Reviews for To Scratch A Back
Carina L chapter 1 . 5/30/2018
I like your idea for this fanfiction as Quasimodo surely often had an itching back because he wasn't able to reach every part of it due to his hump. Did Esmeralda scratch Quasimodo's back; at least, Quasimodo was much reluctant asking Phoebus for scratching his back as he certainly felt much embarrassed when making his request. Phoebus laughing because of that made poor Quasimodo feeling more embarrassed than before, that's the impression I have, plus Quasimodo felt too much embarrassed because of his hump as he addressed that as an "it" and feeling awkward/uncomfortable when Phoebus was looking at his bare back.
After all, Phoebus obliged and made Quasimodo feel relief with stopping the itching even more than Quasimodo expected, i.e. with washing his back after scratching it. I think Quasimodo's back won't itch for some time after washing. Phoebus was much helpful as he encouraged Quasimodo but didn't laugh when doing it. I imagine that Quasimodo would ask Phoebus more often for scratching/washing his back after that. :) Your fanfiction was written well with Phoebus doing a friendly turn for Quasimodo. When Phoebus/Esmeralda weren't around, Quasimodo would need a back-scratcher and a brush with a long handle for scratching and washing his back thoroughly, respectively. :D
kamikaze-djali chapter 1 . 5/27/2018
That's funny, cute and also strange. The language also fits well, with Quasimodo referring to his hump as "it." I love this. 3

Will Phoebus invent the back-scratcher for his friend?