Reviews for Goddess of Rebirth
AislingIsobel chapter 14 . 7/13
Aww! That was so great! I think you hit everyone perfectly! Can’t wait for more!
AislingIsobel chapter 13 . 6/27
Awwww, Imma cry! This was so sweet...from the moment with Thor and Aura before Liya cut in. Then with Loki and then Thor again. Just all of it so adorable! I have all the feels! You captured my description of Vanaheim perfectly, I can see it clearer in my head because of that. Thank you for letting me be apart of this it means the world to me.
AislingIsobel chapter 12 . 6/21
Awwwwwwww! Papa Hades! Is it weird that I still heard James Woods? Because James Woods. We will have a discussion about people named James with amazing voices later. Ok so my favourite line is, "his voice as cloying as flied on a rotten apple to Aurora's ears." That, right there. That, right there! Bloody brilliant! Really great chapter and so sweet at the end! Awwwwwwwwww!
chelsnichole12 chapter 11 . 6/19
Love it! Can't wait for more!
AislingIsobel chapter 11 . 6/19
That! I loved it! Gave you just enough to leave the reader wanting more. Bravo!
AislingIsobel chapter 10 . 6/17
I loved what you added to what we wrote last night! This story is so, so good! I love every word, all the characters, the story itself. Just excellent work my friend! Looking forward to the rest!
AislingIsobel chapter 9 . 6/13
I just love this. Like Apollo is my fave and that won’t stop. He needs his own adventure, has to happen. That end though! Thor realizing his actions have consequences?! Brilliant piece of work.
Fadil chapter 8 . 6/12
Love the story! I’m so ready to read more!
AislingIsobel chapter 8 . 6/12
Ok, let me fangirl and get it out of the way! I'm just so in love with the way you're portraying's just brilliance!

Second the way you set the scene, detailing the scents, so good! I could smell them, like I was there! I cannot wait until the next chapter. Love it all!

And a side note - Yeah Li would kill them, both, till they're dead.
Fadil chapter 7 . 6/6
Loving this story so far! Can’t wait to read more!
AislingIsobel chapter 7 . 6/5
Oooooo! We be bringing Delphi into the mix! Yaaasss queen! I love every layer you peel off of the story. Even though I help write this sometimes you still surprise me when you post. So amazing!
AislingIsobel chapter 6 . 6/4
Ugh! I love this more than when we wrote it! The flow is so natural and easy! Can’t wait for this to continue!
Fadil chapter 5 . 6/2
Wow! That was very intense at the end of that last chapter. I can’t wait to read more! I love it!
AislingIsobel chapter 5 . 6/2
Oh my gosh! That last part was intense! So, so good! The date part was so sweet! Gah! So excited for what’s next!
Fadil chapter 4 . 6/1
I love the story so far! I can’t wait to read more! It’s so heartwarming I love it!
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