she tried to be in chairwoman mode and not in sister mode. You conveyed so well how much Mei was torn between these two roles. Mei’s eternal internal fight is another manga’s leitmotiv so this chapter perfectly displays that.

And it also gave us some glimpses of the old Mei, always lurking in the shadows and threatening to engulf the more open Mei if Yuzu wasn't here. I got the impression that you wanted to show how much Yuzu is the calming presence Mei needs because her demons are always there.

Nice work on the narrative building, with the flashbacks that show us how deep Mei's affection is for Atsuko and slowly but surely warm to her to a point of no return and the main plot, Atsuko’s altercation. You switch so well between past and present, to really show how Mei will have to struggle to keep the severe kaichou she even needs to be with her dear sister.

When Atsuko was a baby and Mei tried to soothe her in a way that reminded the date and the use of the love book as a guide. The way that Japanese grammar lesson can calm a baby because it is Mei doing so was so funny and also so realistic. Mei’s voice seems to be mesmerizing. Atsuko’s first words and Mei’s first cultural lessons. All of these glimpses of the past show how Mei’s love for her sister is anchored to her soul.

Even Yuzu was unable to lighten the mood, but I find interesting and refreshing that this time you switched to Yuzu being the one almost reassured by Ume. Yuzu was deflated and here the experienced mother knew all too well that time and space were needed to calm the tension. Yuzu isn’t invincible and it is nice to see you adding flaws.

So, I guess we'll have a following about this drama. What will be Mei's state when she'll be back at home, dealing with a Yuzu who will want to confront her a little.

Last but not least, I find very interesting how you build Atsuko and Mei's complicity, different from Yuzu/Atsuko duo, built on some sensei-student dynamic. Mei s like a mentor, and there is this cerebral connection between those two because Mei is a very cerebral individual when Yuzu is a very sensual one. And I am such a sucker for Astronomy and tales, so the choice is fine, cause I believe knowledge mixed with narrative and stories is a must keeping the story even more entertaining.
Nism chapter 4 . 7/21
I liked how both of you covered the questions of their impossible biological child ... indeed, their little sister is a sort of one. I laughed at the pigeons’ mention ... with Yuzu and Matsuri's work. I am curious.

I am hooked to the story and the way you are able to make it so interesting by digging in Mei's mind, there isn't any forced pulled from the ass drama, just having such an interesting psyche than Mei's one and see how she is dealing to be a happy adult. No OOC here, I love that. And since you already wrote some more chapters, I hope you'll give us the pleasure to keep on blessing us with their stories. I need my fix now, that is your fault

In this installment, more PoV from Mei. She behaves as expected of her and at the same time we see how much she evolved. You balance, once again, so well that. It is really the continuation of chapter 3 where you keep on digging more into Mei’s complex, conflicted psyche. It was such emotional rollercoaster to read it. Your chapter really does justice to her character. The ring reference was a nice reminder of their commitment since volume 6. And I liked how you quoted some chapters, also the chapter you-should-not-name.

I also appreciated how you slowly show Mei’s lingering regret pointing more and more as the chapter progresses, about her jealousy for not being Atsuko’s true mother with Yuzu. Her regret to not be able to give a child to her lover that would be biologically theirs. First, Shou and Atsuko’s antics contrasting with what how Mei as a child was deprived of that.

After that, her conversation with Shou that confirms that Atsuko sees Mei as her mother displaying how Mei knows Atsuko much more than Shou, hence the age correction she brought. It is not explicit in their interactions, but I really felt that this chat, from Shou was a way to praise Mei but Mei felt rubbing salt in her wounds. You conveyed so well the mixture of uneasiness and repentance that plague Shou and Mei’s father-daughter interactions. Shou trying to make up, Mei being forgiving but also too deeply marked to forget.

Among some humorous puns, Ume’s love for beers, here again, the wound about Mei’s real mother and lack of affection. And here come Yuzu, her sunshine once again. The previous chapters developed how well Yuzu understands Mei’s conflict and knows when something is off. But here, it is the quintessence of this understanding. How you made Mei being able to voice out her pain, what a heart-breaking moment but also hopeful cause now, she verbalizes it to Yuzu clearly. A testament to her former self. And Yuzu’s answer was so pure and simple… Mei being Mei is all she wants. The chapter couldn’t end in a more perfect way.
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