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SivokonRu chapter 4 . 9/22
An interesting twist... I like it and I hope that the rest of the chapters will be up to the standard you have set here. A tiny small review, I know, but I am (a) tired, (b) old, and (c) tipsy.
Guest chapter 6 . 9/18
So far, so heartwarming :-)! Now, by now Hermione's parents should be concerned about Hermione never receiving an invitation back to Harry's home. I wonder what Harry told them to explain this away, or did an elf confund both Hermione and her parents? I also think Harry would have come up with an acceptable reason for being grounded for a month because Hermione or her parents would likely have asked. He might have said he got it for not paying attention at the road side and his parents really want him to learn to be safe, or come up with another reason so as not to frighten Hermione - but I guess it's not easy to come up with another socially acceptable reason that still warrants a whole month of detention, so I am really curious what Harry said :-)
fubarfalcon chapter 41 . 9/15
You’ve put in a few fun tweaks to make this different from other, similar fics. Hope you keep it up!
maiqsmail chapter 27 . 8/26
Okay, the fanfic seriously went downhill some time around Harry turning 11/receiving Hogwarts admission letter.
Dumbdumb got 180'ed in his character, main pair mutated from children into Mary Sues with overconfidence instead of regular teenagers. Champions are OOC, they dived into Friendship like it's Ponywille, Krum is cheery fellow suddenly, Tonks is somewhat OOC by being an epitome of friendship like local Pinkie Pie (I say somewhat because we do not really know her character in school in canon, but I still think it's not it). Maradeurs home brewed brooms so advanced they're still competitive with modern commercial brooms that were developed by professionals a decade and a half later. Speaking of maradeurs, so why exactly they were in Godric hollow instead of over the top protected ancient family manor if Dumbles said it wasn't his doing?
No downsides at all from mixing protagonists' magic with house imps. Harry talking down to Flitwick as advocate of Mother Magic. And now the main pair goes around bitch slapping opponents in ambushes with superior advantage.
The way to salvage the situation right now would be to get their noses bit hard. Lose a fight and suffer humiliation so that cocky attitude would go away. Like get love potion into Harry? Bubotuber pus onto Hermione (a classic, I know)? Major injury? (Snape cutting up Sirius with Sectumsempra and running for the hills?)
But I don't see it happening within a trend of recent chapters.
2nd task is predictable already (vow not to use impish magic not understanding if could be hostages, not items Harry going batship when Hermione is taken).
3rd talk is enigma but considering the task (and imp vow) ends upon going to graveyard, we already know "the force he knows not" with which Harry gets out of there.
Speaking of tasks, they should've been changed here completely. We have Dumbles presumably cracking down on TWT for its unsafe nature and champions already had a bunch of lethal near misses in 1st task.
Well, anyways. I think imma discontinue reading this. Nice start, then not so good.
maiqsmail chapter 25 . 8/26
Oh no. Harry had become overconfident Mary Sue. First willingly hobbling himself in a tournament he didn't agree to participate in, then this playing in a fight with ravens. This sucks.
maiqsmail chapter 21 . 8/26
Oh goodness, thank Celestia they dodged that bullet. Although, lazy on you to dodge the portrayal of Beauxbatons with this low effort home schooling. I've seen fics that described in great detail both Durmstrang and Beauxbaton, as well as American magical school. I salute those authors for their creativity.
maiqsmail chapter 14 . 8/26
If they know the Dumbdumb is not to be trusted and Harry is about to start magical education, why don't they have him learn French? Do they really intend to have him attend Hogwarts and stay alone with Dumbles in that situation? Instead of circumventing that by attending foreign school? Why?
maiqsmail chapter 13 . 8/25
That's an interesting scene with house imp following down Moony like a hound, but why not fricking *owl* the guy with a letter instead?
maiqsmail chapter 9 . 8/25
Biotinkering blindly without support. The fuck is wrong with wizards? It's like figuring what's in unlabeled bottles by taking a gulp. Could be honey. Could be acid.
maiqsmail chapter 5 . 8/25
I'm having this mental picture of Harry being halfbreed wizard/house imp and it's absolutely hilarious. The long ears, bad posture, spindly fingers, bald head with scar on the middle above emerald green eyes... How would wizards react to the Boy Who Vanished turning out to be a subhuman untermensch halfbreed? Technically they should treat him as the worst of mudbloods. And at the same time worshipping him as Moldypants vanquisher? What an oxymoron.
Dr Stranger chapter 41 . 8/3
Fun story; thanks for sharing it with us.
Cynfulme chapter 41 . 7/18
Really love this!
kiwihipp chapter 41 . 7/1
A great story with ties to the real books, but more adult. I sense this story has not been finished and I hope to see that it is finished.
articdranzer chapter 41 . 6/29
The re-read has reached the last published chapter ... And still making me bawl my eyes out..
articdranzer chapter 31 . 6/28
This version of Dumbledore is absolutely so so cool! What canon should have been.
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