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Once Upon a Whim chapter 3 . 11/3/2018
Aw, tough future Lucy with current sad puppy Wyatt :(

I'm hoping, that, like here, the futures are our glimpse into the Lyatt happily ever after in the 2-hour thing. Our current pair isn't ready yet, but the futures are the perfect way to still show that it all works out for them.
Once Upon a Whim chapter 2 . 11/3/2018
As if 5-years-older-Wyatt won't still be baby-faced under that mess of a beard :P

The Energizer Bunny sex got a sad laugh from me, because even if the future crew gets there, our Lyatt missed out on that level of comfort with each other :( If stupid Jessica hadn't been brought back, the current pair would have eventually gotten to that relationship stage this season :(

I hope that they at least get this close/comfortable as quickly as this when the 2-hour thing airs. I will kick things if they're avoiding each other the whole time until the last minute. Grr.
Once Upon a Whim chapter 1 . 11/3/2018
Again, I know nothing because I'm staying spoiler-free, but I'm DYING for interactions between the Lyatt foursome. And this kind of loving awkwardness would be a-ok with me. Wyatt jealous of Wyatt is perfect :)
yodasnuggs chapter 2 . 8/14/2018
I love it. We all know. ALL know. Us, the characters, everyone, that if we're so blessed to get both versions of them in this movie, it HAS to be the future version of Wyatt who spills the beans about something he shouldn't. This was adorable and beautiful as always, but "we both knew that was inevitable" just had me in stitches. I really, really hope to see something like this play out on my television in December.
Guest chapter 2 . 6/22/2018
Omg these are amazing! I love them
qwertygal chapter 3 . 6/19/2018
A little delayed in getting my review posted...
So, I loved this whole fic, but I think I liked this chapter the BEST!
-To start with, I LOVED the description of the bunker-that den of rotting isolation. As an aside, I loved how the bunker became not only a source of conflict for our characters this year-man vs his environment?-but also almost a character unto itself, and you described it beautifully. And, what is with the food? Can the gov't not spring for some fresh produce for those tasked with saving the world?
-Next, I hate that future lyatt is living in a world where lucy has to punch first and ask questions later-but I do feel better that at least they are together in the fight.
-Also, I viscerally *felt* Wyatt's reaction to FutureLucy's use of the word 'idiot'...and then I felt Lucy's reaction to Wyatt's do you do that with mere words?
-I really liked FutureLucy's description of the words she uses when her Wyatt's despondent-reminding him of how he rebuilt himself, how they'd rebuilt themselves was really beautiful. I guess her actions in those situations are too...but for different reasons!
-loved Wyatts reaction about not knowing if he should be heartbroken or impressed at her punch, as well as her reflection that it makes sense, given her Wyatt will insist it's a necessity while hating it, so that she answers it's 'both'-this really captures the turmoil we see in these characters in these types of situations
-'bearded wonder' made me laugh, especially since it was Wyatt using the name!
-Of course loved Lucy suddenly becoming defensive over 'her' Wyatt in response to 'our' Wyatt's words
-And this just made me melt into a puddle of feelings...the whole thing: "You're okay, right? With me, with him...?" He looks away, but not before she suspects that there are tears clawing stubbornly to the surface. "Someday, eventually, it stops being so - so damn hard, right?"
-And then I thought it couldn't get better, until you had FutureLucy call Wyatt out on his unspoken thought that he's made his Lucy's life worse
-Okay, this was really nice too: "It's what we do, " she murmurs. "We save each other." Because ain't that the truth!
-Then, you bring it all together with: "Ma'am" being a "fixed point that exists far beyond her influence", which, combined with your title...just makes this whole thing perfect! Thank you for this!
angellwings chapter 3 . 6/12/2018
Wyatt Logan always rips my heart out. God, that beautiful wounded man. I think I love him just as much as Lucy's does. Good lord. And this chapter had everything about him that makes my heart ache. smirks, self deprecation, guilt, self loathing and then on the flip side cocky smirking and flirtation and those all expressive baby blues. Just all of it. All together it makes one imperfect breathtaking man and good lord do you ever always do him justice.

In every fic your Wyatt is just phenomenally complicated and wonderful. This was no different.

I love that when the tables are turned Lucy slips up and her walls fall just enough to let a few things slip out that shouldn't, to flirt a little when she knows she shouldn't, to just get pulled into any version of Wyatt Logan when she knows she shouldn't. Plus like she says, sad eyed Wyatt cannot be resisted. Seriously, he needs a hug every damn time he's sad or Lucy's hands on his face, either one. He just has to have one or the other. I can't take it otherwise.

His desperation for an answer as to whether or not things get easier...broke my heart. Broke it. Clean in two. Oh god. This was beautiful. As always.
angellwings chapter 2 . 6/12/2018
oh my gosh, this story. I love it so much. I love Present Lucy and Wyatt actually talking about their future selves and Lucy letting Wyatt take care of her even if he doesn't really need to because she knows that HE needs to do it. And then despite the heartbreak and the awkwardness and the fact that they're not really on the same page, or maybe even in the same book, the fact that they still seek refuge in each other. MY HEART.

And then you give me Future Lucy and Wyatt and they're flirty happy together-ness and my heart nearly explodes. Because good lord they are everything I want Lucy and Wyatt to be. United and confident in each other and just so utterly in love. Ugh, I'm dead. They way they tease each other is just so refreshing after a season of PAIN.

And then Future Lyatt seeing Present Lyatt and being so moved (or turned on) by their snuggling on the good. So. good.

And Wyatt at the end! Oh my Wyatt, You will totally get there one day. Keep day dreaming about it maybe you'll heal a little in the middle of them. Gah you do this to me every time, Velvet. EVERY TIME OMG. Perfect. SO perfect.
captainbean chapter 3 . 6/12/2018
AHHH I was hoping for a future Lucy and present-Wyatt interaction! I love that she laid the law down to future Wyatt about revealing too much and then she just goes and does it herself, because she can't help it. He's her weakness, past present or future. AND UGGGH MY FEELS - MA'AM. There was such a distinct lack of it in S2 and I really REALLY missed it. It NEEDS to be in S3 - so I loved Lucy reminding him to never stop calling her that. NEVER. I think it represents a safe space for them, and definitely a fond term of endearment, and they weren't really there for a lot of S2 so I can see that decision on the part of the writers... BUT I NEED IT. Ahh this was perfection, and I would love to see more if you decide to continue! AS ALWAYS, STELLAR WORK MY FRIEND.
Procrastinatingfan chapter 2 . 6/6/2018
Oh, wow. Agreed on the teary eyes. This chapter put me thisclose to blubbering.

I hope desperately for a season 3, but I doubt they’ll be able to weave as deftly between the pastpresent Wyatt and Lucy. The confidence from the secure connected future pair is such a believable contrast to our current, grief stricken pair.

Now back to chapter 3. Initially I started reading ch 3 before I realized I missed Ch 2. Thank you for writing!
modernlifehistorian chapter 3 . 6/4/2018
Helllooooo, Velvet! This chapter! It twisted my heart in all the best ways!

First off, beautiful description of the bunker and her complete feelings of disdain about it. The imagery and metaphors weaved through is absolutely lovely. And the line about being in Wyatt Logan’s bed being a definite luxury was just one of those lines that has me smiling like a dummy and giggling a little bit,

The section about her hunger had my heart breaking for Present!Lucy, but I agree that for this future!Lucy she’s better at taking care of herself because she knows she needs to and because of course Wyatt just kept bugging her in the beginning and she eventually just got sick of hearing it.

AND THEN SHE GOES AND SLUGS PRESENT!WYATT IN THE FACE. Oh boy. I love the way you’re creating this Future!Lucy. LOVE IT. She’s got these badass instincts and knows how to fight, but she still just has the biggest heart and I love it. And then she’s kinda pissed he was sneaking up on her and then sees the blood as does a complete 180 and goes into protective, caring Lucy mode, not letting him just shrug it off and refuse help.

BUT THEN SHE SAYS THE THING AND I CAN SEE WYATT GETTING THOSE WOUNDED PUPPY DOG EYES. Our precious panda soldier who just doesn’t have any belief in himself anymore and thinks he’s so gone past forgiveness. *pauses to go get tissues* AND SHE BREAKS HER OWN RULE BECAUSE SHE CANNOT JUST LET HIM BE SAD WITH THOSE PUPPY DOG EYES. Ugh my little heart. Then there’s the little paragraph where she thinks about how she can cure this kind of insecurity now, about starting with the kissing and then collapsing onto him. It’s such a small section but still gives every Lyatt feel. It makes me smile but also gives you insight into a little bit of the raunchy side of things. It’s subtle yet effective.

Okay and then this section about how they rebuilt is flawless. You have this phenomenal grasp on how to weave the imagery and metaphors into these beautifully woven blankets that you can wrap around yourself and just be warm and happy because Lyatt. They had the most shattered foundation at the end of 2x10, but they rebuild it together until it’s no longer two separate fortresses, but one. Absolutely phenomenal . *applause break*

And then cue Wyatt brooding about being told what to do LOL very him, and then the sly comment about Future!Wyatt reaping the benefits. WAY TO BE SUBTLE WYATT. And Lucy just not having it.

OKAY AND YOU HAD TO GO AND BRING UP THE ELBOW IN 2X10 I DESPARETELY HOPE WE SEE A SCENE ABOUT THIS IN SEASON 3 CAUSE I NEED IT. But yours is more than satisfying. I cannot imagine the shame our panda soldier carries from that moment, and how hard it must be to talk to Present!Lucy about it, but here he thinks maybe he can bring it up to Future!Lucy who’s a little more together than her present counter part, AND BOY DOES IT EVER STILL HURT. And then the line about Wyatt not knowing whether to be impressed or heartbroken was SO GOOD. because yeah it is both. He hates that she had to learn to use it in the first place, that she’s fallen into a life where there’s no choice but to fight. But also Wyatt’s Wyatt and definitely gets a kick out of seeing his woman so badass.

And I never thought about the idea that Future!Lucy would be so cautious around Present!Wyatt until now, but it makes a lot of sense. AND OF COURSE NO MATTER WHICH VERSION THEY ARE WYATT JUST KNOWS HER UGH THESE TWO. The “bearded wonder” line had me laughing out loud and I love that theme you’ve woven through about Present!Wyatt making these back handed comments about his future self.

YOU LEARN TO EMBRACE IT YEAH I BET I DO” AHHHHHHHHHH Yes thank you and good night. So good. Again, way to be subtle Wyatt. And then they’re freaking flirting YES PLEASE. And Lucy getting ready to defend her hubby cause he’s grown so much but just lets it go. Oh yes and then the freaking Logan thing thanks for the heartbreak friend.

And then... Wyatt and his desperation to know... *runs to get more tissues* HE JUST HAS TO KNOW THAT HE DIDN’T SCREW UP SO BAD THAT HE LOST HER COMPLETELY. *ugly sobbing* And then Lucy shocks him by telling him how much she needs him now to help heal, and he’s so shocked cause how could she ever need him? He’s a total mess. But again Lucy isn’t having it. She knows what her younger self wants and needs, and that is Wyatt Logan.

NEVER STOP CALLING ME THAT OKAY *SQUEALS WAY TOO EXCITEDLY* She looooovves it. She loves being called ma’am, but only by him and that’s what this ship is made of :’) I’m fine.

AND THEN SHE GOES TO FIND HER WYATT AND FLINGS HERSELF INTO HIS ARMS GAHHHHHHHH “THEY GOT TO YOU TOO, HUH?” YES WYATT MORE THAN YOU KNOW. Ugh from start to finish just fantastic, Velvet. Thank you. I’m so excited to see what you have next!
Quigley42 chapter 3 . 6/4/2018
Beautifully written, great storyline. So true to character. Please continue or start a new story, just keep writing.
BellesYellowRose chapter 1 . 6/3/2018
Loved it! I am going crazy waiting for the word on whether or not we will get a season 3 so amazing future Lyatt stories are just want I need!
musiqueismyjam1041 chapter 3 . 6/3/2018
This has been a great story!
Dardanelle chapter 3 . 6/3/2018
This is so perfectly bittersweet and beautifully written.

It's so interesting to see how things could play out between future Lucy and present Wyatt and I love your take on it. To me the phrase that captures this and what it must be like for future Lucy is "The nostalgia of it will eat her alive." I think my favorite part is the conversation they have here.

I really like how you show that as far as their future selves have come, have developed and managed to work out the current mess they are in, they are still them and no perfect, shiny robots. (OMG, Wyatt's comments in Ch 2 was kind of hilarious.)

This whole future and present versions of Lucy and Wyatt in one place is mind-bending and confusing and you manage to convey that in a way that makes it feel true.
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