Reviews for Apotheosis
Ozekee chapter 19 . 19h
All I can say when Deku got his infinity gauntlet he became arrogance, seriously creating 2 stone at the same time and u not around one of it, u know for sure u gonna get doom if you're a villain in the story and why Deku didn't create a Super Serum for himself, talk about reading DC and Marvel Comics and not taking inspiration some abilities physical or mental from them, I think the arc will gonna end around the corner, their is some disappointed of course like u limiting the capability of the gauntlet because u dont wanted to be OP with it for a moment they're so many abilities that compatible for the Stones but the author didn't do it, second why only 4 hero fighting Deku because All Might is there? many heroes wanted fight side with him though.

I have high hope for the second arc tbh, this story have high potential but only lacking research of the story, I know for sure we readers will give ideas to the author for the future of this fic, have to rant some of it while not wanted to hate the story cuz of those plot holes.
Nelven chapter 46 . 12/6
one of the best fanfics I've read. Too bad it's not finished yet. Looking forward to the update.
edbones100 chapter 46 . 11/27
you said October. this is already November close to December. if u don't plan of updating then stop giving false hope, liar liar.
Bruhman chapter 46 . 11/16
Update coming in October
*16 November later
TheLeagueOfExtraordinaryMorons chapter 46 . 11/14
Thank you for not dropping the story. It was one of the few that got me back into reading fanfics, and they get me through a lot every night. Continue being awesome, and seriously thank you for all the work you do.
Guest chapter 46 . 11/10
You okay? You kinda seemed to dissapear again, and I feel like I'm not alone in worrying if something bad happened to you. So I hope we hear from you soon, to at least no your okay.
-A fan
Johnystring chapter 26 . 11/4
kinda giving ableist vibes off here and there, something to consider working on I'd say
OtakuSeikatsuTamashi chapter 1 . 11/2
I just read the disclaimer, and already, I know, this is gonna be brilliant.
jamiebillingsblue chapter 1 . 11/1
Any updates?
Guest chapter 46 . 11/1
When Will it continue
2005born chapter 45 . 10/27
time travel
2005born chapter 34 . 10/27
bro this Izuku Vs the boys
Guest chapter 46 . 10/26
Saves lo que espero y quieto es que sea bakugo. All might y deivib quoenes creen la piedra de la mente.

Durante su tienpo en islan y pensando como pieden detener a izuku, bakugo sugiera a deivib crear otro guantelete del inginito. Pero este al darse cuente que no piede replicar la piedra del poder o del alma. Decida renplararlas con otra piedra diferente. La de la mente

Luego despies que izuku se ebters de esto y los derota a todos tome la piedra mental y asi otiene todo el poder acsoluto
nexusplayer chapter 25 . 10/25
Okay this is getting extremely overpowered.
Deku is unstopable! Jesus.
nexusplayer chapter 22 . 10/25
holujesus christ
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