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24danibell chapter 44 . 1h
are you going to do My Name is Legion: MHA

"I finally understood my purpose in life. My purpose is to be everyone in this world. I'll assimilate every human on earth until all that remains is me me me."

"Do you have any idea what this feels like All Might!? My consciousness spread amongst so many bodies! My will extended to this many people! This must be how God feels!"

This is a weird one. Here me out. Izuku has a quirk that allows him to convert anyone he touches for ten seconds into a copy of himself, and that copy gains the quirk of the person he assimilated. All of them are united and work together like a hive mind. The basic idea came from the Matrix trilogy. Specifically the villain Agent Smith and his ability. Not sure where to go with this one yet.
johnzeckleston chapter 43 . 10/20
Time stone is too cheese, a enemy has to either blitz Izuku or be able to move in stopped time. All Izuku has to do in a 1v1 is activate the time freeze bubble and its over with, despite it only lasting 10 seconds.
johnzeckleston chapter 44 . 10/20
Have you forgotten about the mind stone? I’m sure there was still the mind stone to be made. Izuku can at least start working on it or even think about it?
Primus2021 chapter 41 . 10/18
Sir Niggteye's prophecy is likely a self-fulfilling prophecy, and by trying to stop an event in the future, Lemillion, and those who side with him, will inevitably make it happen.
Primus2021 chapter 33 . 10/18
I am honestly surprised that "The Rated-R 18 Adults Only Hero Midnight" didn't receive at least a verbal warning or at most the same treatment as Mt. Lady & Uwabami got by now. I mean with how she talks & acts, along with what she said during her own confrontation with Izuku AND the fact that she's a teacher of teenage boys, I'd think that she would be punished ya'know?

I'm also hoping the Minoru and Monoma will also get a warning soon, or just expelled.
Palanding Ceesay chapter 23 . 10/16
I like this he is putting some dirt into their eyes
Luxzen chapter 36 . 10/15
wow that actually sounds like an intresting fanfic just waiting to happen and with you at the wheel i bet it will be good. the Midoriya is Shigaraki theory of yours.
Luxzen chapter 34 . 10/15
love gental please add him in the story or better the K,O,B as for Kirishima i cant think of anything,
yes i know im like a year behind but i wanted to type this anyway
Luxzen chapter 29 . 10/15
can Izuku and Mei create a smart A,I as a test for and artificial hero? kinda like Vision or Ultron?
Tgn123 chapter 26 . 10/15
Tenyas codename could be something like Hermes or Dash
Raziel The Scribe chapter 44 . 10/10
This is not boring whatsoever. Some of the source material was more boring in regards to gentle Criminal and La Brava. Plus you made the cultural fair relevant to this story and added some stakes to it. I like how you’re pacing yourself as this story is catching up to the source material. (I liked “Apotheosis” better than “Director Midoriya” but the character has to evolve for the sake of good storytelling).

Anyway, good chapter!
Humble3dore chapter 18 . 10/8
All For One: *Tells Izuku that All Might used to be Quirkless

Izuku: The Lion, The Witch, and the Audacity of This Bitch
Jonrocksthestar chapter 44 . 10/7
Will izuku try and recruit Lady Nagant?
green martinez chapter 44 . 10/5
I love your story, the plot, the narration, the details and the references are very good and to be honest I love the character of Izuku with the infinity gauntlet A.K. A: Apotheosis and his background from villain to anti-hero to a government member who wants to take over everything using the Hydra or Sith style and taking advantage of others for his own purpose but who treats them with respect and kindness in most cases. And the development of Ochako, Todoroki, Tenya and the others is spectacular, but to be honest I would like to see a little more development in the character of Mei Hatsume, it is only a small suggestion because she is one of my favorite MHA characters. Anyway, I will be looking forward to the next update.
Kamishiro Ryuu chapter 21 . 9/26
I do not understand why he cannot strengthen his own body now, when he has the ability to steal other songs.
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