Reviews for The Devil Wears White
Gurlwheremybanaynay chapter 1 . 9/22
(accidentally pressed the send button) in your life your 2 siblings who were also experimented on and still managed to put your safety first so ofc he would be how he is right now he has trauma and a lot of issues to work out so please before you start complaining put yourself in the boys freaking shoes
Gurlwheremybanaynay chapter 1 . 9/22
y'all acting out rn cause your saying ohhh I was more mature at 14 were you experimented on at his age did you die and come back to life at his age were the only people that were constant
HollowSea chapter 100 . 9/9
Honestly the effort put into this fic must be appreciated. Its so good too, although i wished luffy had a bit mire different but i guess the point is he's healed and back to his old self or smtg.
Guest chapter 41 . 8/17
Its funny, in this fanfic' Thatch look like the big extrovert who like to adopt introvert.
2020abata chapter 85 . 8/11
it needs to be attempted murder in the warning
ThePhenoix11 chapter 100 . 8/3
This was an interesting story tbh at the start I forgot teach and thatch were different guys and with how you described the yami yami I figured it would be a corrupting effect on those arround it on that topic why didn't the whitebeards just wrap it in a chest weigh it down and drop it in the ocean halfway between islands? Doubt a fish would eat a solid metal box and it won't float away problum solved.
HollowSea chapter 86 . 7/31
Idk how to explain but a lot of ASL fics always like... Luffy still has his big ass dreams but at the same time he's still whiny and a crybaby and depends so much on ppl. Ik it's probably for the realisticity of his age but i can't help but cringe, i just don't like ppl who brag about stuff but acts the opposite like saying i wanna be the strongest man on the sea but at the same time cry and whine about other stuffs. Owh well
Voldi-Sama chapter 54 . 7/30
When you think about it both Garp and Luffy could also have narcolepsy. Ya know the ep after water 7 when The straw hats meet Garp? They both fell asleep at the same time. But there hasn't been any other indications. Lol.
Voldi-Sama chapter 46 . 7/21
But what about Dadan or Garp? Or Magra? He was always the nice one out of the bandits
Voldi-Sama chapter 38 . 7/21
Was the darkness the Yami yami no mi? Cuz Teach isn't there yet so it being him wouldn't make much sence
Voldi-Sama chapter 35 . 7/21
I think it would be cool if they 'unlocked' the ability to lucid dream
Voldi-Sama chapter 12 . 7/20
I really like how you always put small but also big deltais from Canon, like Luffy's poison resistance or Ace's devil fruit or Ace's conqueror's haki etc
Voldi-Sama chapter 11 . 7/20
Hey why don't they get special privileges? They already get some bread while others don't but shouldn't the doctors upgrade the meals for Ace, Sabo and Luffy a little? They've been there the longest. They need to be treated better!
MoonPrincessRai chapter 100 . 7/13
Hello, I have seen several of your reviewers mentioning how annoyed they are with Luffy's immature behavior. I just wanted to tell you I am now on my third reading of this fanfic and think you did a wonderful job portraying all of the boys behaviors. The people who are upset with the way Luffy acts clearly have no understanding of what trauma can do to a child. Even more so when you consider the sort of trauma the boys went through. Statistically children who are kidnapped at a very young age like say 7 and then held captive for years are often slightly regressed in behavior. Having read your sequel, amazing fic as well, I can confidently say that Luffy is growing and still recovering. Plus let's all be honest here cannon Luffy is 17 and acts 15 unless pushed into being serious.
HollowSea chapter 63 . 7/6
I guess it's cause I've nvr been that kind of person and it's not bad how luffy is acting but I ammm cringinggg and idk why hahahaha. He's 14 right at this point i was a more serious not childlike anymore i just can't with children maybe hahahaha excuse my rants
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