Reviews for A Hundred Winks of Sunshine
Aki13S chapter 17 . 12/5
Awwwww..this is so cute. kinda was bummed that jasper and Alice didn't happen. But I couldn't have handled another Bella Edward fic. So, happy happy.
Hope to read more. thanks a bunch for this~~~!
Sandy2348 chapter 17 . 11/28
I’m surprised I liked this but I really so enjoyed your story I hope you continue
Sunshine10 chapter 17 . 11/23
This fic has changed the way i live life, i try to be as cheerful & laidback as i can as compared to before. Bella in this fic is who i wanna be, happy & so genuine in what she does.

I saw this girl on tiktok saying how drunk her looks out for future her, and i apply this to my life- i ask myself/ think, “will future me thank now me for doing xx?”. And damn have I never been happier with life.

Im 22, and ofc i do get envious of other people & the seemingly happy lives they are living on social media, but then I think, im p happy with my life & have supportive family and friends who are there for me (tho we are countries apart)

This fic is rlly life changing, not kidding. This AU of how the twilight verse is changed by Bella being, well happier, is a simple change but one that has such major changes to her & everyone around her. We, the readers, always see ourselves in the main character (I mean thats why we read the story but anyways) & every story we read leaves a part of itself with us, and we leave a part of our old self with the story.

I hope you are doing well admist this post(?) covid era. The world kinda hit pause for the past 2 years, and life has changed sm for me- staying positive amongst the hard times kinda reminded me of bella in this fic, of how she strived to be the hundred winks of sunshine for someone/ for herself. I hope that you are doing well, and enjoying life like Bella in this story is 3
QueenSiren chapter 17 . 10/31
I love their pairing! Jasper x SI bella is soooooo perfect! Please continue this story 3
Guest chapter 1 . 10/20
Hailing from said third world country I assure you it definitely could be worse
laelruin chapter 16 . 10/15
Absolutely EPIC! I have laughed so hard throughout this whole tale and it really is a splendid "what if!" I've loved every second of it and look forward to the storytelling to come. ;)
Keep up the awesome and amazing work!
Feistyvixen chapter 12 . 10/10
this story is like one bug dopamine hit and I am living for it right now
Feistyvixen chapter 9 . 10/10
This is like. My favourite Bella. Like. I’m standing there stopping doing dishes to read a chapter and smirking at my phone the whole time (okay fine yes I have adhd, but also come on, it’s not my fault.). Can’t stop reading!
SiriusOrionBitch chapter 17 . 9/14
Loved this so much thank you! Really hope you manage to update it eventually but hey that's life so thanks for what you have given! Take care,

A chapter 6 . 9/12
Thank you for writing this ball-of-sunshine-Bella, reading it brings a lot of happiness :) chapter 17 . 8/24
Love, love, love this chapter with the Volturi! I can totally see scientist Bella and Aro getting along incredibly well. Amazing work!
MaysileeIrisLilianaDonner chapter 1 . 7/26
Oh my goodness this is the best fic I’ve ever read!It really makes me smile every time I read it,and it it so great that it even surpassed the original version(sorry,Miss Meyer).I am absolutely in love with this Bella(I hope Jasper won’t kill me hehehe). But will you continue writing this fic please?It’ll be such a shame if it was left incomplete.
Guest chapter 3 . 7/21
Oh FCK I want her with Alice
Lenera Silvers chapter 17 . 7/14
Ok I don't review often but I'm going to make a exception cuz this story is so good I swear I haven't read a Jasper X Bella fanfiction this good in a while you're really good at writing btw I absolutely love this bubbly Bella can't wait for the next chapter.
EmiliaKyuchi chapter 17 . 7/7
Excellent chapter! Bella and Jasper continue to be hella cute, as usual. It was really exciting to see Bella’s meeting with the Volturi and Aro specifically. It’s probably likely that Aro is plotting but the meeting honestly seemed to go pretty well. I’m looking forward to seeing how future events shake out. For your question: I have my old copies but I haven’t gotten around to getting any of the recent releases yet.
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