Reviews for The Eight Beatitudes
Eilan21 chapter 9 . 4h
I really love this chapter, I love the symbolsm of Uncas' trip and search for Alice, also clear in the people he meets and in the people who helps him. Can't wait to read next!
BlueSaffire chapter 9 . 12/9
Another fascinating chapter in a captivating story. Your imagination has really been working overtime for this entire piece! The Eight Beatitudes is really unlike any LOTM FF I've read. And I still await the fateful meeting. But wow, Uncas is sure going through a lot to be to Alice! Looking forward, as always, to the next chapter.
RJ90 chapter 9 . 12/8
So glad you are back! You continue to captivate us with this very unique story. I eagerly await your next update to see what happens to Uncas next. Thank you!
Guest chapter 9 . 12/7
So happy to see this update! This chapter was well worth the wait. And after its suspenseful ending I can’t wait to read more!
Guest chapter 8 . 10/11
Still waiting to see how this story ends. I’m not giving up hope that you will continue this beautiful story.
RJ90 chapter 8 . 8/21
Just checking in again, still hoping for an update. I’m not giving up hope.
Guest chapter 8 . 8/14
Please update! This is a beautiful story and we are all waiting to see what happens now.
UncasAliceFan chapter 8 . 6/26
I keep checking for an update, hoping there will be one. (wipes away tears) Please please please don’t abandon this story. It’s too good! I get that you are probably busy. I totally get that. But please don’t give up on all you have invested so far in this amazing story. Your fans are waiting for you. We want to know what happens to our favorite couple.
Guest chapter 8 . 6/3
Your stories are by far the best in this fandom. I'm glad you continued updating even after your phone was stolen. I'm not sure I would have had the motivation to continue after losing all of my work.
Guest chapter 8 . 6/2
I hope you finish this incredible amazing story. I keep watching for a new update.
Eilan21 chapter 8 . 5/23
Love this story more and more. You brought new life to my fav couple.
Guest chapter 8 . 4/28
I love this story so much. Please update again soon. I must know what happens now.
LOTM4ever chapter 8 . 3/21
Took a peek today to see if you updated and you did! And what a top notch job you did. I am totally in love with this story. More please!
Valmour chapter 8 . 3/21
Great! I can't wait for the next chapter!
RJ90 chapter 8 . 3/19
I really enjoyed this look into Uncas’ innermost thoughts about his life, his relationship with Nathaniel, and about Alice, culminating with his admitting he loves her. As soon as he did everything shifted and John Cameron returned. I’m intrigued as to why Uncas had to be temporarily separated from his guide John, and was temporarily given to the mysterious Mamethakemu. Curious that. Oh but poor Uncas. He now knows of Alice’s fate. This story is so exciting! Looking forward to the next chapter!
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