Reviews for Knowledge is Power
suraj chapter 11 . 8/12
hmm splitting his personality into 4 hmmm
Sleepyhawk502 chapter 28 . 8/9
oh my, so sad that you did not finish. Will keep just in case you ever finish! Thanks for sharing.
HarnGin chapter 5 . 7/22
Your Harrison is very entertaining. Thank you for sharing him with us. The grammarian in me, however, insists I point out that "whom" is rarely the subject of a non-infinitive verb. (Yes, the preceding clause is an example of "rarely.")
potterbungamjibber chapter 7 . 7/12
okay this is a bit difficult to read, i'll come back to it when im in a better mood, so i'll be able to laugh at the cringe instead of, well cringe.
potterbungamjibber chapter 6 . 7/12
are you seriously telling me this is not a parody, as much as i enjoy this, it is also somewhat concerning
potterbungamjibber chapter 5 . 7/12
at this point, i can't help but feel this is a parody, which would somewhat decrease my enjoyment, but i very much hope this is written completely seriously
potterbungamjibber chapter 4 . 7/12
Each chapter the cringe gets stronger, i have to say you have a rare talent!
potterbungamjibber chapter 3 . 7/12
Wow you did it again didn’t think more cringe was even possible but I’ve never gotten so much second embarrassment from something before. Awaiting with bated breath as I continue!
potterbungamjibber chapter 2 . 7/12
yess, keep the cringe coming, i'm having a good laugh
potterbungamjibber chapter 1 . 7/12
this is so cringe, but i'll keep reading because im interested to know what other cringe will happen next
LCat chapter 28 . 6/28
What a wonderful story. I’m sorry that there were those that were unkind. I Loved Your snarky, intelligent Harrison. I’m going to follow it in hopes that one day you might decide to return to it. Take care.
KayRoye12 chapter 28 . 6/27
So all those Negative Nancies helped ruin a good thing fir the rest of us...
Guciec chapter 13 . 6/23
And this whole goblin thing is just bizarre. This enforced self isolation and lack of taking social interactions into consideration from MC is stupid, I mean if he is so smart why he doesn't know that humans are social animals. And being social is a tool in a box that is important to every self proclaimed genius.
Guciec chapter 28 . 6/23
Harrison is kinda pretentious and childish at the same time. And an arsehole who is concentrating on all the wrong things. I think it is an author's failing who obviously has immature writing style. I mean if he is so smart, such a genius, so mature, why then he did not recognise bad teachers for what they are from a get go - a concentrated set-up to make young wizards stupid and uninterested in learning and improving.
Nysk chapter 27 . 6/15
Honestly, I think it is a shame you ended it.
But I understand your reasons.
May life find you well.
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