Reviews for Sonic Team Misadventures
ultimateCCC chapter 17 . 10/15
Blaze really need to get laid and Silver is the answer.
ultimateCCC chapter 16 . 10/11
So they haven't watch Super Smash Bros. Ultimate stuff?
ultimateCCC chapter 15 . 10/10
Why is Sonic in a car?
Anon Omega chapter 11 . 7/20
Tails gets me. McDonald's does have the best fries.
DJ Rodriguez chapter 14 . 7/21
This was AWESOME! Thanks for putting this up! Tails got some good presents, but the best one he got was he and Amy coming together! I have to say, for once Knuckles's pranks and such actually was for the better. Amy and Tails are blossoming together, Rouge sadly is not able to give her gift to Tails, and of course the party was kicking with the randomness and craziness that you put together! I have to say my friend, you did well here!

Keep it up!
ultimateCCC chapter 14 . 7/20
Might want to bump it up to M just in case.
ultimateCCC chapter 13 . 7/10
Something gotta give with Tails' obsession.
DJ Rodriguez chapter 12 . 7/9
0_0 Okay, now this was bizzare! Knuckles doing pranks to everyone, and took it too far with Shadow in deleting his games and profile. And honestly, I would be like Shadow too if someone just deleted EVERYTHING of mine just for a prank! Too bad Knuckles actually thought ahead with the gas canister.

Excellent work yet again! Keep it up!
DJ Rodriguez chapter 13 . 7/8
Now this was cool! Amy, Rouge and Blaze saw the new IT movie, and I do wonder if it is as scary as the original one was. I'll have to check it out personally to see. In any case, it looks like Amy has shown a weakness that I bet others could exploit easily if they found about it. And the pictures was also cool to see, especially Rouge showing her bubbly booty like that!

And also Amy making the duckface, and Tails receiving it, very cool! I wondered what a duck face picture was, and after checking it out... heh, that would look funny, and also strangely natural on Amy. I do wish the fox boy luck in trying to get the attention of the pink cutie! But I believe that he already has the attention of a certain femme fatale bat. Hehehe...

Keep it up!
ultimateCCC chapter 12 . 6/28
Ultimate life form will be ultimately pissed off.
ultimateCCC chapter 11 . 6/27
Don't they have like cameras?
DJ Rodriguez chapter 11 . 6/27
Lucky Tails! He manages to help Rouge out after getting fired due to some shameless fool, and gets a reward that is much better than money! I have to say, I do envy Tails a bit for getting some sweet love from Rouge like that but I believe that he is a really blessed fox to gain Rouge's affections now.

In any case, excellent chapter! Keep it up!
DJ Rodriguez chapter 10 . 6/27
Whoa... a night of crazy dares and such all around! Tails got the better part when he saw Amy, and it seems that Knuckles is MORE crazy than I thought! I have to say, if they dared me to join in... I would say HELL NO and run like crazy away from the scene! I do some daring things, but even I would have my limits.

Excellent work! Keep it up!
DJ Rodriguez chapter 9 . 6/27
0_0 I have to say... when you say crazy, you go the extra mile! Sonic regresses back, plays a game of himself that was bad, and it seems that he is driving his friends nuts with his actions! I have to say, this was way out in left field, my friend!

Keep it up!
ultimateCCC chapter 10 . 6/15
Maybe there a girl who's obsess with Tails.
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