Reviews for Fateproelium Trailer part 1
Duel chapter 1 . 5/18/2018
So, let's far, we have:

Red(Green?) Faction(Voldemort):
Archer - Billy the Kid(Severus Snape)

Black Faction(Hogwarts):
Saber - Siegfried(?)(Harry)
Lancer - Elizabeth Bathory(?)
Caster - Amadeus Wolfgang Mozart(?)
Berserker - Frankenstein(Remus)

Assassin - Charles-Henri Sanson(Dolores Umbridge)

So we know the Order will be representing the Black Faction, and ol' Riddle on the other side, but it looks like the Ministry is still an unknown(because Umbridge). Though, Severus also qualifies as unknown, because we don't know which Faction he actually swore loyalty to, but I placed him in Voldemort's on this list because it's likely that he had to perform the ritual in front of ol Voldy.

You might want to work on your grammar and sentence structure just a bit more, but otherwise, the point gets across alright.

This might get a little interesting from here on. I'm interested in who else would get summoned.

Will keep track of this fic.