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greenoak1 chapter 18 . 9/3
ok but seriously, this story is awesome. from the dungeons (DUNGEONS! GOD BLESS YOU!) to the characters (i am really loving the whole family), to the action, and th (i know i keep saying the same thing but god theyre so cute it’s insane how cute they are even in a dungeon, zelda just
jus e)
i gotta say tho, i don’t care HOW long you take, as long as this story gets finished before i decease i will be ecstatic. seriously, i know too well how hard it is to balance the million-and-one things we all gotta do, plus this. your life definitely comes first, especially your school (go get that damned degree my dude)

(also, the master cycle zero is BAD ASS A K.)

(that’s it ily and this story bye)
Ai Star chapter 18 . 9/3
Talk about out of the frying pan and into the fire
Foopuff chapter 18 . 9/2
This was worth the wait!
I understand school is REALLY time consuming, and I’m glad you’re gonna keep writing, because honestly? This is gold.
If you must know I laughed SO hard at the ‘Doberbug’, and Link not correcting Zelda when she called him an ass. I remember those red Deku Baba thingies from Twilight princess... *shudder* Link’s right about saving the emotional stuff for later, though it would have been good to see... And I was wondering at the beginning of the chapter if you forgot about Cremia- glad that you didn’t completely forget about her, even though I’m all for Zelink.
Is the buried wasp nest thing written from experience?
A Sand Seal chapter 18 . 9/2
Great chapter. ZELINK FLUFF EXPLODING SEAL. I can’t even

I love how Zelda’s power continues to grow! She’s grown so much thanks to you

Link’s not over Cremia, eh? Dramaaaaaaaa

Will they make it out of the fountain? Probably because you hinted at my water temple chapter, but still very suspenseful. Please don’t kill them just because I said that

The water temple mistake was because I’ve been multitasking reads and reviews, and I was reading another one where they were on the water temple. My process is read 50 fan fictions, then review them. Probably not the best system, as I demonstrated.

*puts on cheerleader outfit, which looks very awkward on a seal* GO ARO! Give me a W! Give me an R! Give me an I! Give me a T! Give me an E! What does that say? Write! Your stories are awesome! And we love your updates! And I’ll stop threatening you with trebuchets!

Sand Seal out
Nightwing2013 chapter 18 . 9/1
I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. School comes first. Butt-kicking writing like this comes in a close second that may be tied to food and oxygen. Not quite sure, though.
xmana033 chapter 18 . 9/1
Hey, after reading the "massive bloody review paragraph," I decided to take your advice and tell you that I'm really enjoying your story and would love it if you continued to post chapters more often. :)
The Twilit Lord chapter 1 . 9/1
Just a heads up I'm changing my name into something even more pretentious
The Twilit Lord chapter 18 . 9/1
*Insert motivational crap here*. Judging from your reply to Seal, you're a lot smarter than me. Also Seal? Calm down.
A very good and entertaining chapter. Do you have a name for the bugs and the vines? Or are they from the games?
*Equips Golden Gauntlets* *Picks up Seal's trebuchet* *Aims at Aro* "You better take your damn time with this one!"
A Sand Seal chapter 17 . 8/26
*loads and aims trebuchet*
Aro... you’re taking an awfully long time to update. I might be forced to use this. It’ll hurt a lot more than a crossbow.

But seriously dude. Please get this thing updated
Foopuff chapter 17 . 8/14
I mean... *ahem* it wasn’t like I was sitting in the corner of my room these long weeks waiting for a new chapter... rocking back and forth... yeah... totally... *cough*
(Awkward pause)
Jokes aside, I thought it was a pretty good chapter, leading up to Farore’s fountain/dungeon. Glad you incorporated Mikau and his sharp throat-slitting arms... XD
“Why does it taste like chips?” Is my favorite line for this chapter! And just Sheik in general. I’m deeply sorry for being a whopping two days late... Apologies. I was still super excited to see you posted again though... WHATEVER YOU DO, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DONT LEAVE IT DEAD IN THE WATER- YOU SWORE ON YOUR NOT-SO-EDIBLE HAT-
Hear that? That’s desperation.
Hmm... will Ruto be making another grand appearance soon?
Can’t wait for what’s in store in Farores fountain! I wonder who the boss’ll be...
A Sand Seal chapter 17 . 8/12
Okay, maybe I was exaggerating about reading the story six times. You caught me.

Water temple time! Excellent. The worst place in any of the games ever. Trust me, it takes a lot of determination not to rage quit. Especially with a Zora princess on your back...

Not sorry about the crossbow.
Ultimate blazer chapter 17 . 8/12
I like the chapter and i can't wait to read the next
The Twilit Lord chapter 17 . 8/11
*Walks out the closet*
Not pissing off Mikau is always a great idea, damn guy killed a fish and a mask. Great chapter as always. Need me some Darmitios
A Sand Seal chapter 16 . 7/26
Aro! Please update! This story is so good and I’ve literally reread it 6 times since the last update! I need more! I sealiously can’t wait for you to seal the deal on the story!

Also... my inner fangirl is demanding me to ask you this: can we have slight elements of Zelink where Link calls Zelda his princess?
Ultimate blazer chapter 16 . 7/16
Nice chapter!
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