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The-Serious-Padfoot chapter 30 . 8/21/2003
hey, i just wanted to say that this was extremely well written. I cried during the chapter, Death of a Star, and was crying for the next hour after i finished reading. I even printed this up so I could read it over and over again without having to go on the computer, and it was ::pause for i need to count on my fingers and toes several times:: 88 PAGES LONG!

It's like a novel thingy! it was size 8 font, too. u've got a long story here! ::sob:: POOR LEGOLAS! seriously, i really am crying. i luv Leggy.. :(
The-Serious-Padfoot chapter 31 . 8/11/2003
She cried since she heard of Gandalf the White finding Legolas nearing death, ever closer. Only a single tear, falling down her face, still falling, chapters later, ending at the tip ofher nose, falling to her lips, which spoke Legolas's name so lovingly, and filled with a friendship never known. Here, this tear, will never be shed, for it is one of many that have fallen. If it falls, it will be forgotten. Never can it fall. Never, will Legolas be forgotten. Remembered, Always.
Mirkwoodmaiden chapter 31 . 8/7/2003
That was absolutely beautiful, I found it because Orangeblossom Took is on my list of Favourite authors and you were on hers I read the whole thing in about 4 hours! I couldn't stop reading!

I was very upset when you killed Legolas, but you handled the death so, so well. It was full of dignity and caring and it allowed Legolas the dignity to choose his own path and I really appreciated it. The last two chapters and the Epilogue were perfect and had me sobbing! The flashback sequence dovetailed so nicely with the reality of the situation at Helm's Deep! Thank you! I only wish my stories were so good.
Mirkwoodmaiden chapter 15 . 8/7/2003
really well done flashback! I think the touch of close friendship between Haldir and Legolas is necessary in the development of the story! Well back to reading!
Mirkwoodmaiden chapter 6 . 8/6/2003
This is absolutely wonderful. I've only finished the first six chapters and all I can say is that it has me gasping and shouting "No! that can't be! That's impossible!"

The tension is almost unbearable and I can hardly read it fast enough!
Golden Cat chapter 29 . 8/4/2003
God that was great. Excellent excellent story. i loved it so much (i almost cried).

you right so well, it's almost frightening.

you seem to be just as good as a writer as J K Rowling

poor Legolas, i lkoved him so...

Abbicat14 chapter 21 . 7/22/2003
Good Chapter but isn't Thranduil Legolases father? When did he get there?
Roselyne chapter 31 . 7/20/2003
*cries* *cries* *cries* *cries* *cries* *cries* *cries* *cries* *cries* *cries* *cries* *cries* *cries* *cries* *cries* *cries* *cries* *cries* *cries* *cries* *cries* *cries* *cries* *cries* *cries* *cries*

One of the best LOTR fic I ever read :,(...

*cries* *cries* *cries* *cries* *cries* *cries* *cries*
Roselyne chapter 27 . 7/20/2003


This is the first time I cried, reading a fanfic :'(...

(I was listening to "Evanescence - Anywhere" while reding it, and the music suited well with what you wonderfully wrote...

*goes away, searching for a tissue*

bill the pony chapter 31 . 6/29/2003
hey's amy...

hehe...should i be running for cover? i swear! i wrote a review after i finished the 27th chapter the day after our online chat. i did, honest! i submitted it and i thought that was that...but obviously not. honest! i sent a review!

sigh. i guess i'll just have to give you a summary of it. of course i have to add on all that i want to say now that i've read the whole fanfic. geezamabobbers. i wrote a really long review too...stupid ffn...

you had me guessing who was going to die up until chapter 27. i was rooting for aragorn to drop dead but sigh, it had to be legolas. of course when i learned that the 27th chapter was not the end, i was hoping that legolas would come alive by some miracle. who knows...elvish healing is pretty heavy stuff. but no. sigh. sniff sniff. LEGOLAS! NO! you didn't make it any better by rubbing it in either. just how many times did you repeat "legolas is dead?"

i have to say though, i love this fic. i love it, i love it, i love it. i usually don't go for lotr fics, i'm more of an anime freak. but for you, i'll make an exception. this is brilliant! i love how you can weave words into the most beautiful of phrases. i'm not much of a grammar person so i wouldn't know when too many adjectives is a bad thing, i can't really correct your writing, but i can tell you this, i love how you write. you're a genius. after reading your fic and knowing the extent of konjurer's genius-ness, there is no way in hell i'm going to write a fic. i'm more stubborn than you think...bwahaha...bill the the rescue...

i hear you and my sister (LOTRobsession...i think) are hitting it off pretty well. saying bad stuff about me behind my back? hmm...?

oops...back to the topic at hand. your fic. you know how eowyn isn't exactly my favorite character but after reading this, i'll admit, she's not that bad. the whole scene where she tried to talk some sense into legolas...perfect. theoden really gets on my nerves though. i wanted to jump into the computer screen and sock him a good one. that jerk. i really liked how you adressed the whole arwen-aragorn-eowyn love triangle. it doesn't make me think of aragorn as a two-timing jerk. (though he acted like one in the movie.)

and legolas. sigh. i was torn between hugging him and slapping him upside the head. get it together kid! you're an elf for heaven's sake! there are people who will mourn your death, people who will hurt after you are gone! fight you hunky piece of mirkwood! fight! sorry. i had to get that out of my system.

the chapters after legolas's death were, in my opinion, simply beautiful. the thing about your writing is, the reader gets caught up in the story. i felt along with the characters, i could practically see what they were seeing. i could just about SEE the orchid tree...the white light. i could just about taste the tears...feel the sorrow...beautiful.

i've been somewhat busy with summer school these days. i didn't even find out you continued this fic until recently. this review better get through. i have a sister. i wrote a review. i'm still sorta miffed that my last one did get posted. i worked so hard on it too. i was finishing your fic and i couldn't find any note for ME in your little list of reviewers at the end of the chapters. even my sister got a note from you...and you talked about my lack of review in it too. i was sort of hurt until i checked the reviews and chouldn't find my own. sigh. this better get through.

well, i'm looking forward to more fics from you. please don't kill of legolas again. if you have to kill someone, chuck off theoden. hehe. and if you do kill another beloved character, make sure you write their death as well as you did legolas's in this fic.

go aithne!
Chanra chapter 31 . 6/26/2003
I TRIED to review, but each time it kept on saying "site overload." Arg.

Anyways, thank you for answering even though I didn't review. That was very shallow, stupid and uncourteous of me. Please accept my most humble of appologies.

I loved your story, and was quite depressed at seeing it end. For some reason, I kept hoping that Legolas would come back, so you could torture him more. What a sadistic thought. Hm...

I hope Emradril finds something amusing to do while in his corner. *gives elf a box of crayons* Why am I being nice? *grabs crayons back*
nyctophobia chapter 30 . 6/25/2003
This may be really sad but i started to cry during the last chapter and in this one. This story was so touching! I really loved it. You're a really talented writer. I hope you have a new plot bunny soon b/c i like reading your stories. I can't wait for the Epilouge. My Internet wasn't working for a while and i was so upset t
silverviolinist16 chapter 31 . 6/25/2003
All I can say is this was great. Hope you start another story soon. Be sure that I will read it! :)
silverviolinist16 chapter 29 . 6/25/2003
wow, this is so touching. I loved it! *sniff* [bawls]
EvenstarFairy chapter 31 . 6/25/2003
o wow... this wuz sad, but very good. *sniffles* this little boy sounds so cute, hehe. i can't wait until ur next story!
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